Lincoln Loud is a supporting protagonist for The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


Lincoln Loud

Full Name: Lincoln Lucas Grant-Loud

Also Known As: Linc

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Birthday: March 26, 2006

Age: 11

Relatives: Colin Grant (biological father; deceased), Rita Grant-Loud (mother), Lynn Loud Sr. (stepfather), Lori Loud (older stepsister), Leni Loud (older stepsister), Luna Loud (older stepsister), Luan Loud (older stepsister), Lynn Loud (older stepsister), Lucy Loud (younger stepsister), Lana Loud (younger stepsister), Lola Loud (younger stepsister), Lisa Loud (younger stepsister), Joe Burns (mentor), Bailey Handler (best friend), Jonny Quest (best friend)

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Fair


Lincoln always wears an orange polo shirt, jeans, and white sneakers with red stripes.


  • Lincoln shares his birthday with American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and former television music competition judge Steven Tyler, best known as the lead singer of the American rock band Aerosmith
  • His white hair is the result of a rare genetic disorder
  • His biological father was killed by a shot to the heart from a robber during a botched home invasion shortly after he finished fifth grade, leaving him with only his mother until the latter married Lynn Sr.
  • He is emotionally attached to a stuffed rabbit he was given on his second birthday from his father
  • He was very close to his father, and usually breaks down in tears if someone mentions him
  • He has Autism and Asberger's Syndrome, and he often cries out of guilt if he does something wrong