Lionel is the tritagonist for Hanging Out With Maya.

Bio Edit

Full Name: Lionel Morton Busterfield  

Also Known As: Big Bro

Species: Lion

Gender: Male

Birthday: September 10, 2006

Age: 11

Relatives: Theo Busterfield (father), Cleo Busterfield (mother), Leona Busterfield (younger sister), Maya Beeatrix-Busterfield (adoptive younger sister)

Hair Color: Gold

Eye Color: Yellow

Skin Color: Dark Brown

Appearance Edit

Lionel always wears a green and white polo shirt with the number "42" on one of the sleeves and a gray cap.

Trivia Edit

  • Lionel shares his birthday with Puerto Rican singer and guitarist Jose Feliciano
  • He loves music, and can mostly be seen playing his Fender FC-100 classical acoustic guitar, which was previously owned by his father
  • Apart from music, he is also a fan of the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man and has a bedroom themed around Spider-Man as well as a plush toy of the hero named "Lil' Spidey"
  • He also has a Slingerland Classic V drum kit that he has set up in a corner of his room and has his name printed on the kick drum
  • He also is a very good skateboarder 
  • After Episode 3 , he gains a new instrument: A Fender Telecaster electric guitar

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