Lionel's Contest is the third episode of the first season of Hanging Out With Maya.

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Lionel is competing in a local talent contest in which first prize is $6,000, which he wants to use to buy a Fender Telecaster he has his eyes on, but can't think of what to do for it, so Leona and Maya step in to help.

Story Edit

One day, Lionel was in town with his friends Thomas and Peter Sam. They had just seen Smurfs: The Lost Village and were talking about it as they came out of the theater.

"That was one of the best movies I've ever seen," said Peter Sam.

"I know, right," said Thomas, "I like how they CGI'd the old Hanna-Barbera animation style for it."

"I bet my mom would love it," said Lionel, "she grew up with The Smurfs and other Hanna-Barbera cartoons."

Just then, Lionel saw something in the window of a local Sweetwater Sounds store and rushed to it, Thomas and Peter Sam following.

"What's up, dude," asked Peter Sam.

"Look," said Lionel.

They three looked and saw a blue Fender Telecaster electric guitar in the window.

"Wow," said Peter Sam, "that's a cool-looking guitar!"

"I know," said Lionel, "and I must have it!"

Thomas then looked at the price tag.

"Well," said Thomas, "I hope you have five hundred ninety-nine bucks, because that's how much they want for it."

Lionel then checked his wallet and saw he only had two twenties inside.

"Drat," said Lionel, "I only have forty dollars."

"I've got a whole jar of nickels at home," said Peter Sam.

"How much is it worth," asked Thomas as he got out a calculator.

"Last time I counted," said Peter Sam, "I got $54.43. I'm saving it to buy a new set of oil pastels."

"Alright," said Thomas, "so that amounts to $94.43, which still isn't enough."

"Shoot," said Peter Sam.

Just then, Peter Sam had an idea.

"Maybe we can go in there and ask if they can put it on layaway," said Peter Sam, "that way, they can keep it until we get the money to buy it."

"Let's go in and ask," said Thomas.

With that, they went inside the store and rang the assistance bell. Soon enough, the store's manager and a good friend of theirs, Gordon Tracy, approached them.

"Hello, boys," said Gordon, "what can I do for you?"

"Hey, Gordon," said Lionel, "I'm here to ask about that Fender Telecaster in the window."

"Alright," said Gordon, "what about it?"

"Well," said Lionel, "I want to buy it, but I don't have the money, so I was wondering if you could put it on layaway, so I can buy it when I do have the money."

"Of course," said Gordon, "I'll see to it that it goes on layaway."

"Thanks, Gordon," said Lionel.

"No problem," said Gordon.

As the boys were coming out, Thomas spotted a poster.

"Hey, guys," said Thomas, "look!"

Peter Sam and Lionel rushed over and read the poster.

"Talent Contest In The Park On Friday," read Lionel, "First Prize Six Thousand Dollars?!"

"Wow," said Thomas, "that should be enough to buy that guitar!"

"Yeah," said Peter Sam, "and maybe an amp to go with it, since you'll have money left over!"

"I think I've just found my ticket to that guitar," said Lionel.

Later that evening, Lionel was helping Theo and Cleo with the dishes and telling them about the contest.

"So you want to compete in the show to try and win that prize money," asked Cleo.

"I sure do," said Lionel, "if that's alright with you."

"If you wanna be in that contest," said Cleo, "go ahead."

"Yeah," said Theo, "besides, I was in a talent contest for money too. Only I didn't use the money to buy a guitar. I used it to buy your mom a Denver Broncos NFL Championships 1997 ring."

"Yup," said Cleo, "It was for a birthday present."

"Cool," said Lionel.

"Anyways," said Cleo, "when and where are the sign-ups?"

"They're at 5:30 p.m. in the park," said Lionel.

"Perfect," said Cleo, "I can drive you there after work."

"Sounds like a plan," said Lionel.

The next morning, Lionel held a meeting with Maya and Leona in his room.

"Alright," said Lionel, "Mom and Dad said we can be in the show. Now, we need to think of an act."

"We could do a comedy routine," said Maya.

"I'm afraid not," said Lionel, "Thomas said he and Edward are gonna do one."

"Rats," said Maya.

"Maybe me and Maya could do a dance routine and you could do the music," said Leona.

"Now that's not a terrible idea," said Lionel, "let's do it! I'll see if I can get Ted and his friends to help."

With that, Lionel called the Busterfields' neighbors, Tinker Rogers and his friends, and asked if they could help out with their act for the show. Sure enough, Tinker said yes. The next evening, Cleo drove Lionel to the park, where he signed up. When they got home, Lionel talked to Maya, Leona, Ted, Tinker, Shaggy, Chris, and Valerie.

"Alright," said Lionel, "we need to think of a song to play for Maya and Leona to dance to."

"I have an idea," said Ted, "maybe we can play The Wiggles' "Bucket Of Dew"!"

"That's a perfect idea," said Lionel, "let's go practice!"

With that being said, they practiced their act in the garage until the day of the contest arrived. While the other contestants performed, they rehearsed for one last time backstage. In no time, they finished and it was time for their performance.

"Alright, guys," said Lionel, "it's showtime!"

They went onto the stage and took their places.

"Ladies and gentlemen," said Tinker, "for our act, we're going to perform the hit Wiggles song "Bucket Of Dew with our friends Leona and Maya doing an Irish step dance routine."

"Hit it," said Lionel.

With that, they sang their song while Maya and Leona danced. To add to the effect, they were even wearing Irish step-dancing dresses that Valerie made. Soon, they finished up and the audience clapped and cheered.

"Thank you," said Lionel, "thank you all!"

While the judges voted on the winner, Lionel, Leona, Tinker, Ted, Valerie, Chris, and Shaggy helped themselves to the buffet table set up backstage.

"I really hope we won," said Leona.

"Me too," said Lionel, "I really want that guitar."

Just then, the host of the show walked up to the microphone with the card.

"Ladies and gentlemen," said the host, "the judges have decided the winner of this year's talent contest! The winner of the $6,000 is...."

Leona, Maya, and Lionel crossed their fingers as the host opened the card and read the name.

"Leona, Maya, and Lionel Busterfield," said the host.

Leona, Maya, and Lionel were stunned.

"I can't believe it," said Lionel, "we won!"

"Hallelujah," Maya cheered as she did an alley-oop in the air out of joy.

The host then handed Lionel the check for the money.

"Congratulations," said the host, "you did a fantastic job!"

"Thanks," said Lionel, "though I owe it all to my parents. They're the ones who let us compete in the first place!"

"Come on," said Ted, "we'll take you guys home."

With that, they went home, and when Lionel, Leona, and Maya stepped inside, they saw that the lights were off.

"Where are Mama and Papa," asked Leona.

"They probably went out on a date," said Lionel.

"Papa's car's still in the driveway, though," said Leona.

"They probably hired a cab," said Maya.

"True," said Leona.

Just then, the lights flickered on and Theo and Cleo jumped out from behind the couch.

"Surprise," they shouted.

"Wow," said Lionel, "amazing!"

"Mama, Papa," said Leona, "we won!"

"I know, sweetie," said Theo, "we watched the whole thing on TV."

"And we got you this," said Cleo.

Cleo went into the garage and came back out with a Fender Frontman amplifier.

"Wow," said Lionel, "where'd you guys get it?"

"We found it at a thrift shop," said Theo, "they were only asking 50 bucks for it."

"Nice," said Lionel, "hope it works."

"It does," said Cleo, "we took it to Sweetwater Sounds and had Gordon sound-test it for us."

"Nice," said Lionel.

"Now," said Cleo, "go get some sleep. Tomorrow, you can go into town and get that guitar."

"Yes, Mom," said Lionel.

The next morning, Lionel, Thomas, and Peter Sam went to Sweetwater Sounds where Gordon was waiting for them.

"Hey, guys," said Gordon.

"Hey, Gordon, we got the money," said Thomas.

"That's great," said Gordon, "and that guitar you want is still here!"

Gordon went over to the window, got the guitar out of its display case, and took it back to the register, but not before grabbing a case to go with it. Lionel also got an input cable to connect the guitar to the amp.

"OK," said Gordon, "your total comes to six thousand ten dollars."

Lionel handed Gordon the six thousand-dollar check and one of the twenties from his wallet.

"Though," said Lionel, "before I take it home, can I try it out here?"

"Sure," said Gordon, "go ahead!"

Lionel hooked his guitar up to one of the test amps and played the opening riff to "Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits.

"Nice," said Gordon, "you really deserve that thing."

Lionel, Thomas, and Peter Sam then left the store, Lionel pleased that he got himself the guitar of his dreams.

The End

Notes Edit

  • As of this episode, Lionel now owns a Fender Telecaster electric guitar
  • Tinker, Ted, Shaggy, Chris, and Valerie from The Adventures Of Tinker & Co. appear in this episode