Listen To The Band! is the first episode of the first season of White Falcon Adventures.

Summary Edit

A group of young men's lives are changed forever when they meet two half-human/half-fish hybrid children.

Story Edit

One day, a young half-human/half-fish hybrid called a Guppy named Oona Kishi had just came home from school and saw her mother, Whitney, doing the laundry as she walked in.

"Hey, Mom," said Oona.

"Hey, Oona," said Whitney, "how was school today?"

"It was great," said Oona, "I got an A+ on my math test!"

"Wow," said Whitney, "That's great! By the way, Dad's getting some heroes from the deli for dinner. And he's bringing home a surprise for you."

"Great," said Oona.

Oona settled in to watch The Krofft Superstar Hour on TV while waiting for her father, Satoru, to come home. Sure enough, he did, carrying in two hero subs and an object wrapped in pink tissue paper that was tied with purple ribbon.

"I'm home," said Satoru.

"Hey, Dad," said Oona, "is that my surprise?"

"It sure is," said Satoru.

Satoru handed his daughter the object and Oona untied the ribbon and unwrapped the wrapping paper. Inside was a Yamaha TMB-124 tambourine.

"Cool," said Oona, "thanks!"

"No problem," said Satoru.

Meanwhile, Oona's friend Gil was reading one of his Captain Underpants books when he noticed that the door to the basement was ajar.

"Dad must not have closed it all the way when he as done changing the light bulb earlier," Gil thought.

Gil put a bookmark in his book, put it back on his bookshelf, and went to close the door, but was struck with an idea.

"Although," thought Gil, "I've always wondered what was down there. Probably some old junk packed away in boxes. Still, I should take a look anyways."

Gil then ventured into the basement, where, much to his surprise, there wasn't a lot of old junk packed away in boxes. In fact, everything that was ever in boxes was unpacked and put on shelves. Among the things were a crib from when he and his older brother Ralph were babies, some of Gil's old books, toys, and games, and even a large white mass in a corner.

"Wow," said Gil, "look at all this stuff!"

First, Gil went over to a box that was labeled "Gil's Old Toys".

"Let's take a trip down Memory Lane first," said Gil.

Gil opened the box and found a toy Wiggles Musical Guitar.

"I remember this," said Gil, "this was one of my Christmas presents from Nana and Pappy when I was three."

Gil pressed a few buttons on the toy, and it sounded like it had just been turned on for the first time.

"I'm surprised it still works after all these years," said Gil.

Gil found some more Wiggles-themed toys as well as some photos of him holding them on his third birthday, which was themed around the famous Australian children's band.

"It's sad that Greg, Murray, and Jeff left," said Gil, "but at least Anthony's still with them! And I really can't complain about Emma, Lachy, and Simon, same with Sam."

Gil then turned his attention to the white heap in the corner.

"Let's see what's under that sheet," said Gil.

Gil took off the sheet and found a Hammond RT-2 organ. 

"Wow," said Gil, "this is amazing! I wonder if this still works."

Gil plugged the organ in, dusted the bench off, and pressed a few keys. Sure enough, it produced beautiful-sounding music.

"Yup," said Gil.

Gil played the organ cover to The Doors' "Light My Fire", and soon finished.

"That was cool," said Gil.

"Hey," said a voice, "that was pretty good!"

Gil looked and saw Ralph, who had just gotten back from tennis practice.

"Hey, big bro," said Gil, "how long have you been standing there?"

"Not long," said Ralph, "I just got home from practice."

"Alright," said Gil.

"Man," said Ralph, "Mom and Dad forgot we even had this old thing."

"Yeah," said Gil, "do you know where we got it?"

"Dad said Pappy gave it to him as a wedding present on the day he and Mom got married," said Ralph, "Oh! Speaking of which, Mom called me as I was leaving the high school. She wanted me to tell you that Dad's working the graveyard shift tonight and that she's on her way to the airport to catch her flight to Vermont."

"Swell," said Gil, "So, what do we do for dinner?"

"How does pizza sound," asked Ralph.

"Sure," said Gil, "why not?"

With that, Ralph called the local Papa John's and placed an order for delivery. While they waited, they played some Mario-Kart on Gil's Wii. Soon enough, the pizza and arrived and they began to eat it.

"So," said Ralph, "what else did you find down in that basement?"

"I found our old crib," said Gil, "and all those Wiggles toys I got from all those birthdays and Christmases."

"Cool," said Ralph, "Mom and Dad weren't kidding when they said they'd never get rid of that junk."

"And that guitar toy still works," said Gil.

"That's good to hear," said Ralph.

The next day at school, Oona and Gil were talking to each other about their latest achievements.

"So," said Oona, "how long has your grandpa played that organ?"

"He used to play it in his high school band and when my dad was a kid," said Gil, "but he gave it to my parents as a wedding gift."

"Nice," said Oona, "my dad said he got my tambourine from this guy having a roadside sale."

"Cool," said Gil, "I can play the organ track to "Light My Fire"!"

"Sweet," said Oona.

The teacher, Ms. DiMartino, heard them and came over.

"What are you two talking about," asked Ms. DiMartino.

Gil explained to Ms. DiMartino about his and Oona's recently-discovered musical abilities.

"Interesting," said Ms. DiMartino, "you know, there's a band who's looking for two new members. They call themselves The White Falcons."

"Nice name," said Gil, "Where can we find them?"

"Last time I saw them," said Ms. DiMartino, "they're having tryouts in the high school auditorium tomorrow."

"Cool," said Gil, "I'll ask my dad if I can go."

"Same," said Oona.

Later that evening, while Gil, Ralph, and Mr. Hall were having franks and beans for dinner, Gil told them about the tryouts.

"Sounds like fun," said Mr. Hall, "I was wondering if you'd find something constructive to express your newly-found talent."

"So," said Gil, "can I go?"

"I don't see why not," said Mr. Hall, "I mean, it is Friday tomorrow."

"And I don't have anything going on tomorrow," said Ralph, "so I can give you a lift."

"Thanks, bro," said Gil.

The following afternoon, Gil and Oona entered the auditorium and saw 4 young men by the stage.

"Those must be The White Falcons," said Gil.

"Let's go introduce ourselves," said Oona.

With that, the pair approached the band.

"Hello," said one of the men, "who are you?"

"I'm Gil," said Gil, "and this is Oona."

"Hello," said Oona.

"Hey there," said the man, "I'm Archie Andrews, and these are my band-mates, Drake Parker, Josh Nichols, and Robbie Shapiro."

"Are you guys The White Falcons," asked Oona.

"We sure are," said Drake.

"Can we hear you guys before you guys hear us," asked Oona.

"We sure can," said Josh, "let's show them, boys!"

With that, Drake, Josh, Robbie, and Archie sang "I Saw Here Standing There" by The Beatles, and Gil and Oona were amazed.

"That was great," said Gil.

"Thanks," said Robbie, "now you guys."

"Gladly," said Gil.

Gil and Oona then played "Good Lovin'" by The Young Rascals, which Drake, Archie, Josh, and Robbie enjoyed.

"That was sweet," said Archie.

"Thanks," said Gil.

"And I have only two words to say now," said Drake, "you're in!"

Gil and Oona couldn't believe it.

"We're in the band," said Gil.

"Let's tell our folks," said Oona.

"No need to tell us," said Mr. Hall, "we already know!"

"Yeah," said Ralph, "congrats, bro!"

"Thanks," said Gil.

"Yeah," said a voice, "that was one of the coolest performances I've ever seen!"

They all turned and saw another young man wearing a white long-sleeved polo with blue slacks and brown boots.

"Hey," said Gil, "I know you! You're Fred Jones, the drummer for The Sensations!"

"Indeed I am," said Fred.

Oona opened her notebook and held it up to Fred.

"May I have your autograph," asked Oona.

"You sure can," said Fred.

Fred signed the inside of the front cover of Oona's notebook.

"Well," said Fred, "I'd love to say, but I gotta split. Daphne's making corned beef for dinner."

With that, Fred left, and Gil, Oona, their families, and the rest of The White Falcons followed suit.

"I can't believe it," said Gil, "I made it into a band and I got to meet Fred Jones!"

"This has been the coolest day of my life," said Oona.

Gil, Oona, Ralph, and Mr. Hall all went to the local arcade to celebrate Gil and Oona's induction into the band.

The End

Notes Edit

  • Gil and Oona join the band in this episode.

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