Lori's New Car is the ninth episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


Lola wins a "Student Of The Week" bumper sticker around the same time Lori buys a new sports coupe, and the sticker winds up stuck on the door courtesy of Leni.


One day at Davy Jones Elementary, Olivia Dervy was hosting a ceremony in her classroom.

"Now kids", Olivia said, "as you all know, every week, we see who has been the student of the week."

"So, who is it this time", a boy asked.

"I'm getting to that", Olivia said, "this week's student of the week is..."

Everyone cringed with excitement.

"Lola Loud", Olivia said.

Lola was happy.

"I won", Lola shouted.

"Now", Olivia said, "here's your cupcake, and your bumper sticker for your parent or guardian's car."

The bell then rang.

"Best Friday ever", Lola said.

On the way out, Lola was talking to Lana and Lucy about her achievement.

"Can you believe it", Lola said, "student of the week."

"There's nothing special about that", Lucy said, "it's just another way of celebrating mediocrity."

"Don't listen to her", Lana said, "she's just jealous."

Later, they were driven home by Frank in the pacer.

"Wow", Frank said, "I'm mighty proud of you."

"Thanks", Lola said, "I just need a place to put it."

"How about on our back bumper", Frank said.

"No", Lola said, "there's so many bumper stickers there, it'll just get lost."

"Lori's buying a new car today", Frank said, "maybe she'll let you put the bumper sticker on it."

"Okay", Lola said, "I'll ask."

Later at the house, Lola heard a horn honk.

"That must be Lori in her new car", Lola said.

Lola went outside with Frank and Joey, and saw that Lori had bought a Porsche 911 that was the same color as her shirt.

"Well", Lori said, "what do you think?"

"It looks flashy", Frank said.

"I agree", Joey said, "a two door car isn't exactly the best choice when you've got eight sisters."

"Come on", Lori said, "my mind was set on this bad boy."

"We're just saying, you should've talked with us about this", Frank said.

"My bumper sticker will look great on your car", Lola said.

"Absolutely not", Lori said, "I'm not going to junk up my new car now."

Lola was upset about this.

"There must be something I can do with this", Lola said.

Leni then walked outside.

"Hey Leni", Lola said, "I need your opinion."

"On what", Leni asked.

"What should I do with this bumper sticker I earned at school", Lola asked.

"I don't know", Leni said, "but I need to work on a new clothes line, so let me just put this somewhere for now."

Leni put the bumper sticker right in the middle of the driver's side door.

"Uh-oh", Lola said.

Lola then began to worry.

"What'll I do", Lola asked, "if Lori sees this, she'll think I did it."

Lola spent 20 minutes trying to scrub it off, but it was no good.

"This isn't working", Lola said, "the glue on this thing must be made to last until the end of time."

She then went inside to find something better.

"Let's see", Lola said, "there's got to be something useful in here."

She then found some steel wool pads.

"These things work well with pots and pans", Lola said, "so it's worth a try."

Lola used the steel wool on the car, and the bumper sticker peeled off like magic.

"It worked", Lola said.

Then, Lola had an idea.

"If I clean off the bugs and bird poop too, Lori will be proud of me for cleaning her car", Lola said.

Lola cleaned off the car, but when she rinsed it with the hose, she found a real surprise.

"Uh-oh", Lola said.

The steel wool had not only scraped off the bumper sticker, bugs, and bird poop, but also scraped off the paint.

"I am so dead", Lola said.

Lola tried to fill in the spots with a permanent marker, but the spot where the bumper sticker had been was too big.

"I can't let her see that spot", Lola said.

Lola then wrote a note in Joey's handwriting that said:

Hi Lori!
I hope you drive safely.
P.S., I suggest that you leave this note on the car so that you think of me when you read it.

Lola then taped it over the spot.

"That should buy me a day or two", Lola said.

But the next morning, when Lori went to go to the grocery store, she took the note off and discovered the spot.

"Lola", Lori shouted.

Lola then ran outside.

"You're in some serious trouble", Lori said.

Joey then came outside.

"What's going on", Joey asked.

"Lola's bumper sticker was on my car, and when it was taken off, it took the paint with it", Lori said.

"Now hold it", Joey said, "everyone makes mistakes, and the important thing is that we learn from them."

"I guess you're right", Lori said.

Lori then went inside.

"Thanks Joey", Lola said, "if you hadn't come to my defense, I would've been grounded big time."

"Don't mention it", Joey said.

Later that day, Lori and Joey took the car to the dealership.

"Excuse me", Lori said.

The dealer then came towards the desk.

"Hi", Lori said, "I bought a car from you yesterday, and the pain got messed up."

"What happened", the dealer asked.

"It's a long story", Lori said, "I just wanted to see if you could repaint it."

"Sure", the dealer said, "let me see the damage."

Lori then showed him the bare spot.

"That is bad", the dealer said.

"We know", Joey said, "how much is this going to cost?"

"This is goanna cost a lot", the dealer said, "it's a custom paint job."

Lori was upset about this.

"Cheer up", Joey said, "I think this is a sign."

"For what", Lori asked.

"Buying that car was a mistake", Joey said, "now you can trade it for a used car big enough for you and your sisters."

Later that evening, Lori pulled up in a 2000 Chevrolet Suburban.

"Looks like you took my suggestion", Joey said, "good choice."

Lola went outside to look at Lori's car, and to her disappointment, saw that on the back bumper was a student of the week bumper sticker from the previous owners.

"Now my bumper sticker is a bust", Lana said.

Joey then had an idea.

"Come on", Joey said, "I know just where to put your bumper sticker.

He then walked her over to where his Volkswagen 21 minibus was parked.

"Put it right here on the back bumper", Joey said.

Lola then put the bumper sticker on the back bumper.

"It looks good there", Joey said.

Lola then smiled, knowing that her bumper sticker was on a good place.

The End


  • Luna, Luan, Lynn, and Lisa are absent in this episode.
  • Lori obtains her 2000 Chevrolet Suburban in this episode.

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