Loud & Hardy is the sixth episode of the second season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


Frank and Joey's father, Fenton, is in town for a day or two, and he and Lynn Sr. have a little reunion.


One afternoon, Lynn Sr. arrived home with Lucy, Lola, and Lana.

"Hey, Mr. Loud", Joey said, "how was school?"

"It was well", Lynn Sr. said, "though, I had to write up some kids for being nuisances during class."

"I see", Joey said.

"Yeah", Lynn Sr. said, "I hate when I have to get tough."

"Yeah", Joey said, "well, my dad's coming over to stay with us for a while."

"Really", Lynn Sr. asked.

"Yeah", Joey said, "Frank's picking him up from the airport as we speak."

"Great", Lynn Sr. said.

Lynn Sr. walked away.

"It sure will be nice to see Fenton again", Lynn Sr. said.

Later, Frank arrived home in the Pacer.

"Hey, guys", Frank said, "I'm back."

"Where's Dad", Joey asked.

"He's by the car", Frank said, "let's help him unload his stuff."

Frank, Joey, Lori, and Lynn Sr. went outside, and began unloading his luggage.

"Here we go", Frank said.

Then, Lynn Sr. saw Fenton.

"Hey, Fent", Lynn Sr. said.

"Well I'll be a bear in a cage", Fenton said, "Lynn."

They then greeted each other.

"I haven't seen you in forever", Lynn Sr. said.

"Me neither", Fenton said, "are any of out other former bandmates here?"

"I think so", Lynn Sr. said, "Skip and Nedley are in another neighborhood, and Steve lives in Denver with his wife, daughter, and pet."

"Nice", Fenton said, "we've got a lot of catching up to do."

"But first, a little help here", Lori said.

They then noticed Frank, Joey, and Lori having trouble carrying the luggage.

"Oh, sorry", Lynn Sr. said.

The next day, Steve, Joe, and Fred came over to rehearse for an upcoming gig.

"Hey, guys", Joey said, "just in time."

"Let's get this rehearsal on the road", Steve said.

They played a song, and Lynn Sr. and Fenton arrived.

"Hey, Dad, Mr. Loud", Frank said.

"Hey, Frank", Lynn Sr. said, "that was a good rehearsal."

"Yeah", Fenton said, "you five could entertain the fish right out of the ocean."

"Thanks", Joey said.

"Uh, guys", Steve said, "he's the Loud sisters' father, but who's he?"

"That's our father, Fenton Hardy", Frank said.

"He's here in town for a few days", Joey said.

"Well, it's nice to meet you", Fred said.

"Same to you three", Fenton said.

"You know", Lynn Sr. said, "Fent and I used to be in a band with your dads."

"And Daphne's too", Fenton said.

"Really", Joe asked.

"Yep", Fenton said, "we were known as Thimbles & Half Dollars."

"We were basically the Sensations of our time", Lynn Sr. said.

"Really", Steve asked.

"Yep", Fenton said, "it sure would be nice to play again."

Lynn Sr. then got an idea.

"Maybe we can", Lynn Sr. said, "Fenton, go find the others."

"Are we getting the band back together", Fenton asked.

"You better believe it", Lynn Sr. said, "for one night only, we'll be performing in the park tonight as the opening act for our sons' concert."

"Great", Fenton said, "I'll go get them."

Fenton ran off to get them and Lynn Sr. smiled.

"Tonight's goanna be one for the record books", Lynn Sr. said.

Later that night, Lynn Sr. was with Fenton, Steve Sr., Skip, and Nedley.

"This is it", Nedley said, "we're finally back."

"Yep", Lynn Sr. said, "it's good to be a band again."

Then, Steve walked on stage.

"Welcome, everybody", Steve said, "now before we begin, I'd like to introduce everyone to our opening act, an old band, Thimbles & Half Dollars."

Everyone cheered as they got onstage.

"Hello, everyone", Lynn Sr. said, "tonight, we're goanna sing a song that's an oldie, but a goodie."

They then sang "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield, and when they were done, everyone cheered.

"Thimbles & Half Dollars, everyone", Steve said.

Later, after the gig, Lynn Sr. and Fenton talked.

"That was fun", Fenton said, "I can't remember the last time we performed a gig."

"Yeah", Lynn Sr. said, "so, you back off to New York?"

"Yep", Fenton said, "it was nice to see you, Lynn."

"You too, buddy", Lynn Sr. said.

They hugged and Fenton got in his cab to the airport.

"It sure was nice to play as a band again", Lynn Sr. said.

The End


  • Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, and Lisa are absent in this episode.

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