Lucy's New Teacher is the third episode of the second season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


It's a new year at Wendell Scott Elementary School, and Lucy's getting a new teacher, who she soon discovers is her own dad.


One morning, Lucy was eating breakfast at the table with the twins.

"I can't wait to go back to school after summer vacation", Lana said.

"Yeah", Lola said, "I've missed being with Miss Dervy."

Then, Lori came inside.

"Alright, you three", Lori said, "Dad's taking you to school today."

"Okay", Lucy, Lola, and Lana said.

They brushed their teeth and went outside, where Lynn Sr. was waiting for them.

"Come on, girls", Lynn Sr. said, "let's go."

They got into his van and drove to school.

"Today's goanna be a great day", Lana said, "I know it."

"I'm sure it will", Lynn Sr. said, "and Lucy, I've got a surprise for you."

"Really", Lucy asked, "what is it?"

"Wait and see", Lynn Sr. said.

They drove to the elementary school, and Lynn Sr. dropped them off.

"See you soon", Lynn Sr. said.

Lynn Sr. drove away, and Lucy, Lola, and Lana entered the school.

"See you two at lunch", Lucy said.

"Bye", Lola and Lana said.

Lucy went into her classroom and sat down in the front row on the desk to the left.

"I wonder where the teacher is", Lucy said.

Then, the school's principal, Mr. Peregrine Percival, came inside.

"Hello, students", Mr. Percival said, "I have an announcement to make."

"What is it", Lucy asked.

"Well, I'm sorry to say that your previous teacher has decided to retire, in order to spend more time with his grandchildren", Mr. Percival said, "but, I managed to find a suitable replacement before the school year started."

Then, Lynn Sr. entered.

"Hey, kids", Lynn Sr. said.

"Class", Mr. Percival said, "say hello to Mr. Lynn Loud Sr."

Lucy was shocked at this.

"Dad", Lucy asked.

"I said I had a surprise for you", Lynn Sr. said, "and this is it."

"Now", Mr. Percival said, "I trust you all will give him the same respect you gave your old teacher?"

"Yes", the students said.

"Excellent", Mr. Percival said, "good luck, Mr. Loud."

Mr. Percival left, and Lucy talked to Lynn Sr.

"How did you become a teacher, anyways", Lucy asked.

"Well, after I found out that your old teacher was retiring, I decided to take an online course to get this job so I can be close to you", Lynn Sr. said.

"Wow", Lucy said, "how exciting."

But Lucy was upset.

"Now then, class", Lynn Sr. said, "let's kick off this first day with a little bit of history."

He then drew a picture of a kite with a key on it on the whiteboard.

"Now then", Lynn Sr. said, "who can tell me the year Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity?"

"1746", a boy said.

"Very good, Alan", Lynn Sr. said, "now, Franklin was flying his kite..."

As Lynn Sr. taught, Lucy began thinking to herself about Lynn Sr. being her teacher.

"I can't believe my Dad's my teacher", Lucy said.

Later, at lunch, Lucy was talking to Lola and Lana about Lynn Sr.

"What's wrong with Dad being your teacher", Lana asked.

"Yeah", Lola said, "if Dad was my teacher, I'd be happy to go to school every day."

"It just feels weird", Lucy said, "I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Dad, but I just feel like him getting a job as my teacher so he be around me more just doesn't feel right."

Then, the bell rang.

"Better get back to class", Lucy said.

Lucy stayed in class all day, and soon the bell rang.

"Alright, class", Lynn Sr. said, "see you all tomorrow."

Lucy began to walk away, but Lynn Sr. stopped her.

"Hey, Lucy", Lynn Sr. said, "I left some things in the teacher's lounge, so you just head over to the front door and wait for me with Lola and Lana.

"Sure thing, Dad", Lucy said.

Lucy walked over to the front door and found Lola and Lana.

"So", Lola asked, "how'd it go."

"I'm not really sure", Lucy said, "I wasn't really comfortable with Dad teaching me."

"Uh, Lucy", Lana said.

"I mean, I like Dad at home, but seeing him in the classroom is too much", Lucy said.

"Lucy", Lana said.

"When he said he had a surprise, I thought it was something nice", Lucy said.

"Lucy", Lana said.

"What", Lucy asked.

Lana pointed behind Lucy, and the latter noticed Lynn Sr., who had heard everything.

"Alright", Lynn Sr. said, "if that's how you feel, then I'll just go."

Lynn Sr. then walked down the hall.

"Dad, wait", Lucy said.

Lucy walked to her classroom and saw him packing up his stuff.

"Why are you packing", Lucy asked.

"I'm going to be resigning", Lynn Sr. said, "I know when I'm not wanted."

"Dad, wait", Lucy said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it."

Lynn Sr. then began to feel better.

"It just felt a little awkward having you as my teacher", Lucy said, "but now, I'm happy to have you as my new teacher."

"Thanks, Luce", Lynn Sr. said, "now how's about helping me unpack my stuff?"

Lucy helped Lynn Sr. unpack his stuff and they left the school, both happy to be able to spend more time together.

The End


  • Frank, Joey, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, and Lisa are absent in this episode.
  • This episode takes place during the following episode, Higher And Higher.

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