Lynn Loud

Lynn Loud is one of the main protagonists of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls and a supporting protagonist for Bailey's World.


Full Name: Lynn Logan Loud, Jr.

Also Known As: Lynn-sanity

Species: Human

Gender: Female ♀

Birthday: November 5, 2003

Age: 14

Relatives: Lynn Loud Sr. (father), Liz Loud (mother; deceased), Lori Loud, Leni Loud, Luna Loud, Luan Loud (older sisters), Lucy Loud, Lola Loud, Lana Loud, Lisa Loud (younger sisters), Jonny Quest (boyfriend)

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Fair


Red and white jersey, red and white shorts, white socks, black cleats.


  • Lynn's mom died giving birth to Lisa and her dad was kidnapped by a street gang, leaving her in the care of Lori.
  • Lynn is a fan of sports, with her favorite football team being the Los Angeles Rams, and her favorite player being Todd Gurley.
  • Aside from playing sports, Lynn is good at playing the piano, and also plays keytar for Luna's band "Luna And The Illusions".