Lynn Sr. Meets The Bailey Boys is the fifth episode of the second season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


When Bailey and his friends come over for dinner, Frank, Joey, and the Loud girls decide to introduce them to Lynn Sr.


One day after school, Lynn Sr. arrived at the Hardy/Loud residence with Lucy and the twins.

"We're back", Lynn Sr. said.

"Hey, Dad", Lori said.

"How was your first day as a teacher", Frank asked.

"It was fun", Lynn Sr. said, "I enjoyed being with my sixth daughter."

Lucy smiled at this.

"So, are the others home yet", Lynn Sr. asked.

"All but Lynn", Joey said, "she's riding home with her friends, Bailey Handler, Jonny Quest, Dice Corolone, Hudson Gimble, Henry Hart, and Freddie Benson."

"Oh", Lynn Sr. said, "she failed to mention them."

"Yeah", Frank said, "but here they are now."

Freddie's Ford Econoline pulled into the driveway and Lynn got out.

"How was school", Joey asked.

"Pretty good", Lynn said, "we had an assembly after school today."

"What was it about", Frank asked.

"Oh, nothing", Lynn said, "just stuff concerning new regulations at the school."

"That's nice", Lori said.

Lynn Sr. then walked up to Lynn.

"Hey, Dad", Lynn said.

"Hey, Junior", Lynn Sr. said, "are these your friends?"

"Yes", Lynn said.

"I'm Jonny Quest", Jonny said, "I'm her boyfriend."

He leaned in towards Lynn, but Lynn Sr. separated them.

"Okay, close enough", Lynn Sr. said.

"Is this your dad", Jonny asked.

"Yes", Lynn said, "I was named after him."

"Nice", Jonny said.

"Say", Frank said, "would you guys like to have dinner with us tonight?"

"Sure", Bailey said, "we'll check with our folks to see if it's okay."

They then left, and Lynn Sr. thought to himself.

"I better keep an eye on those kids", Lynn Sr. said.

Later, after getting permission from their parents, Bailey and the others came back and entered.

"Hey, guys", Lori said, "glad you're here."

"I hope we're not too late", Jonny said.

"Not at all", Lori said, "Dad's cooking dinner tonight."

"Great", Bailey said, "what's he cooking?"

Lynn Sr. poked his head out the kitchen door.

"Franks and beans", Lynn Sr. said, "so wash up, and let's eat."

They sat down at the table and ate up.

"This is good", Bailey said.

"Where did you learn to cook like this", Henry asked.

"Runs in the family", Lynn Sr. said, "we Louds come from a long line of good cooks, except for Lori."

"I can hear you, you know", Lori said.

The others laughed at Lynn Sr.'s teasing.

"Now then", Lori said, "time for dessert."

Lori came back with a coconut pie and cut a slice for everyone.

"Would you like to share a piece of pie with me, Lynn", Jonny asked.

"Yes please", Lynn said.

Lynn and Jonny eyed each other lovingly, and Lynn Sr. intervened.

"Okay, you two", Lynn Sr. said, "eat your pie."

"Yes sir", Jonny said.

Later, after eating pie, the Lynns, Luna, Leni, Jonny, Henry, and Freddie went over to the TV.

"That Descendants 2 movie is on Disney Channel tonight", Freddie said, "let's watch it."

The others agreed, and Freddie turned the TV to Disney Channel, where, sure enough, Descendants 2 was on.

"I just love this movie", Lynn said.

"Me too", Jonny said, "there are so many sweet scenes."

"Yeah", Lynn said, "so sweet."

They leaned close to each other, and Lynn Sr. got in between them.

"Alright, you two", Lynn Sr. said, "enough is enough."

"What do you mean, Dad", Lynn asked.

"I don't want you dating this boy here", Lynn Sr. said, "you're much too young for this kind of stuff."

"But Dad", Lynn said.

"No buts", Lynn Sr. said.

"Uh, Mr. Loud", Jonny said, "can I just say something?"

"Sure, but make it snappy", Lynn Sr. said.

"Okay", Jonny said, "Leni and Luna are in relationships with Freddie and Henry respectively, and they gave them the nights of their lives at the homecoming dance last year, so I think they should be together."

"Okay, I guess I can approve them", Lynn Sr. said, "but give me one good reason why I should allow one of my daughters to date when she's only 13."

"Because he showed care in a time of tragedy for her", Lori said.

"What", Lynn Sr. asked.

"Lynn broke her leg really bad in soccer tryouts", Joey said, "and Jonny helped her out by making a GoFundMe page to help out."

"You did that for my daughter", Lynn Sr. asked.

"Yep", Jonny said, "sir, I really love your daughter, and I'd do almost anything for her."

Lynn Sr. thought about it, and came to a decision.

"Jonny, you have my blessing", Lynn Sr. said, "you're clearly the right one for my daughter."

"Thanks, Mr. Loud", Jonny said, "you won't regret this."

"I'm sure of that", Lynn Sr. said.

Later, Bailey and his friends went home.

"See you at school", Jonny said.

"You too", Lynn said.

As they left, Lynn Sr. walked across the street to his house.

"Those sure are some nice kids", Lynn Sr. said.

The End


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