Mall In is the first episode of the first season of Holly & Blue.


Holly and Blue go to the mall, and convince Olivia that they are responsible to roam around the mall without them.


One day at the Burns house, Holly and Blue were watching a movie called "Dragon Tail" and were mouthing the dialogue.

"Don't be afraid to sing, dragon", the knight said.

"But what if I burn someone", the dragon asked.

"But what if you don't", the knight said.

Then, the music began.

"So sing out loud, sing out proud, every voice deserves a crowd, la la la la la", Holly and Blue sang.

Olivia then peeked inside.

"Who wants lunch", Olivia asked.

Holly and Blue didn't hear, as they were singing.

"Does grilled cheese sound okay", Olivia asked.

Holly and Blue still didn't hear her.

"I hate that movie", Olivia said.

Olivia went into the kitchen and talked to Steve Sr.

"Those two never listen", Olivia said.

"It's so frustrating", Steve Sr. said.

"I know, right", Olivia said, "it's like that movie is taking control of them."

But Steve Sr. was talking on his phone.

"None of the apps on my phone are working", Steve Sr. said.

Olivia was upset at Steve Sr. not listening.

"And tech support is taking control of my husband", Olivia said.

"No", Steve Sr. said, "don't you put me on hold!"

He was then put on hold.

"And I'm on hold", Steve Sr. said.

Steve Sr. hung up and went into the living room, and was almost immediately annoyed by his daughter and pet's singing.

"I don't know what's more annoying", Steve Sr. said, "constantly being put on hold, or constantly hearing that song."

Holly and Blue then sang louder.

"Yep", Steve Sr. said, "definitely that song."

Olivia then came into the room.

"Let's just go to the Pear Store at the mall", Olivia said, "it'll be quicker."

"Well you two have fun with that", Holly said.

"Oh no you don't", Olivia said, "you two are coming with us."

Holly and Blue groaned in disappointment.

"You two can't stay home alone", Olivia said, "besides, you've seen this movie enough."

She then turned off the TV, upsetting Holly and Blue.

"Hey, your mother's right", Steve Sr. said, "you need to get away from that dragon song."

Then, the song became the hold music on Steve Sr.'s phone.

"Not again", Steve Sr. said.

He quickly muted the music, only for Holly and Blue to start singing it, causing him and Olivia to groan in disappointment.

"They're going to do this for the whole drive to the mall, aren't they", Steve Sr. asked.

"You know it", Olivia said.

At the mall, the family went into the Pear Store.

"Here we go", Steve Sr. said, "I'll get a number."

Steve Sr. got a number.

"51", Steve Sr. said.

"Good", Olivia said, "only a few numbers away."

The machine said 47.

"Sorry", the cashier said, "this thing's always acting up."

He hit the wall and it turned to a 7, causing Holly, Blue, and Steve Sr. to groan.

"We're going to be here forever, Olivia", Steve Sr. said, "and we forgot to have lunch."

Holly and Blue were upset too.

"Maybe being in the mall isn't that bad", Blue said.

"Well we wouldn't know", Holly said, "the mall's out there."

They looked outside and saw some kids walking around.

"Look at them, free without parents", Holly said, "we're stuck in a store watching our parents run an errand, like we always do."

"Well what can we do about it", Blue asked.

"We take a stand", Holly said.

Blue took a phone stand from a shelf.

"I don't see how this will help", Blue said.

"I meant, we ask Mom and Dad to let us walk around in the mall by ourselves", Holly said.

"Are you kidding", Blue said, "they'll just say no."

"But what if they don't", Holly said.

"Fair point", Blue said, "let's do this."

They then walked over to Olivia.

"Mom", Holly said, "we need to talk."

"Okay", Olivia said, "what is it?"

"We want to go in the mall", Holly said.

"Alone", Blue said.

"Alone", Olivia asked.

"Not alone", Holly said, "together."

"But without you", Blue said.

"Without me", Olivia asked.

Holly opened her mouth to say something, but closed it.

"Actually, yes, without you", Holly said.

"I don't think I can let my babies go in the mall alone", Olivia said.

"I'm not a baby anymore", Holly said, "Blue wasn't even your baby."

They then saw Steve Sr. holding a phone to his ear in front of a mirror.

"This town is big enough for the both of us", Steve Sr. said.

"Oh no", Olivia said, "when your dad gets hungry, he buys up everything in sight."

He then put on a pair of headphones.

"You know what", Olivia said, "you should go."

"Yes", Holly and Blue said.

"But your father's going to need some food, so here's ten dollars", Olivia said.

She handed Holly and Blue each a five dollar bill.

"Thanks, Mom", Holly said.

"Wait, I have some ground rules", Olivia said, "stay together, don't talk to strangers..."

But Holly and Blue weren't listening, as they were exited about going into the mall alone for the first time.

"Got that", Olivia asked.

"Yep", Holly said.

"Great", Olivia said, "in case you weren't listening, I'm writing down the most important thing."

She wrote something down on a piece of paper and gave it to Holly.

"Be back in thirty minutes", Olivia said.

"Thanks for trusting us", Holly said.

"Don't you worry about a thing, Mrs. Mom", Blue said, "nothing will go wrong."

But five minutes later, when the two met up, Holly wasn't wearing her jacket, and Blue had lotion in her eyes.

"How did it go so wrong so fast", Blue asked.

"Maybe we shouldn't have split up", Blue said.

"I think I got too much lotion at the lotion kiosk", Blue said, "it's in my eyes!"

"I don't regret leaving my jacket on the dressing room floor", Holly said, "after trying on a Macarelli jacket, I felt good."

"You should probably go get it", Blue said, "it's 48 degrees outside."

Holly saw a worker taking down an old mall map and got an idea.

"I know just what to do", Holly said.

Holly wore the map as a cloak.

"Well at least we'll know our way around", Blue said.

"See", Holly said, "it benefits all of us."

"We have 25 munities to get Mr. Dad's food", Blue said, "where's the food court?"

Holly looked at the map.

"I think it's where my elbow is", Holly said.

"Alright", Blue said, "let's move."

They ran upstairs to the third floor.

"Where's the food court", Holly asked.

Blue then sniffed the air.

"I smell corn dogs", Blue said, "we must be getting close."

"Good", Holly said, "all we need to do is..."

She then noticed that Blue had walked away.

"Blue", Holly asked.

She saw Blue walking towards the lotion kiosk.

"Hey", a worker said, "I thought I said you've had enough."

"Sorry about my dog", Holly said.

"It's okay", the worker said, "nice cloak, by the way."

"Thanks", Holly said.

They then noticed Blue getting some hand lotion samples.

"Hey", the worker said, "I'm watching you, pumper paws."

Holly grabbed Blue and walked away.

"Okay", Holly said, "there's the food court, do you have any of Mom's money you can spare me?"

"Why do you want my money", Blue asked.

"I spent mine on a Macarelli sleeve", Holly said, "I couldn't afford the whole jacket."

"Well there's nothing I can do", Blue said, "I spent mine on a fake mustache."

"What for", Holly asked.

Blue put the fake mustache on.

"More lotion", Blue said, "they're onto me."

Blue walked over to the lotion kiosk.

"Hey", the worker said, "I told you..."

Blue looked at the worker, and he saw the mustache.

"I'm sorry, sir", the worker said, "pump away."

Blue began getting samples, but Holly dragged her away.

"This is serious", Holly said, "if we don't find a way to get Dad's food, Mom and Dad will never trust us in the mall again."

A woman then walked by pushing a toddler in a fire truck stroller.

"Yeah", Blue said, "they'll be pushing us around in those little fire trucks for the rest of our lives."

They spent five minutes thinking of a plan.

"Anything", Holly asked.

"Just these soft paws", Blue said.

"Think harder", Holly said.

She ripped Blue's fake mustache off her (Blue's) face.

"We don't have much time", Holly said, "we've got to think of a way to get Dad's food."

They then saw a musician walking by counting money and got an idea.

"That's it", Holly said, "we'll give the people a little musical entertainment."

"What can we sing", Blue asked.

"Two words", Holly said, "Dragon Tail."

They went over to a crowd and sang the "Sing Out Loud" song, and the crowd left, but a woman approached them.

"Excuse me", the woman said, "my son sings that song all the time."

"Really", Holly asked.

"Yes", the woman said, "and I hate it."

She then reached in her purse.

"If I give you twenty dollars, will you stop", the woman asked.

"Make it twenty, and we have a deal", Holly said.

"Absolutely not", the woman said.

Holly and Blue then sang the song louder.

"Alright", the woman said, "here's thirty dollars."

She then handed them three ten dollar bills.

"It worked", Holly said, "now all we have to do is buy Dad's foot."

"What are we getting him again", Blue asked, "I wasn't listening."

"Me neither", Holly said, "maybe it was on the note Mom gave me."

Holly looked in her pants pockets, but couldn't find it.

"Uh-oh", Holly said.

"What do you mean uh-oh", Blue asked.

"It's not in my pants", Holly said, "that must mean..."

"It's in my/your jacket", Holly and Blue said.

Holly then became upset.

"How can Mom leave us alone in the mall", Holly said, "we're just her babies!"

Blue then slapped Holly in the face.

"Snap out of it, woman", Blue said.

"Thanks", Holly said, "I needed that."

"All we have to do is go get you jacket from the jacket shop", Blue said.

But Holly's jacket wasn't on the floor.

"Maybe now's a good time to freak out", Holly said.

Holly and Blue then screamed.

"Wait", Holly said, "if my jacket's not here, then it must be in the lost and found."

"Maybe we should just tell Mrs. Mom and Mr. Dad what happened", Blue said.

"No", Holly said, "we can't let her know we've messed up."

"Alright", Blue said, "now hold still, I'm goanna try to find the lost and found."

Blue found the lost and found somewhere on Holly's back.

"Come on", Blue said.

But when they got to the lost and found, they had a problem.

"No unattended children", Holly said, "what are we going to do?"

"I'll handle this", Blue said.

Blue threw a can somewhere and it made a noise.

"What was that", the desk worker asked.

The desk worker went to investigate, and Holly and Blue slipped inside.

"Okay", Holly said, "let's grab the coat and leave."

But there were many coats in the lost and found bin.

"Okay", Holly said, "that might be easier said than done."

They spent a long time looking through the bin.

"How do so many people loose their jackets", Blue asked.

"I'm telling you", Holly said, "once you go Mac, there's no going back."

"Well, at least they've got other cool things here", Blue said.

She then pulled up some teeth from the bin.

"These must've come from the joke shop", Blue said.

"I don't think so", Holly said.

"So this is real spinach", Blue asked.

Realizing they were dentures, Blue threw them away.

"Keep searching", Holly said.

They then heard beeping.

"What's that noise", Holly asked.

The dumpster then began tilting.

"We're about to be unloaded into that truck", Blue said.

They then began sliding down.

"I see your jacket", Blue said, "I'll get it."

"No", Holly said, "you won't make it!"

"I have to", Blue said, "tell my story!"

Blue then slid down.

"Well", Holly said, "I guess the only thing I can tell Mom is her story."

Blue then crawled up with Holly's jacket in her mouth.

"You did it", Holly said, "toss me a sleeve and I'll pull you up."

"This cheap thing", Blue said, "what if it rips?"

"But what if it doesn't", Holly asked.

Blue tossed a sleeve to Holly and she pulled her out, and the two left.

"We did it", Blue said.

Holly took the map off and put her jacket on.

"And with ten minutes to spare", Holly said, "we might actually pull this off."

Holly looked in her jacket pocket, but couldn't find the note.

"The note's gone", Holly said, "how are we supposed to know what to get Dad now?"

"I think mom suggested grilled cheese for lunch", Blue said, "let's try that."

"Worth a try", Holly said.

At the Pear Store, Steve Sr. was going mad because of hunger pain.

"Don't worry, honey", Olivia said, "it'll be alright."

Holly and Blue rushed in with a bag.

"Here we are Dad", Holly said, "we couldn't decide which grilled cheese to get you, so we got three kinds."

Steve Sr. chose the patty one with ketchup.

"Number 60", the cashier said.

Steve Sr. was upset at this.

"Sorry sir", the cashier said, "I called your number twenty munities ago and you didn't reply."

Olivia walked over to Holly and Blue.

"I gotta admit, I'm proud of you two", Olivia said, "but it looks like three grilled cheeses costed more than I gave you."

Holly and Blue looked at each other.

"Okay", Holly said, "we split up, spent the money, and lost the note you gave me."

Blue scratched her neck, and found a piece of paper wrapped around her collar.

"It's the note", Blue said.

"Oh, yeah", Holly said, "I tied it around your collar for safe keeping."

"I'm surprised we didn't notice it earlier", Blue said.

Holly unfolded the note and read it.

"If you have any problems, just come back", Holly read, "no questions asked."

"Which you would've known if you were listening", Olivia said.

"So if we came back, you wouldn't have been mad", Blue asked.

"Of course not", Olivia said.

"Are you mad now", Holly asked, "at your babies?"

Holly and Blue made innocent looks.

"Yeah, and disappointed", Olivia said, "until you two learn to listen..."

But Holly and Blue were distracted.

"You're not listening now", Olivia said.

"Sorry", Holly said, "this is going to take some practice."

Steve Sr. walked over with a new number.

"99", Steve Sr. said.

"We're going to be here all night", Olivia said.

"But what if we're not", Holly said.

Holly and Blue sang the "Sing Out Loud" song, and the store cleared out quickly, meaning the family were the only ones in it, so it was their turn.

The End

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