Marshall is a supporting protagonist for At Home With Karen.

Bio Edit

Full Name: Marshall


Also Known As: Marshie, Cutie Pie, or Sweetie (by Aviva),

Species: Dalmatian

Birthday: February 28, 2012

Gender: Male

Age: 4

Relatives: Aviva Corcovado (owner and adoptive mother), Unnamed parents (biological parents)

Hair Color: White with black spots

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: Peach

Appearance Edit

Marshall always wears a yellow collar with a tag picturing a flame on a red background, though he someties wears a red coat and firefighting gear

Trivia Edit

  • Marshall shares his birthday with late Rolling Stones member Brian Jones
  • He likes to use his water cannon to help Aviva water the plants in her garden
  • He likes it best when Aviva invites him to join her on the couch or in her bed and snuggle with her
  • He also likes pumpkins and dressed up as one for Halloween
  • His most prized possession is a teddy bear he was given at birth
  • He is also very affectionate and likes to snuggle with anyone whenever he can
  • Whenever he and Aviva go duck hunting, he retrieves downed ducks from the water

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