~Max and Monty are the teteragonists for The Construction Boy.~

Bio Edit

Full Name(s): Max and Monty The Dump Truck Twins

Max and Monty

Also Known As: M1 (Max) and M2 (Monty)

Species: Dump Truck

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Relatives: Each other, Emmet Brickowski (owner)

Hair Color: N/A

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Grey

Appearance Edit

Max and Monty are nearly identical red dump trucks with grey dumpers, but have some differences to help tell them apart: Max has the number "15" on his doors in white, while Monty has the number "16" in the same spot. Max has a thick front bumper while Monty has a "double pipe-type" front bumper.

Trivia Edit

  • Max and Monty are usually devious and enjoy playing practical jokes on the other machines and almost everyone they see, and are severely scolded by Emmet when they get found out
  • Their favorite bands are Green Day, Def Leppard, Led Zepplin, and Guns n' Roses
  • They both like to play Call Of Duty whenever they find time
  • Despite being naughty all the time, both do their work like everyone else

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