~Mollie and Bill are supporting protagonists for Down On The Farm.~

Bio Edit

Full Names: Mollie The Cow and Bill The Bull

Mollie And Bill

Also Known As: Mama and Papa

Species: Cow (Mollie), Bull (Bill)

Genders: Male (Bill) and Female (Mollie)

Birthdays: June 18, 1974 (Bill) and September 24, 1979 (Mollie)

Ages: 43 (Bill) and 38 (Mollie)

Relatives: Connie (daughter), Percy and Stephanie Pickles (owners and caregivers)

Hair Colors: Black and Blue (Bill), Black, Yellow, and White (Mollie)

Eye Colors: Both Black

Skin Colors: Blue (Bill), Yellow (Mollie) (black snouts)

Appearance Edit

Neither of them wear clothes, although Mollie does wear a bell around her neck sometimes.

Trivia Edit

  • Bill shares his birthday with former Beatles bass player Paul McCartney while Mollie shares her birthday with the former Beatle's late first wife, Linda Eastman
  • Bill is Farmer Pickles' prized bull
  • Both help Connie with problems and give her advice
  • When it comes to the safety of his daughter and the rest of the animals on the farm, Bill does not hesitate to charge at any stranger who goes near Connie or any of the other farm animals
  • Bill is prized for his strength

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