Molly's Secret Admirer is the twelfth episode of the first season of The Railroad Girl.

Summary Edit

After Molly receives a mysterious yet thoughtful letter in the mail, she sets out to find out who sent it.

Story Edit

One day, Molly was watching Kenan & Kel on TV. Her father, Murdoch, was taking a big cargo train to Starlet City in neighboring Colorado.

"Man," said Molly, "I love this show!"

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

"Coming," said Molly.

Molly went to the door, and saw the local postmaster, Tom Tipper, on the doorstep.

"Hey, Molly," said Tom.

"Hey, Mr. Tipper," said Molly, "any mail for me?"

"Yes, there is," said Tom as he handed Molly an envelope.

When Molly looked at the envelope, she saw there was a stamp and her address on it, but there was no return address on it.

"Strange," said Molly, "it doesn't say who it's from."

"I know," said Tom, "I didn't see who left it. It was just sitting there on the counter when I arrived for work earlier."

Tom then looked at his watch.

"Well," said Tom, "I'd like to stay and chat, but I've got more deliveries to make."

Tom got in his van and left while Molly waved to him.

"Now," said Molly, "let's see what's inside."

Molly carefully opened the envelope with a letter opener and found a folded-up piece of paper. When she unfolded the paper, she found it was a note that said:

"Dear Molly,
You are one of the most beautiful engines this side of Winter City.
Your warm smile sends me to places no engine has gone before.
In the sunlight, your yellow paint shines as bright as the sun itself.
Every time I see you, I feel my heart running a marathon.
Signed, Mr. X"

Molly was stunned at what was written in the letter.

"Wow," said Molly, "this guy must really like me, yet I don't know who wrote it."

Molly then went over to the phone and dialed a number. It took two rings until someone answered.

"Hello," said a voice.

"Can you and Mavis come to my house," asked Molly, "I've got something to share."

"Sure," said the voice. "we're on our way!"

"Okay," said Molly, "see you then!"

Soon enough, a dark green tender engine by the name of Emily and a black diesel with the name "Mavis" on its sides arrived.

"Thanks for coming, girls," said Molly.

"So," asked Emily, "what's up?"

"Well," said Molly, "someone sent me this love message in the mail."

Molly showed Emily and Mavis the note, and the two grinned at each other.

"I think somebody likes you," said Emily.

"Okay," said Molly, "but who?"

"I don't know," said Emily, "but I do know one thing; I remember James sending me a love message last year on Valentine's Day. He worded it so well it was like William Shakespeare wrote it. Man, he's so dreamy."

"That's nothing compared to my Toby-Muffin," said Mavis, "I love the way he rings his bell. It's as sweet as the chirping of a bird."

"And I love how James' dome shines in the sun," said Emily.

Molly face-palmed.

"Girls," said Molly, "can we please get back to my love life? You can discuss yours later."

"Oh, sorry," said Mavis.

"This calls for some serious detective work," said Emily.

"Yeah," said Molly, "let's solve this like Nancy Drew!"

"Yeah," said Mavis, "only, where do we begin?"

"We begin," said Emily, "by going around asking all the male engines if any of them wrote the note."

"Perfect," said Molly, "Well, ladies, it's showtime!"

With that, the girls began their investigation. First, they went to James, who was playing a game on his phone.

"Hey, James," said Molly.

"Oh, hey, ladies," said James, "what can I do for you?"

"We're investigating a love note someone sent Molly in the mail," said Mavis, "did you do it?"

James looked at the girls as if to say "Seriously?".

"Why would I write a love message to another girl engine other than the one I call my own," asked James.

"Good point," said Mavis.

The girls then left.

"A simple 'no' would've done," said Molly.

The next engine the girls went to talk to was Henry, who was watering the flowers in his flowerbed.

"Henry," asked Molly, "can we ask you something?"

"Sure," said Henry as he turned off his garden hose, "what do ya need?"

"Well," said Molly, "someone sent me a love note in the mail today. Was that you?"

"Nope," said Henry, "I didn't write it. I'm not into girls like a lot of boy engines my age are. Frankly, I'm more into flowers."

"Okay," said Molly, "just asking."

The girls spent almost the entire day asking all the male engines in Winter City if any of them had written the note. Almost all of them said they hadn't. All of them that is, except for Edward, who was the only male engine left they hadn't questioned, so they went to Edward's house and rang the doorbell. Well, someone did answer the door, only it wasn't Edward. It was his little brother, Thomas, who they had previously questioned while he was having a root beer float with his friend Ryan, whom they also questioned.

"Hey, girls," said Thomas, "didn't expect to see you three again."

"Hey, Thomas," said Emily, "is Edward home?"

"I'm sorry," said Thomas, "but he's unavailable at the moment. He's giving a presentation on didgeridoos in Heber and won't be back till later. But I'll tell him you stopped by."

"Okay," said Molly, "but could you also tell him why we came here?"

"It's about the note, isn't it," asked Thomas.

"Sure is," said Mavis.

"Well," said Thomas, "I'll be sure to tell him."

"Thanks," said Mavis, "see ya!"

With that, the girls left and went to Totally 60's for dinner. The restaurant's manager, Scott Tracy, greeted them warmly.

"Hey, girls," said Scott, "take a seat and I'll be right with you!"

With that, the girls seated themselves at the counter. Soon, Scott came to take their orders. Molly ordered a bowl of chicken noodle soup with saltine crackers, Mavis ordered a double cheeseburger with a side of fries, and Emily ordered some chicken tenders with a side of onion rings. All three of them had Minute Maid lemonade for drinks. While their meals were being prepared, they discussed their next step.

"Our next step," said Emily, "is to wait for Edward to return from Heber and ask him about the note."

"Hold on," said Mavis, "we don't need to wait for him, because there he is right now!"

At that precise moment, Edward came inside and took a seat.

"I'll be with you in a minute," said Wally Pickles, the assistant manager.

"Perfect," said Molly, "after Wally takes Edward's order, we'll ask him!"

Soon enough, Wally came to take Edward's order, and Edward ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with waffle fries and a Pepsi. After Wally left, the girls came to Edward's table.

"Oh, hey, girls," said Edward, "what's up?"

"Edward," asked Molly, "Can you do us a favor?"

"Sure," said Edward, "what do you need?"

Emily carefully took out a blank page from her notepad and gave it and her pencil to Edward.

"Can you write Molly's name on this paper," asked Emily.

"Okay," said Edward, "I will do that."

Edward wrote Molly's name on the paper and handed it back to Mavis for analysis. When Mavis looked at the slip of paper and the note, she grinned.

"Ladies," said Mavis, "we have a match! The handwriting on this notepad page and the handwriting on the note are exactly the same!"

The girls then looked at Edward.

"It was you, wasn't it," asked Emily.

Edward sighed.

"It's true," said Edward, "I wrote the note. I'm Mr. X."

"So you did write it," said Molly.

"Yup," said Edward.


It was the night Molly came to dinner. It was late at night, but Edward couldn't sleep.

"You see," said Edward's voice narrating, "Ever since me and Thomas first met you, I've been having feelings that you were going to end up being my one true love. But, those thoughts were keeping me awake."

Then, Flashback Edward went to a desk, got out a sheet of paper and a pen, turned on a desk lamp, and began writing.

"I thought that writing a note would help me get my feelings out the best," said Edward's voice, "and I signed it as "Mr. X" because I wanted to make it like a real mystery for you, since I knew how much you like Nancy Drew."

The scene then transformed to show Edward going into the post office before opening hours.

"I went into the post office before opening hours to add more to the "mysterious note" effect," said Edward's voice, "the same can be said for why I didn't put mine and Thomas' address on the envelope when I went to mail it."

End Flashback

"So you went through all that trouble just for me," asked Molly.

"Yup," said Edward.

"And do you wanna know how I feel about that," asked Molly.

"How," asked Edward.

Molly then leaned forward and kissed Edward right on the cheek.

"That's how I feel," said Molly.

Molly then looked to see that Mavis was recording the whole thing with her phone.

"This is going on Facebook," said Mavis.

Just then, they heard Scott telling them that their food was ready, so they went back to their seats and ate, same with Edward. After they finished, they set off for home, Edward stroking the cheek Molly had kissed.

"She loves me," said Edward, "she really loves me!"

Edward then started doing an Irish river dance out of joy on his way home.

The End

Notes Edit

  • After being previously mentioned in Episodes 4, 9, and 11, Emily makes her first physical appearance in this episode.
  • Mavis also makes her debut in this episode.

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