~Oliver is a supporting protagonist for The Railroad Girl.~

Bio Edit

Full Name: Oliver The Great Western Engine


Also Known As: Ollie

Species: Steam Engine

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Relatives: Charles B. Collett (designer), Swindon Works (builder), Duck (brother)

Hair Color: N/A

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Grey

Appearance Edit

Oliver is a green tank engine with green paint, green wheels, and a brass dome in front of his whistle as well as the number "11" on his sides.

Trivia Edit

  • Oliver's favorite TV show is "The Red Green Show", a Canadian backwoods comedy version of "Home Improvement"
  • He loves showing Karen new things.
  • His favorite movie is "The Apple Dumpling Gang"
  • He is very close to Toad and treats him as if he was his little brother.
  • He, like Duck, enjoys the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mystery novel series.

Gallery Edit

Oliver 2

Oliver seeing something running across the tracks

Oliver 4

Oliver cross with Bill and Ben for stealing Toad

Oliver 3

Oliver upset after he discovers Toad missing

Oliver 5

Oliver in the scrapyard

Oliver 7

Oliver pleased to meet Karen for the first time.

Oliver 6

Oliver puffing down the line

Oliver 8

Oliver and his brake van, Toad.

Oliver 9

Oliver doing the late-night mail run

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