Oona is one of the main protagonists for Tales From Starlet City.

Bio Edit

Full Name: Oona Hiroki Kishi


Also Known As: The Sweetie Pie

Species: Guppy

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 1, 2009

Age: 9

Relatives: Satoru Kishi (father), Whitney Kishi (mother), Gil Hall (love interest)

Hair Color: Purple

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Light Tan (purple and pink tail)

Appearance Edit

Oona always wears a purple leotard and a pink star-shaped hair clip.

Trivia Edit

  • Oona shares her birthday with late English musician Ronnie Lane, best known for being the bass player with English rock band The Small Faces
  • She is insecure about her weight, as someone once called her fat
  • Because of this, she mainly tries to maintain her health by eating lots of fruits and vegetables as well as foods with low amounts of fat or no fat at all
  • Her father is Japanese, but her mother is American, making her a Japanese-American
  • She is a big fan of the Peanuts franchise, with her favorite character being Snoopy, and she has a plush toy of and a bedroom commemorating the famous beagle
  • She is very close to Gil 

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