Peter Sam

Peter Sam is one of the main protagonists of The Railroad Girl.


Full Name: N/A

Also Known As: P.S., The Art Lover

Species: Narrow Gauge Steam Engine

Gender: Male ♂

Age: 10

Relatives: Kerr Stuart (designer and builder), Millie (girlfriend)

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Grey


Peter Sam is a dark green narrow gauge saddle-tank engine with dark green paint with red and gold lining, his name on both sides of his tank, and the number "4" on both sides of his coal bunker.


  • Peter Sam used to be named Stuart after his builder, Kerr Stuart, but when he arrived in Winter City, he was renamed Peter Sam after the late Mayor Peter Sam
  • Peter Sam used to have a regular funnel, but after an accident he had with some slate cars, his funnel was severely cracked, so he was given a special funnel as a replacement
  • Peter Sam is fond of art and is often seen watching "The Joy Of Painting With Bob Ross" on TV
  • He is also a very skilled artist and owns and runs his very own art studio next to the Winter City Diesel where he makes beautiful paintings, drawings, etchings, and sculptures
  • His artistic skills have won him a spot on the WCDA (see this page for more info) as the team's sketch artist


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