Pinkie Pie is one of the main protagonists of A Seal's Tale.


Full Name: Diane "Pinkie Pie" Shannon Kent 
Pinkie Pie

Also Known As: Pinkie

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 22, 2003

Age: 14

Relatives: Jeff Kent (father), Madge Kent (mother), Ravi Ross (boyfriend)

Hair Color: Dark Pink

Eye Color: Creulean

Skin Color: Pale Pink


Pinkie always wears a white t-shirt with purple lining and a pink heart, a light blue short-sleeved jacket, light blue bracelets, a purple skirt with a balloon pattern on it, and light blue boots with pink bows and white laces.


  • Pinkie shares her birthday with late American singer, guitarist, songwriter, television host, and actor Glen Campbell, best known for a series of hit songs in the 1960s and 1970s, and for hosting a music and comedy variety show called The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour.
  • She is an expert baker and party planner, and works a paid internship at the local bakery.
  • She also loves candy, especially chocolate.
  • She also has an emotional side, and usually cries uncontrollably if something emotional happens.