Power Over The Powers is the fifth episode of the first season of We're Just Kids.


After getting in trouble with the principal for using their powers on a bully, Shimmer and Shine have to wear special cuffs that limit their power.


One day, a Bratty Kid in a white beanie and his friends were tossing around Nonny's tennis ball.

"Give it back", Nonny said.

"No way", the Bratty Kid said, "you bounced it to me."

Shimmer and Shine saw what was happening.

"Should we help him out", Shine asked.

"I think you know the answer to that", Shimmer said.

They then used their magic to turn the Bratty Kid and his friends into frogs.

"Here you go, Nonners", Shimmer said.

She tossed him his ball.

"Thanks", Nonny said.

Nonny swam away bouncing his ball, and they walked away.

"That takes care of those jerks", Shimmer said.

"Shimmer and Shine Aljunni", a voice said, "my office."

The looked behind them and saw Iroh, an Asian man who was the principal of the school.

"And now we're in trouble", Shine said.

They then entered Iroh's office and sat down.

"Shimmer, Shine, this is an outrage", Iroh said, "you can't just go around turning students into animals."

"He was being a bully", Shimmer said.

"That's no excuse", Iroh said, "we never inflict torture on other students."

"Okay", Shine said, "but how do you know this isn't the first time we've done it?"

"Last week you turned a bunch of sixth graders picking on your friend Tracker into sausages", Iroh said.

"Oh yeah", Shine said.

"You girls need to learn some self control", Iroh said.

"But", Shimmer said.

"No buts", Iroh said, "I am sending you two home early today."

"Well", Shine said, "there's no place like home."

"I am not amused", Iroh said.

He then wrote down something on a piece of paper.

"Take this note to your mother", Iroh said.

He then handed them the note.

"Yes sir", Shimmer and Shine said.

They then walked out of the office and left the school.

"Man", Shimmer said, "talk about harsh discipline."

"You said it, sis", Shine said.

At the Aljunni residence, Shimmer and Shine went to the door and rang the doorbell, and Mrs. Aljunni answered and they gave her the note.

"Shimmer, Shine", Mrs. Aljunni asked, "don't tell me you got sent home from school again."

"Well", Shimmer said, "yes, but..."

"Now I'm goanna have to talk to that principal of yours", Mrs. ALjunni said, "I just hate having to waste time talking with him in some office."

"We were just trying to help a friend", Shimmer said.

"I understand", Mrs. Aljunni said, "but you need to learn some self control."

"Come on", Shine said, "we were just being good people."

"Turning other kids into frogs is not being good people", Mrs. Aljunni said, "now, go to your room and study, we'll discuss school later."

They went up to their room and sat on their beds.

"Rats", Shine said, "even our own mother's against us."

"Don't worry", Shimmer said, "I'm sure Dad will side with us."

But she was wrong, because when Dr. Aljunni came home that night, he agreed with Mrs. Aljunni.

"What", Shimmer and Shine asked.

"Your mother's right", Dr. Aljunni said, "you girls need to learn some self control."

"What's this, tell us to learn some self control day", Shine asked, "first Mr. Iroh, then Mom, and now you, Dad."

"The point is, you girls need to learn to know when it's appropriate to use your powers and when it's not", Mrs. Aljunni said.

"And it seems there's only one way to get you to learn it", Dr. Aljunni said.

He then took out a box with some golden cuffs in it.

"A friend of mine recommended these after using them on his son", Dr. Aljunni said, "they're called genie cuffs."

"What do they do", Shimmer asked.

"They restrict a genie's powers to where they can only grant wishes", Dr. Aljunni said, "they can't be taken off unless you have a key."

He then put the genie cuffs on them and locked them.

"I'll take them off when we're sure we can trust you", Dr. Aljunni said.

"This is so unfair", Shine said.

"It's not unfair, it's punishment", Dr. Aljunni said, "now get to bed."

They then went up to their room.

"Well", Shimmer said, "looks like we're goanna be weaker genies for a while."

"Yep", Shine said, "we're goanna have to do things without genie power."

The next day at school, they walked around, upset.

"I can't believe we can't use our powers for stuff besides wishes", Shimmer said.

"Me neither", Shine said.

They then saw the Bratty Kid messing with some kindergarteners, which bothered Shimmer and Shine.

"Why that little", Shine said, "if I had full powers, I'd..."

"We don't", Shimmer said, "we need to learn some self control."

"Fine", Shine said.

Shimmer and Shine did their best to ignore the Bratty Kid messing with someone, and managed to make it to lunch.

"I'm telling you, Shimmer", Shine said, "I can't take it any more."

"Me neither", Shimmer said, "we can't just let him get away with what he's doing."

They then saw the Bratty Kid drop some egg salad on Molly's lunch.

"Hey", Molly said, "you did that on purpose."

"Yeah", the Bratty Kid said, "so what?"

Finally, Shimmer and Shine had just about enough they could take.

"That tears it", Shimmer said, "let's get him."

"I'm with you", Shine said.

They then attacked him, and there was a big fight, until it was broken up by Iroh.

"What is going on here", Iroh asked.

"Well", Shimmer said, "uh..."

"Shimmer and Shine attacked me", the Bratty Kid said.

Shimmer and Shine were shocked at the Bratty Kid's lie.

"Actually", Molly said, "that's not the case."

"Thank you, Molly, but I don't need your side of the story", Iroh said, "you girls, my office, now."

Inside Iroh's office, he was talking to them.

"And I will obviously be calling your parents about your little incident today", Iroh said, "now get to class."

"Yes sir", Shimmer and Shine said.

They went to their lockers, and Molly approached them.

"Hey, thanks for sticking up for me back in the cafeteria", Molly said.

"No problem", Shimmer said, "luckily, we only got three days of detention."

"Yeah", Shine said, "but we've still got to face our parents."

Later, Shimmer and Shine were talking to their parents.

"We're not happy that you beat up a kid", Mrs. Aljunni said.

"We're sorry", Shimmer said.

"We just care about our friends so much", Shine said.

"You certainly proved that", Dr. Aljunni said, "and when we got the call, I realized I was a littler hard on you two, so I'm goanna take the genie cuffs off."

Dr. Ajunni took the key out and unlocked the genie cuffs.

"Thanks, Dad", Shimmer said.

"And one more thing", Shine said, "we promise we'll learn some self control."

"Glad to hear", Dr. Aljunni said, "now off to bed."

Shimmer and Shine then went upstairs to get a good night's sleep.

The End


  • Tracker, Blaze, and Deema are absent in this episode.

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