Program Nonny is the second episode of the first season of We're Just Kids.


Nonny invites his friends to the Friday after school program for autistic kids so that they can see what it's like.


One Friday afternoon, Nonny was going down the hall, when the others caught up with him.

"Hey, Nonners", Deema said, "where are you going?"

"To my program", Nonny said.

"What program", Tracker asked.

"I attend this Friday after-school program for kids with Autism, like me", Nonny said.

"That might explain why we lose track of you every Friday", Molly said.

"Can we come", Shimmer asked, "we'd love to see what your program is like."

"Me too", Shine said.

"I don't know", Nonny said, "you guys don't have autism."

"Aw come on", Blaze said, "we may not have autism, but we're all human, well, sort of."

"Alright", Nonny said, "follow me."

They went down the hall and over to the classroom.

"Here we are", Nonny said.

Nonny knocked on the door, and Butch looked outside.

"Hey, Nonny", Butch said.

"Hi, Butch", Nonny said, "you remember my friends?"

"Yes", Butch said, "caught them playing hooky a while ago."

"But that was so long ago", Tracker said.

"It was last month", Butch said.

"Oh", Tracker said.

"So, anyways, I was wondering if they could spend the afternoon here to see what we do", Nonny said.

"Alright", Butch said, "just let me call their parents and tell them about this."

Inside, the kids were sitting at the table and Butch walked over carrying some boxes of pizza from Little Ceaser's.

"Alright", Butch said, "I called your parents and they said you can stay here."

"Excelente", Tracker said.

"What's the pizza for", Shine asked.

"It's the last Friday of the month", Butch said, "and on the last Friday of each month, we have a pizza party."

Butch then set a box down and opened it up.

"Enjoy", Butch said.

The kids ate the pizza, and Butch soon threw the boxes in the trash, but Shine dug in the trash and pulled out as much pieces of crust as she could.

"What", Shine said, "it's like I always say, never throw away a perfectly good pizza crust."

"I've never heard you say that", Shimmer said.

"That's because I just made it up", Shine said.

"Alright, kids", Butch said, "let's head out to the playground."

They went out to the playground, and Tracker and Molly got onto the roundabout and were being spun around by Blaze.

"Faster, faster", Tracker said.

Blaze spun it so hard that they flew away and landed in the sandbox, where Deema had finished making a sand castle.

"Maybe that was a little too fast", Blaze asked.

"You think", Tracker asked.

At the swingset, Nonny was swinging, but wasn't getting higher.

"Curse this fish tail", Nonny said, "I wish this thing could go higher."

Shimmer and Shine, who were climbing on the monkey bars, had heard what he had said.

"Boom, zaramay, granting Nonny a wish today", Shimmer said.

"Wait, no", Nonny said.

"Shimmer and Shine, swing higher divine", Shimmer said.

The swing went high, but it looped around several times, until Nonny was stuck at the top.

"Help", Nonny said.

"Whoops, sorry", Shimmer said.

Shimmer untangled the swing and helped Nonny down.

"When I said that I wished the swing could go higher, I didn't really mean it", Nonny said.

"My mistake", Shimmer said.

They then heard a whistle.

"Alright, kids", Butch said, "let's head inside."

In the room, the kids were sitting down.

"Alright, kids", Butch said, "now it's time for the free study period."

"What's that", Shine asked.

"It's this time period where 4th, 5th, and 6th graders can catch up on their homework, and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders can read", Butch said, "it usually lasts 30 minutes."

"That's a relief", Shine said, "Shimmer and I could use the time to write 'I will not read Captain Underpants in school' 100 times."

Nonny sat next to a girl with brown hair and brown eyes who wore a light blue sleeveless button-front dress, red t-shirt, white socks, and red sneakers, who was reading the Railway Series book "Duck And The Diesel Engine".

"Hi, Emmy", Nonny said.

"Hey, Nonny", Emmy said, "what are you doing?"

"Studying my vocabulary", Nonny said.

"Can I help", Emmy asked.

"Sure", Nonny said, "I could use someone to quiz me."

"What should I do", Emmy asked.

"Just read the definitions out loud, and I try to guess them", Nonny said, "let me know when I go wrong."

"Got it", Emmy said.

They did it, and he got them all right.

"Good work, Nonny", Emmy said, "that's all the words."

"Thanks", Nonny said, "I'm so goanna ace that vocabulary test next week."

"Alright, kids", Butch said, "your 30-minuite study period is over, you can play around until the bus takes you home."

While the kids played, Emmy was drawing, when Tracker walked over.

"Hey, Tracker", Emmy said, "can I draw you?"

"Sure, Emmy", Tracker said, "anything for the senoritas."

Emmy blushed and turned to a blank page on her sketch pad.

"Okay, Tracker", Emmy said, "make it look like you're proud."

Tracker stood proudly with his chest puffed out.

"How's this", Tracker asked.

"Perfect", Emmy said.

Emmy drew the picture, and it came out perfectly.

"Here it is", Emmy said.

Tracker got a good look at it.

"Amazing", Tracker said.

"Would you like it", Emmy asked.

"Sure", Tracker said.

She then handed him her drawing.

"Thanks", Tracker said.

"No problem", Emmy said.

Elsewhere, Blaze and Deema were playing chess.

"So move", Deema said.

Blaze then knocked off her queen with his.

"That's a good move", Deema said.

Deema then spoke in a Rodney Dangerfield-esque voice.

"I can't believe it, I'm losing to a truck", Deema said.

"Alright, kids", Butch said, "time to go."

The kids then left the room to go to the bus.

"Thanks for letting us come with you to your program, Nonny", Molly said.

"You're welcome", Nonny said.

The seven friends then went over to the bus that would take them home.

The End


  • Emmy from Speedway Friends makes an appearance in this episode.
  • This is the first episode to show Nonny's after-school Autism program.