Rainbow Dash is one of the main protagonists for Starlet City Friends.

Bio Edit

Full Name: Bridgett "Rainbow Dash" Leslie Odell

Rainbow Dash EG

Also Known As: Dashie

Species: Human

Birthday: September 24, 2003

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Relatives: Nathan Odell (father) Marion Odell (mother; deceased), Alexander Cabot III (foster brother)

Enemies: Applejack (Rival)

Hair Color: Rainbow

Eye Color: Cerise

Skin Color: Pale Cyan

Appearance Edit

Rainbow Dash always wears a blue shirt over a white tank-top with a picture of a red, blue, and yellow lightning bolt coming out of a cloud, a magenta skirt with white stripes on either side, black shorts, rainbow-colored socks, rainbow-colored sweatbands, and blue and white high-top shoes.

Trivia Edit

  • Rainbow Dash shares her birthday with British singer Gerry Marsden
  • Her mom died of tuberculosis when she was 5, and her dad started drinking heavily because of it, so she moved in with Alexander Cabot III, an old family friend, as a foster sister
  • She likes sports, especially cycling
  • Her other favorite sport is football, with her favorite team being the Chicago Bears and her favorite player being Jared Allen, a plush of whom she owns and is emotionally attached to
  • In the summer, she likes to take off her shoes and wander barefoot