Rarity is one of the main protagonists of Adventures With The Grasshoppers.

Bio Edit

Full Name: Rarity Ophelia Welles


Also Known As: Mi Flor Del Desierto (My Desert Flower)

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Birthday: September 17, 2001

Age: 16

Relatives: Hondo Welles (father), Betty Welles (mother), Sweetie Belle Welles (younger sister), Zander Robbins (boyfriend)

Hair Color: Moderate Indigo

Eye Color: Moderate Azure

Skin Color: Pale Grey

Appearance Edit

Rarity always wears a light blue t-shirt, a dark purple belt with a blue buckle, a lavender skirt with a diamond pattern on it, dark purple boots with blue diamonds on them, and gold bracelets on her wrists. She also wears light blue eye shadow on her eyelids and a blue diamond barrette in her hair

Trivia Edit

  • Rarity shares her birthday with American stock car racer and seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson
  • Like her boyfriend, she is a bit vain and always tries to look her best
  • She is an expert fashion designer and often designs outfits for the gang
  • Despite her vanity, she is very loving towards her sister and will always do what's best for her


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