Rocky is one of the main protagonists of The Adventures Of Tinker & Co..

Bio Edit

Full Name: Rocky


Also Known As: Little Buddy

Species: Mixed Breed

Gender: Male

Birthday: April 1, 2011

Age: 6

Relatives: Ted Kincaid (owner and best friend)

Hair Color: 2 shades of grey (white paws)

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Peach

Appearance Edit

Rocky mainly wears an orange collar with a badge showing a white recycle symbol on a green background, though he sometimes wears it with a green vest with a green and white cap.

Trivia Edit

  • Rocky shares his birthday with late British bass guitarist Ronnie Lane, best known as the bass player for The Small Faces
  • He followed Ted home from the supermarket and has lived with him and his housemates as well as his sister since
  • He thinks Babu is really funny and often laughs when he (Babu) goofs something up.
  • Of course, he doesn't laugh at Babu to be mean. He just finds Babu's misfortunes funny.
  • He often sleeps in Tinker and Ted's room

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