Rusty is one of the main protagonists of The Railroad Girl


Full Name: N/A

Also Known As: Trusty Rusty

Species: Narrow Gauge Diesel Engine

Gender: Male ♂

Age: 11

Relatives: Ruston and Hornsby (builders)

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Grey


Rusty is an orange diesel with orange paint with his name and the number "5" written on his sides in white


  • Rusty was named after his builders, Ruston and Hornsby, not his orange color
  • Rusty usually pulls goods on the narrow gauge railway, but sometimes focuses on doing odd jobs
  • Rusty is the only narrow gauge diesel engine in Winter City
  • Rusty is very fond of music and knows how to play the ukulele
  • Rusty's favorite band is The Beach Boys
  • Even though they're 2 different types of engines, Rusty is best friends with Duncan


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