Sailor Mini Moon

Sailor Mini Moon is one of the main protagonists of Moon Squad.


Real Name: Rini Young-Dae

Also Known As: Double M

Species: Human

Gender: Female ♀

Birthday: February 5, 2007

Age: 11

Relatives: Forsythe Young (father; deceased), Camila Young (mother; deceased), Serena Daye/Sailor Moon (adoptive mother), Kaio Kincaid/K.O. (best friend)

Hair Color: Black (dyed Bubblegum Pink)

Eye Color: Red

Skin Color: Fair


Pink chocker, white shirt with pink collar, red bowtie, white elbow-length gloves, pink skirt, pink boots.


  • Mini Moon shares her birthday with American stock car racer Reed Sorenson, as well as former three-time NASCAR Winston Cup Series champion and current NASCAR on Fox analyst Darrell Waltrip.
  • Mini Moon's dad died when his car was hit by an oncoming train when he was driving to her birth, and her mom died in the process of giving birth to her, forcing the nurses and doctors to keep her in the hospital until they could figure out what to do with her, but the hospital burned down, with Moon eventually rescuing and subsequently adopting her, raising her as her own.
  • Mini Moon is shy when it comes to taking her hair down, and only rarely ever does so around others.