Sally Bollywood

Sally Bollywood is a supporting protagonist of The Railroad Girl and Life With Doki.


Full Name: Sally Oshanki Bollywood

Also Known As: Sal

Species: Human

Gender: Female ♀

Birthday: July 23, 2005

Age: 12

Relatives: Franklin Bollywood (father), Natasha Bollywood (mother), Greg Spott (foster father), Carmen Spott (foster mother), Doki Spott (foster brother), Bright Eyes Spott (foster sister)

Hair Color: Violet

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Tan


Lilac shirt with elephant, gold bracelets, orange pants, lilac cloth tied around waist, lilac legwarmers, orange flats.


  • Sally shares her birthday with English actor Daniel Radcliffe, who is best known for playing Harry Potter in the film adaptation of the novel series of the same name.
  • Sally's parents were highly abusive towards her, due to her father wanting a boy, and she has been tormented over the years, gaining many cuts and bruises along the way, until episode 13, where her parents were arrested for abusing her, and she went on to live with the Spotts after being rescued by Doki, Bright Eyes, and Thomas.
  • Because of his heroic actions, Sally has a close friendship with Thomas, along with his brother Edward, who is very fond of international cultures, including Indian.