Save The Frogs is the seventh episode of the first season of Holly & Blue.


Holly's class is dissecting frogs, and when Blue convinces Holly that all creatures have a right to live, they must work to save the frogs from a terrible fate.


One day at Darla Hood Elementary School, Holly was sitting in the 3rd grade class taught by Ms. Carbuncle.

"Well, you're in for a real treat tomorrow, class", Ms. Carbuncle said, "we'll be wrapping up our biology studies for the semester by dissecting frogs."

The students cheered, especially Holly.

"Dissecting frogs", Holly asked, "that sounds cool."

Outside, Blue was looking into the classroom and overheard everything.

"They can't do that", Blue said.

Later, Holly was walking home from school and entered the house, where she saw Blue waiting for her.

"Hey, Blue", Holly said, "how's it going?"

"Fine", Blue said.

"What's wrong", Holly asked, "you don't sound too happy."

"I'm not too happy", Blue said, "I was outside the school when they announced that your class would be dissecting frogs."

"I know, right", Holly said, "isn't it exiting?"

"No, it's not", Blue said, "they're living creatures, just like us."

"What's that supposed to mean", Holly asked.

"They have emotions too", Blue said, "they have families, friends, and by killing them, we would be taking away what other frogs love."

Holly was so touched that she was in tears.

"That was so touching", Holly said, "we're saving those frogs."

"Yes", Blue said.

The next day at school, Ms. Carbuncle's class went to lunch.

"Alright, class", Ms. Carbuncle said, "when we get back, we'll begin the dissecting."

At lunch, Holly sat next to an open window and peeked outside.

"Blue", Holly said, "are you there?"

Blue poked her head out from a bush.

"I sure am", Blue said.

"The frogs are in a tank in Ms. Carbuncle's room", Holly said, "we need to act fast before lunch ends."

The two snuck out of the cafeteria and down the hall to the classroom.

"There they are", Holly said, "all we have to do is open that tank, and they're free."

Holly and Blue tried opening the tank, but it was locked.

"Dang it", Holly said, "we need a key."

Then, the bell rang.

"What do we do", Blue asked.

"Hide", Holly said.

Blue hid behind a plant and Holly sat on her desk as Ms. Carbuncle and the other students came inside.

"Okay, class", Ms. Carbuncle said, "let's begin."

Ms. Carbuncle opened the tank and put some frogs in jars and passed them out to the students.

"Alright, class", Ms. Carbuncle said, "since these frogs are living, I'm going to put these cotton balls dipped in chloroform in the jars to put them in a deep sleep."

Holly then put the lid on her jar and looked at the frog.

"I hope I know what I'm doing", Holly said.

"Alright, class", Ms. Carbuncle said, "let's begin, first, lay the frog down on it's..."

Holly then opened the jar and let her frog out.

"Hurry, hop for your life", Holly said.

She then opened the jar of the person next to her.

"I wanna save you", Holly said, "let's get out of here!"

Soon, Holly had released every frog in the classroom, and Blue came out of her hiding spot and opened a window.

"Come on, all you frogs", Blue said, "head for the river!"

Holly and Blue watched as all the frogs hopped out the window.

"We did it", Holly said, "the frogs are safe."

Then, Ms. Carbuncle grabbed Holly and Blue and dragged them down the hallway to the principal's office.

"This was your idea", Holly said.

Inside, Holly and Blue were speaking to the principal of the school, Wilbur Huggins.

"You have no idea how much trouble we're in right now", Principal Huggins said, "creating a major disruption in class, releasing frogs that cost the school hundreds of dollars, and violating our no dogs allowed policy!"

"We can explain", Holly said.

"Go ahead", Principal Huggins said, "it'll take quite an explanation to get you out of trouble."

"We didn't want to see the frogs die like this, so we decided to st them free", Holly said, "frogs aren't science projects, they're living creatures, and all living creatures have a right to live."

"Couldn't have said it better myself", Blue said.

Principal Huggins was so touched he was in tears.

"Okay", Principal Huggins said, "you've convinced me, there will be no frog dissections this year, or ever again in my school."

Holly and Blue began celebrating.

"Not so fast", Principal Huggins said, "you still broke the rules, and for that, there will be some punishment."

Later, Holly and Blue were walking home from school.

"Sorry you got detention", Blue said.

"It's okay", Holly said, "as long as the frogs are safe, I'm fine with it."

Then, they walked past a Mexican restaurant and saw a poster.

"Roasted duck enchiladas", Blue read.

"Here we go again", Holly said.

They then went inside and a bunch of ducks flew out the door.

The End


  • Steve Sr. and Olivia are absent in this episode.

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