School Days is the third episode of the first season of The Railroad Girl.

Summary Edit

It's Bright Eyes' first day at the David Cassidy Elementary School, but she is nervous about going.

Story Edit

One day, Bright Eyes was in the bathroom brushing her hair.

"18..19..20," Bright Eyes counted.

Just then, Bright Eyes heard Doki knocking on the bathroom door.

"Hey, Bright Eyes," called Doki, "are you almost done in there? I need to pee."

"Just 2 more and I'll be done," replied Bright Eyes.

Soon Bright Eyes finished brushing her hair and Doki went inside to use the bathroom. When he finished, he and Bright Eyes went downstairs to have breakfast. While they ate, Carmen spoke to her daughter.

"Are you ready for your first day at school," asked Carmen.

"I don't know, Mama," said Bright Eyes, "I'm a bit nervous."

"Don't worry, Bright Eyes," said Doki, "I'll be with you the whole day. Plus, we're in the same class together!"

"Yeah," said Greg, "That should help you feel better."

In a short amount of time, Bright Eyes and Doki were outside waiting for the bus. About 2 minutes later, a red bus pulled up.

"Hey, Doki," said the bus, "who's your friend?"

"Hey, Bertie," said Doki, "this is my new stepsister Bright Eyes."

"Nice," said Bertie.

Doki and Bright Eyes climbed onto Bertie and they drove off for the school. When they arrived, Bright Eyes and Doki walked inside, and Doki took Bright Eyes into an office where Bright Eyes saw a man in a gray suit and a 5 o'clock stubble sitting at a large desk reading a book.

"Who's that," asked Bright Eyes.

"That's Principal Clyde," said Doki, "he used to be a cop, but became the principal after he retired."

Clyde then looked up and saw Doki with Bright Eyes.

"Morning Doki," said Clyde, "who's that?"

"I'm Bright Eyes," said Bright Eyes, "I'm Doki's stepsister."

"Nice," said Clyde, "welcome to David Cassidy Elementary School!"

"Thanks," said Bright Eyes.

Clyde then lifted a basket of apples onto his desk.

"Would you like an apple," asked Clyde.

"Yes please," said Bright Eyes.

Bright Eyes took an apple from the basket and she and Doki walked to their classroom. When they went inside, they saw a woman in green with dark pink hair in a bun that was held together by a pencil.

"Who's that," asked Bright Eyes.

"That's Mrs. Johnson," said Doki, "and she's our teacher."

"Does she always hold her hair with a pencil," asked Bright Eyes.

"Yup," said Doki, "she thinks it makes her look more like a teacher."

It was then that Mrs. Johnson noticed Doki and Bright Eyes.

"Welcome, Bright Eyes," said Mrs. Johnson, "please, take a seat!"

"Where do I sit," asked Bright Eyes.

"You can sit over there next to Anabella," said Mrs. Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson pointed to a dark pink flamingo that was seated at a double desk with an empty seat next to her. At another double desk were a female goat seated next to Doki, and behind that one, a double desk that had an anteater and a blue otter seated at it.

"Who's that, Doki," the otter asked.

"Guys," said Doki, "meet my new stepsister, Bright Eyes. My dad married her mom."

"Sweet," said the otter.

"Hello, Bright Eyes," said the goat, "my name is Gabi, and those other 2 are Fico and Oto."

"Welcome to our class, Bright Eyes," said Fico.

"OK, class," said Mrs. Johnson, "We will now proceed with our geography lesson. Doki, what is the capital of Norway?"

"The capital of Norway is Oslo," answered Doki.

"Very good," said Mrs. Johnson, "Oto, what is the capital of Sweden?"

"Stockholm," answered Oto.

"Good job," said Mrs. Johnson.

After a few more geography questions, Mrs. Johnson dismissed her students for some free reading time.

"Mrs. Johnson," called Doki.

"Yes, Doki," replied Mrs. Johnson.

"May I go to the library," asked Doki, "I wanna show it to Bright Eyes."

"Of course," said Mrs. Johnson, "just take the hall pass."

Doki took the pass from a rack and walked with Bright Eyes to the school library. When they arrived, Bright Eyes saw an adult female lioness at the front desk on a computer.

"Who's that," asked Bright Eyes.

"That's Mrs. Busterfield," said Doki, "and she's the librarian here."

"Nice," said Bright Eyes, "let's go get some books."

With that, the pair went to find some books. Eventually, Doki found a copy of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea while Bright Eyes found some of the Reverend W. Awdry's Railway Series books. They then went up to the front desk and Cleo checked out the books.

"Find everything you needed," asked Cleo.

"Yup," said Doki.

"These are due back 3 weeks from now, alright," asked Cleo.

"Alright," said Doki and Bright Eyes as they left.

When the two reached the classroom, they saw the others getting their lunches.

"Is it lunch time," asked Bright Eyes.

"Sure is," said Oto, "I love this part of the day!"

Soon, the kids reached the cafeteria and began eating. Fico groaned when he saw what was in his lunch.

"What's the matter, Fico," asked Doki.

"Trey packed another egg salad sandwich," said Fico, "why does he keep forgetting I'm on an egg-free diet?"

Doki then reached into his lunch bag and took out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"Wanna trade sandwiches," asked Doki.

"Sure," said Fico.

With that, Doki and Fico traded their sandwiches.

"Who's Trey," asked Bright Eyes.

"He's Fico's older brother," explained Gabi.

"When it's his turn to make my lunch," said Fico, "he always packs egg salad sandwiches."

Soon, lunch time was over and the kids headed back to class, where Mrs. Johnson led the class through some math problems.

"Who knows what 2+12 is," asked Mrs. Johnson.

"14," said Bright Eyes.

"Very good," said Mrs. Johnson, "how'd you figure that out so quickly?"

"Prior to me being enrolled here," explained Bright Eyes, "my friend Edward tutored me."

"I see," said Mrs. Johnson.

After a few more math problems, the kids went out to the playground for recess. On the playground, Bright Eyes noticed a familiar girl playing on a tire swing.

"Hey," said Doki, "there's Bubbles!"

Bright Eyes ran over to Bubbles.

"Hey, Bright Eyes," said Bubbles, "wanna go play on the swings?"

"Sure," said Bright Eyes.

With that, they played on the swings until Clyde called the students in to get ready to go home. Soon enough, Bertie arrived and they went home. When Doki and Bright Eyes got home, they found Greg and Carmen waiting for them.

"Hey, kids," said Greg, "how was it?"

"Great," said Bright Eyes, "I made lots of new friends!"

"And Fico's brother packed him egg salad again," said Doki, "so I traded my sandwich with him."

"I see," said Greg, "Well, Grandpa's making grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner."

"Saa-weet," said Doki.

With that, the whole family went inside to have dinner.

The End