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~Scootaloo is one of the main characters in Adventures At Fred Rogers Middle School as well as a student.~

Bio Edit

Name: Scootaloo Elizabeth Burns

Nickname(s): Scoots (often called that by her father and uncles)

Scootaloo (EG 2)

Scoots riding her scooter

Birthday: April 22, 2005

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Magenta

Eye Color: Deep Violet

Skin Color: Light Marigold

Residence: 123 Elm Street

Relationships: Joe Burns (adoptive father), Steve Burns (adoptive uncle), Frank and Joey Hardy (adoptive uncles), Hermie T. Elf (adoptive uncle)

Occupation(s): Student at Fred Rogers Middle School

Likes: Hanging out with her father, her father's music, riding her scooter, recess (who doesn't like recess?), playing on her computer, getting good grades in school, being outside, hanging out with her friends

Dislikes: Anything happening to her father (example, getting hurt, getting sick, etc.), falling off of her scooter, bullies, getting separated from her father

Favorite Food(s): French toast sticks, fresh fruit and vegetables, cookies, any other kind of sweet treats or helth food

Least Favorite Food(s): sauerkraut, Brussels sprouts, pickled eggs, pickles, rhubarbs, onions, garlic

Known Prized Possession(s): A scooter given to her by her father on her 9th birthday, an Apple MacBook she received from her Uncle Steve as a Christmas gift.

Appearance Edit

School Outfit (spring and summer): A dark gray hoodie with light blue trimmings, dark gray boots, light blue socks, green shorts

Riding Gear: A violet helmet with white stripes

Casual Outfit (spring and summer): Various t-shirts in 6 colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, and Purple, khaki shorts, brown sandals

School Outfit (fall and winter): Various cardigan sweaters in the same colors mentioned above over a white button-down t-shirt, khaki pants, white boot socks, brown sneakers

Casual Outfit (fall and winter): various turtlenecks in the same colors, khaki pajama pants, the same socks, dark brown slippers

Pajamas (spring and summer): Blue t-shirt with a big yellow duck on it, blue shorts about the same length as her casual shorts, yellow duck slippers that make a quacking sound as she walks around in them.

Pajamas (fall and winter): Blue long-sleeved shirt also with a big yellow duck on it, blue pajama pants, the same white socks, the same duck slippers

Personality Edit

Scootaloo is a very nice kid, but she's also a bit impulsive and likes to take risks. But she's also very close to her father and usually cries whenever something happens to him. She's also the top of her class, always getting either all A's, all B's, mostly A's and B's, or alternating A's and B's on her report card. She's also curious about the world around her and is always asking questions or seen reading articles on the internet or reading books, which she normally does whenever the wi-fi goes out.

Trivia Edit

  • In the summertime whenever she leaves the house, she usually wears sandals, but at home, she prefers bare feet. It's the same in the springtime.
  • She also likes to change into her khaki shorts at home because she feels wearing her green ones to school is more appropriate.
  • At home and on weekends, she dresses in the same style as her father, except her shirts are blank while her father's have squares.
  • Her fall and winter pajamas and slippers are identical to her father's as well, except the shirts have ducks instead of squares.
  • Her house has many unique features, such as her own private swimming pool, a playroom, an exercise bike in her bedroom, and a music room for her father and his band to rehearse for concerts.
  • Even though she likes to read and write, Scootaloo's favorite part of school is recess.

Gallery Edit

Scootaloo (EG)

Scootaloo in the school computer lab

50's House

Scoots' House

Scootaloo (EG 3)

Scootaloo with her BFF's Applebloom and Sweetie Belle in the outfits they wore to the school Valentine's Day dance

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