Scootaloo is one of the main protagonists for The David Cassidy Elementary Kids.


Full Name: Elizabeth "Scootaloo" Emma Fletcher


Also Known As: Scoots

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Birthday: August 23, 2008

Age: 10

Relatives: Vince Fletcher (father), Agnes Fletcher (mother; deceased), Nathan Adams (love interest), Clint Jefferson (maternal grandfather), Laura Jefferson (maternal grandmother) Jason Fletcher (paternal uncle), Doris Fletcher (paternal aunt)

Hair Color: Moderate Cerise

Eye Color: Moderate Purple

Skin Color: Light Gamboge


Scootaloo always wears a dark gray hoodie with light blue trimmings, dark gray boots, light blue socks, and green shorts.


  • Scootaloo shares her birthday with late English drummer Keith Moon, best known for being the original drummer for English rock band The Who
  • Her mother died of cancer when she was six, placing her in her father's care
  • Her father is irreligious, having been raised in a Catholic household, but became irreligious over time after the death of her mother due to him believing his prayers for Mrs. Fletcher to be cured were being left unanswered.
  • Even though she isn't Christian like the rest of her friends are, her father still allows her to hang out with them.
  • In the summer, she likes to take off her boots and socks and go barefoot
  • Her most cherished posession is a red and blue scooter she got for her 5th birthday