Settling Down is the first episode of the first season of The Railroad Girl.

Summary Edit

A young dog named Bright Eyes Clarkson moves in with her new stepbrother Doki Spott after her mom marries his dad.

Story Edit

Part 1 Edit

One day, Doki was showing Bright Eyes her new bedroom.

"Ta-da," said Doki, "what do you think? Do you like it?"

"Like it," asked Bright Eyes, "I LOVE it!"

"I'm glad you do," said Doki, "and it's right next to mine!"

Bright Eyes quickly ran inside and laid down on the bed, and felt it was quite soft.

"Wow," said Bright Eyes, "this is so neat!"

Just then, Doki's father and Bright Eyes' stepfather, Greg Spott, came up.

"How's she liking her new room," Greg asked.

"She thinks it's swell, Dad," said Doki.

"That's good," Greg said with a smile, "Anyways, why don't you and Bright Eyes go to Wally's and get some milkshakes?"

"Sounds like a great idea," said Doki.

Bright Eyes was confused.

"Who's Wally," she asked.

"He co-runs at this cool joint called "Totally 60's", said Doki, "Me and my friends like to go there a lot."

"What's it like," asked Bright Eyes.

"Sister," said Doki, "you're gonna love it!"

Doki and Bright Eyes went outside, got on their bikes, and pedaled to Totally 60's, where Bright Eyes saw a young man wearing red and white clothing wiping a counter.

"Hey Doki," the man said when he saw Doki and Bright Eyes walk in, "who's your friend?"

"Wally," said Doki, "this is Bright Eyes. She's my new stepsister. Her mom married my dad."

"Nice," said Wally.

"Hi, Wally," said Bright Eyes, "nice place you got here."

"Thanks," said Wally, "please, take a seat and I'll be right with you."

Bright Eyes and Doki sat at a table near the window and looked at the menu.

"I'm getting my usual chocolate milkshake," said Doki, "how about you, Bright Eyes?"

"I think I'll get a strawberry milkshake," said Bright Eyes.

Soon enough, Wally came to take their orders.

"So, the usual for you, Doki," asked Wally.

"Yup," said Doki, "plus one strawberry milkshake for Bright Eyes please."

"Okie-dokie then," said Wally.

Wally went behind the counter, and Bright Eyes noticed a strange device on the table.

"What's this," she asked.

"It's a jukebox," said Doki, "you can play music on it."

"How does it work," asked Bright Eyes.

"You put your money in," said Doki, "then select the song you wanna play."

"How do you select a song," Bright Eyes asked.

"The songs have a letter and a number next to their names," said Doki, "when you find a song you like, hit the letter button first, then the number."

"Cool," said Bright Eyes, "how much does a song cost?"

"5 cents," said Doki.

"Wow," said Bright Eyes, "that's cheap!"

"Yup," said Doki.

Doki then took out 2 nickels.

"Here," said Doki as he gave Bright Eyes a nickel, "You can choose a song first."

"OK," said Bright Eyes.

Bright Eyes looked through the song lists and found The Beatles' "Twist And Shout" on the list.

"Mom loves The Beatles," said Bright Eyes.

Bright Eyes put her dime in and selected the song. Soon enough, the song played just as Wally brought the milkshakes.

"Hey," said Wally, "I hear some Beatles going on!"

"Yeah," said Bright Eyes, "my mom loves The Beatles. She grew up with them."

"Nice," said Wally.

Soon, Bright Eyes and Wally had finished their shakes and paid the check. When they went to get on their bikes, they hear a bell.

"What was that," asked Bright Eyes.

"Not what," said Doki, "Who!"

Doki pointed to a brown steam tram engine with the number "7" on its sides approaching, pulling a coach.

"Hey Toby," called Doki.

"Hey Doki," responded Toby, "who's your friend?"

"this is my stepsister, Bright Eyes," said Doki, "My dad married her mom."

"Nice to meet you, Bright Eyes," said Toby.

"Same to you," said Bright Eyes.

"I was just about to take Henrietta here back to the yard," said Toby.

"I see," said Doki, "Do you think you can give us a ride home?"

"Sure," said Toby, "You can put your bikes on Henrietta's front platform."

With that being said, Bright Eyes and Doki put their bikes on Henrietta's front platform and boarded via her back platform. Soon, they were off. When they arrived home, Bright Eyes and Doki put their bikes in the garage and went in the house, where they saw that they had company. There was a man who was in his early 40's with a 6-year-old girl perched next to him. There was also a goldenrod tank engine with the name "Stepney" and the number "55" on its sides playing turntables.

"Yo," said the engine, "you're partying with DJ STEAMR."

"Is that Stepney," asked Bright Eyes.

"Yup," said Doki, "he's quite the character."

"Hey, Mr. Devlin," Doki then called to the man.

"Hey, Doki," replied the man, "and hello to you, Bright Eyes. Welcome to Winter City!"

"You know him," asked Bright Eyes.

"Yup," said Doki, "that's Mr. Ernie Devlin. He's the controller for the Winter City Railway."

"And who's the girl," Bright Eyes asked.

"That's Ernie's daughter Bubbles," explained Doki, "Dad and Ernie were friends in high school."

"We sure were," said Ernie.

"Anyways," said Greg, "Would you 2 like some pizza?"

Greg then showed Bright Eyes and Doki a box of pizza from Papa John's that Ernie and Bubbles had brought as a "Welcome To The Neighborhood" gift for Bright Eyes and her mother, Helen, who was also Doki's stepmother.

"Sure," said both Doki and Bright Eyes.

After having a few slices of pizza, Doki and Bright Eyes were about to go up to Doki's room to play when Ernie spoke up.

"Hey," said Ernie, "How would you like to meet the rest of the engines tomorrow?"

"I'd love to," said Bright Eyes.

"Great," said Ernie, "I'll come pick you up tomorrow."

After Ernie and Bubbles had left, Bright Eyes and Doki put their plates away, got into their pajamas, brushed their teeth, went to the bathroom, and went to bed, Bright Eyes eager to meet her new friends.

End Of Part 1

Part 2 Edit

The next morning, Bright Eyes and Doki were having breakfast when they heard a knock at the door.

"I'll get it," said Bright Eyes.

Bright Eyes went to the door and opened it. Sure enough, there was Ernie.

"Hey, Mr. Devlin," said Bright Eyes.

"Please," said Ernie with a chuckle, "call me 'Ernie'."

"Sorry," said Bright Eyes.

"It's OK," said Ernie, "anyways, are you ready to meet some of the engines?"

"You bet I am," said Bright Eyes.

"Aren't you kids gonna finish your breakfast first," asked Greg.

"I guess we should," said Doki.

Soon, Bright Eyes and Doki had finished their breakfast and joined Ernie in a red Type 4B two seat Wickham trolley with the name "Winston" on its sides.

"Hello there," said Winston, "who are you?"

"Winston," said Ernie, "meet Bright Eyes. Doki and I are gonna show her some of the engines."

"Sounds like fun," said Winston, "all aboard!"

Bright Eyes and Doki got into Winston and their adventure began. About 4 minutes into the trip, they saw a blue tank engine with 6 small blue wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler, a short stumpy dome, and the number "1" on its sides, a blue tender engine with the number "2" on its tender, a red tender engine with a brass dome, black wheels, and the number "5" on its tender, and a green engine with the number "3" on its tender. The 3 tender engines were watching Spongebob Squarepants on TV while the tank engine was playing a video game on a Nintendo GameBoy.

"Man," said the red engine, "this has gotta be one of the best shows ever!"

"Indeed," said the blue engine, "I think it's fascinating that it was created by a marine biologist."

"Huh," said the green engine, "you learn something new every day."

"Who're those guys," asked Bright Eyes.

"Well," said Doki, "the blue tender engine goes by the name of Edward, the red engine's name is James, and the green engine is Henry. The tank engine is Edward's younger brother Thomas."

"Cool," said Bright Eyes, "I didn't even know trains could have families."

Soon, Spongebob Squarepants ended and a show called Winx Club began, which deeply disturbed James.

"It's Winx Club," shouted James.

James then grabbed a shotgun and aimed it at the TV.

"Fire," shouted James.

James then squeezed the trigger, causing the TV to blow up, which shocked Edward, Thomas, and Henry.

"You made the TV explode," gasped Henry.

"Now we have to ask Ernie for a loan to pay for a new one," said Edward, "thanks a lot, James!"

"That's a shame," said Thomas, "and I was really looking forward to watching that Loud House show Doki told me about the other day."

"Don't worry, boys," said Ernie as he handed Edward $500 in cash, "I've got you covered."

It was then that Edward, James, Henry, and Thomas noticed Ernie, Doki, and Bright Eyes.

"Hey Ernie and Doki," said James, "who's your friend?"

"I'm Bright Eyes," said Bright Eyes, "and I'm Doki's stepsister."

"Oh really," asked Henry.

"Yup," said Doki, "her mom married my dad."

"Interesting," said Thomas.

"Konichiwa, Bright Eyes," said Edward.

Bright Eyes was confused.

"What did he say," asked Bright Eyes.

"'Konichiwa' is the Japanese word for 'hello'," explained Edward.

"Oh," said Bright Eyes.

"Yeah," said Thomas, "Edward has a knack for learning about other cultures."

"Interesting," said Bright Eyes.

Just then, Bright Eyes heard a timer ringing.

"That must be those pierogies I'm making for lunch," said Edward.

Bright Eyes was confused.

"What are pierogies," asked Bright Eyes.

"It's a filled dumpling that's very popular in Central and Eastern Europe," explained Edward, "specifically in countries like Poland, Romania, and Ukraine."

"Nice," said Bright Eyes, "how do you make them?"

"Well," explained Edward, "You basically have to make a circle of dough and add a filling."

"What kind of filling," asked Bright Eyes.

"Many people fill pierogies with mashed potatoes, fried onions, quark, meat, and vegetables," explained Edward, "but the ones I make have sour cream to add flavor."

"That sounds delicious," said Bright Eyes.

"Would you like to join us for lunch," asked Thomas.

"I'll have to ask my dad," said Doki.

"And my mom," added Bright Eyes.

With that, Doki called Greg and Carmen to ask if it was OK if he and Bright Eyes could have lunch with Thomas, Edward, Henry, and James. Sure enough, they said yes, and soon, they were seated at the table as Edward dished out the pierogies.

"Mmm," said Bright Eyes, "this looks good!"

Thomas then held up his glass and clinked it with his fork.

"A toast," said Thomas, "to new friends and a new branch of friendship!"

"Here here," said everyone else as the clinked their glasses.

Soon, everyone had eaten and it was soon time for dessert, which happened to be a cake decorated to look like the Union Jack.

"Oh boy," said Bright Eyes, "cake!"

After having some cake, Doki noticed that the sun was going down.

"Hey," said Doki, "we better get home, Bright Eyes."

"Agreed," said Bright Eyes.

"I'll take you home," said James.

"Thanks," said Doki.

"And tomorrow," said James, "Edward, Thomas, and I can show you some more friends of ours."

"Sounds like a plan," said Bright Eyes.

As Bright Eyes and Doki were getting ready to leave, Edward gave them a plastic box.

"What's inside," asked Bright Eyes.

"It's some leftover pierogies," said Edward, "I thought your family might like some."

"Thanks," said Doki.

Soon, Doki and Bright Eyes had climbed into James' cab and were on their way home. When they got home, Greg thanked James for taking his son and stepdaughter home. After putting the pierogies and the cake in the fridge, Doki and Bright Eyes went to bed, Bright Eyes eager to meet more engines.

The End

Trivia Edit

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