Shoes For Milla is the second episode of the first season of The Lennonsburg Bunch.

Summary Edit

After Milla gets kicked out of a restaurant for being barefoot, Danny, Matt, and Inez decide to get their friend some shoes.

Story Edit

One day, Milla walked into a Pizza Hut to pick up a pizza for herself, Danny, Matt, and Inez.

"Hello," said the employee at the counter, "and welcome to Pizza Hut. May I help you?"

"Yes," said Milla, "I'd like a large pepperoni pizza, please."

Just then, Milla noticed that the employee was looking at her strangely.

"What's the matter," asked Milla.

"Miss," said the employee, "I'm afraid I might have to ask you to leave."

"What," gasped Milla, "but why?"

"We have a "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" policy here," said the employee, "and you're not wearing shoes."

"But I've never had any shoes," said Milla, "besides, I'm not eating it here. It's to go."

"Doesn't matter," said the employee, "please leave or I will call the police."

"Okay," Milla sighed as she left.

Milla sadly walked back to Matt's house, where she and her friends were having a sleepover due to Danny's parents going on their second honeymoon, Milla's father visiting her uncle in the Everglades, and Dr. Ferguson working the night shift at the hospital. Inez was reading a dinosaur encyclopedia while Danny and Matt played Smash Bros. Brawl on Matt's Wii.

"Hey, guys," Milla said sadly as she sat down on the floor.

Her friends noticed this.

"What's the matter, Mill," asked Matt.

"And where's the pizza," asked Danny.

"They wouldn't give it to me because of how I'm always barefoot," said Milla as she looked sadly at her bare feet.

"Wow," said Matt, "that's just rude!"

"I know, right," asked Milla.

"I wish there was some way we could help," said Inez.

Just then, Matt had an idea.

"I think there is," said Matt.

"Really," asked Milla, "what is it?"

"My dad runs the local shoe shop," said Matt, "I'm sure he might be able to help."

"Cool," said Milla.

"Maybe one of your three oldest brothers can give us a lift," said Danny.

"Yeah," said Matt.

The friends then went to the bedroom occupied by Matt's three oldest brothers, Melvin, Marvin, and Martin, and found Marvin there.

"Hey, Marv," said Matt.

"Yo, Matt," said Marvin, "what's up?"

Matt explained to Marvin about Milla being kicked out of the Pizza Hut because of her being barefoot.

"That's terrible," said Marvin.

"Yeah," said Matt, "we were thinking of taking her to Dad's shoe shop to get her some shoes. And we were wondering if you could give us a lift."

"Sure," said Marvin, "I can do that. I've been needing to go into town anyway to get some more windshield washer fluid from the auto store."

"Great," said Matt.

With that, Marvin, Matt, Danny, Inez, and Milla got into Marvin's 2016 Wolkswagen Passat and drove off. Soon, Marvin dropped them off at the shoe store.

"I'll come pick you up when I'm done at the auto store," said Marvin.

"Alright," said Danny.

After Marvin left, Danny, Matt, Inez, and Milla entered the store and say Matt's dad, Raymond, stocking some shoe boxes.

"Hey, Pops," said Matt.

"Hey, Matt," said Raymond, "I'll be with you in a jiffy."

The friends sat down on the bench and soon enough, Raymond was finished with his boxes and approached the foursome.

"So," asked Raymond, "what brings you three here?"

"Milla got kicked out of a Pizza Hut for being barefoot," said Matt, "and we were wondering if you had any shoes she could wear."

"I see," said Raymond, "don't worry, Milla, I'm sure we'll find some shoes for you."

Raymond then got out a shoe measuring device and measured Milla's feet with it. Sure enough, he found out she needed size 7.5 shoes.

"Now then," said Raymond, "let's find you some shoes, Milla."

With that, they began looking for a pair of shoes that might suit Milla. Inez was the first to find a possible pair.

"How about these," asked Inez.

Inez then held up a pair of platform boots.

"Nah," said Milla, "I don't think I'll be comfortable walking around with them on."

"What about these," asked Matt.

Matt held up a pair of high-top sneakers, which looked similar to his, only they were pink instead of red.

"Not my style," said Milla, "but I do like the color."

"I think I've found a pair you might like," said Danny.

Danny held up a pair of brown leather sandals.

"Ooh," said Milla, "I like these!"

"Try them on," said Raymond.

Milla tried the sandals on and they fit perfectly.

"Perfect," said Raymond, "now walk around in them for a bit."

Milla walked a couple of laps around the store and found them very comfortable.

"I like them," said Milla, "they feel great!"

"We'll take 'em," said Danny.

"How much," Matt asked as he got out his wallet.

"Nineteen dollars, please," said Raymond.

Matt gave Raymond a twenty.

"Keep the change, please," said Matt.

"Alright," said Raymond, "have a nice day!"

The four friends walked out of the store and saw Marvin waiting for them.

"Nice sandals, Milla," said Marvin.

"Thanks," said Milla.

Later that evening, Milla went back into the same Pizza Hut she had been kicked out of earlier to get the pizza she never got. The manager was waiting for her.

"Hey," said Milla, "I've got sandals now!"

"They look great," said the manager, "By the way, sorry about how our newbie earlier. He's not used to working in a restaurant like this yet. He used to work in a more fancy restaurant."

"That explains the whole "No Shoes, No Service policy" business," said Milla.

"Yeah," said the manager, "but as for me, I'll serve anyone wether they have shoes or not. Now, I think you ordered a large pepperoni pizza, no?"

"How did you know," asked Milla.

"We reheated the one you ordered earlier today," said the manager, "just in case you'd come back."

"Thanks," said Milla, "I'll take it!"

Milla paid for the pizza and left, pleased to have finally been served. As for the pizza, it was still hot by the time she reached the Blake residence.

The End

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