Skarloey & The Bully is the sixth episode of the first season of The Railroad Girl.

Summary Edit

Skarloey tries to make friends with a new engine, but the new engine bullies him.

Story Edit

One day, Skarloey was puffing around Winter City whistling to everybody he saw. He first saw Scott Tracy clipping the hedges outside Totally 60's.

"Hey, Scott," Skarloey called as he whistled.

"Hey, Skarloey," said Scott as he waved, "beautiful day isn't it?"

"Sure is," said Skarloey.

Later, Skarloey saw an engine up ahead. The engine looked similar to his older brother Rheneas, except that this engine was green paint with black and gold lining, a black dome, and without the number "2" on his sides.

"That must be a new engine," said Skarloey.

Skarloey chuffed towards the engine and tooted his whistle.

"Hello," said Skarloey bubbly.

"Buzz off," said the engine rudely as he chuffed by.

"Wow," thought Skarloey, "someone isn't in a good mood today."

Later that day, the rest of the Narrow Gauge Engines were having dinner.

"Skarloey," said Rheneas, "you said the engine looks like me, but in green, right?"

"Yup," said Skarloey.

"Well," said Rheneas, "I know who that engine is."

"Who," asked Skarloey.

"His name is Smudger," said Rheneas, "I met him once last summer. He's one of the meanest engines ever to ride the rails. He would always steal my Toy Story comics and chuck them into trees. I had to get them down with a fire poker."

"Gee," said Peter Sam, "what a jerk!"

"And not only that," said Rheneas, "he would also make prank calls."

"Dang," said Duncan, "And I thought Sir Handel was bad."

"I heard that," said Sir Handel, who then flicked a pea at Duncan.

"Ow," yelled Duncan, "why you!"

Duncan was about to flick a pea back when Duke, the oldest of the Narrow Gauge engines, stopped him.

"Boys," said Duke in a stern yet calm tone, "that's enough."

Soon, they had finished dinner, and Skarloey watched The Wiggles on Rheneas' I-Pad while Rheneas, Rusty, and Duncan played Disney Infinity on Duncan's Xbox 360, Sir Handel read a Fantastic 4 comic book he had bought from Totally 60's, Peter Sam did some printmaking in his art studio, and Duke took a nap.

"I wonder if that engine will be in a better mood tomorrow," thought Skarloey.

The next day, Ernie had given Skarloey a very special job, which was to take a shipment of fidget spinners to Totally 60's. On the way, he saw Smudger again.

"Hello," Skarloey tooted happily.

But just then, something very awful happened.

"Out of my way, runt," Smudger said.

Smudger then biffed Skarloey so hard that the coupling of the freight car containing the fidget spinners became uncoupled from Skarloey. At first, Skarloey didn't know which hurt more; the hurt or the surprise.

"Why'd you do that," asked Skarloey.

Smudger switched tracks and coupled up to the car.

"This is a job for a big engine, not some little puny engine like you," snorted Smudger.

"But we're both narrow gauge engines," said Skarloey.

"Doesn't matter," said Smudger, "now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some fidget spinners to deliver!"

Smudger then blew his whistle and puffed away, leaving Skarloey aghast. Smudger had taken the little engine's very special job away from him in front of some families picnicking in the fields nearby. He also felt something worse than how he felt. He felt like there was nothing he could do about it.

"Why is he being so mean to me," Skarloey wondered.

Later, Skarloey went to Totally 60's to get some ice cream to make himself feel better about what happened when he Smudger snuck up behind Skarloey as if he'd been waiting for him. Skarloey put on a friendly face and slowed down so Smudger could catch up. He was determined to make friends with the new engine. But Smudger gave Skarloey a great big biff in the back and took his breath away. The little crimson engine couldn't believe Smudger had biffed him again. Sure the other engines have biffed Skarloey around at times, but that was meant to be fun and games. This one really hurt.

"You gonna cry now," sneered Smudger.

Skarloey tried to put on a brave face.

"No," Skarloey managed to say.

But inside, he was still shaken. And that's when Smudger backed up and biffed him again, but harder this time.

"Ow," Skarloey couldn't help but cry out loud.

He gathered his courage and turned towards Smudger.

"Don't do that," said Skarloey, "I don't like it!"

Well, Smudger backed up as if he was about to give Skarloey another biff.

"He said he doesn't like that," said a voice.

It was James. He'd been watching the whole thing. He chuffed towards Skarloey and gave one good long blast of his whistle.

"Leave my friend alone," shouted James.

Smudger just stared at James like he wasn't even there.

"I guess a little engine like you needs bigger engines to fight for them," said Smudger in a voice that made Skarloey feel very, very small.

"We don't need you at all on this railway," snapped James, "I can pull 16 oil tankers as well as you can! Why don't you just go home?!"

Well, Smudger just left and went back to his shed as if he had all the time in the world. Skarloey wondered when he will see Smudger again. He also wondered if James won't be there the next time. That afternoon, Skarloey was on his way home to watch Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command with Rheneas. Every little sound he heard made his pistons skip a beat. He was sure Smudger would rush out from every corner and biff him.

"Oh no," Skarloey groaned.

There, up ahead, was Smudger.

"Run away," Skarloey heard a voice inside him say.

With that, Skarloy raced away. He could almost hear the awful words "puny little engine" and "runt" in his smoke-box.

"No," thought Skarloey, "I'm not going to run away!"

Skarloey turned back towards Smudger and blew his whistle loudly as if to say "I'm not afraid of you!".

Smudger kept on coming towards the little engine. And that's when Skarloey knew Smudger was going to bump again.

"I'm gonna bump you right back, you big fat meanie," thought Skarloey.

Skarloey put on a brave face and snorted through his nose like a bull. But at the last moment, he decided to run away.

Then the chase was on! Skarloey could almost feel Smudger's buffers on his back. Just then, by chance, Skarloey saw a junction up ahead.

"Yes," thought Skarloey, "that oughta hold him!"

Skarloey accelerated his speed and managed to cross the junction with ease. Smudger, however, had to stop to let James, who was pulling an oil train of 16 tankers go by.

"Tracks," Smudger exclaimed, "that little punk!"

Eventually, Skarloey managed to get into a siding behind a thick bush to hide from Smudger. He tried to be quiet, not even making the slightest weesh of steam. Smudger looked and looked, but couldn't find Skarloey anywhere.

"You can run," said Smudger, "but you can't hide!"

Skarloey held his breath, hoping so that it took long enough for Smudger to realize he couldn't find his target.

"On second thought," said Smudger, "maybe you can hide!"

Smudger then sulkily scuttled away, and Skarloey let out a sigh of relief.

"Phew," thought Skarloey, "That was a close one!"

But Skarloey knew he couldn't leave his hiding place just yet. He knew Smudger could still be out there, waiting for him. Right when Skarloey had least expected it, his eyes filled up with tears and he began to cry.

"Skarloey," said a voice, "are you okay?"

Skarloey looked and saw Edward.

"Oh," sniffled Skarloey, "hey, Edward."

"What's the matter," asked Edward.

"Nothing," said Skarloey, who then wiped away a tear.

But Edward could tell that all was not right with the little crimson engine.

"Come on," said Edward, "you can tell me. I'm all ears."

"Okay," said Skarloey after taking a few deep breaths, "I've been having issues with this mean engine called Smudger."

"Oh yeah," said Edward, "I remember talking to James about that."

"Yeah," said Skarloey, "Rheneas wasn't kidding when he said Smudger was mean."

"Apparently not," said Edward.

"What can I do," asked Skarloey.

"If I were you," said Edward, "I'd talk to Ernie."

"But what if he's too busy," asked Skarloey.

"I'm sure he'll be able to help," said Edward, "just ask him. I'm sure he'll listen."

"If you say so," said Skarloey.

Later, Skarloey saw Ernie Devlin, the controller for the railway, practicing his putting on the front lawn. Bubbles was at an evening playgroup at the community center.

"Ernie," called Skarloey.

Ernie heard Skarloey and looked up to face him.

"What's up, Skarloey," asked Ernie.

"Nothing," said Skarloey, "I just wanna talk to you.

"Alright," said Ernie.

Ernie set down his putter and approached Skarloey.

"What's the trouble," asked Ernie.

"Well," said Skarloey, "there's this mean engine called Smudger who kept biffing me all day. I wanted to biff him back, but I guess I just decided not too."

Ernie listened very patiently. Then, he smiled.

"I'm very proud of you, Skarloey," said Ernie.

"You are," asked a surprised Skarloey, "but I didn't do anything."

"I'm glad you didn't try to deal with this bully by yourself," said Ernie, "I think that would've only made things worse."

"Oh," said Skarloey, "Yeah, I think it would've."

"Skarloey, I won't always be able to help you," said Ernie with a smile in his voice, "but this time, I think I can."

Skarloey was surprised.

"Wow," thought Skarloey, "Edward was right!"

That evening, an angry Ernie came to Smudger's shed, where he found him listening to Metallica with the bass turned all the way up. Ernie grabbed the cord to Smudger's boombox and unplugged it.

"Hey," snapped Smudger, "what gives?!"

"I heard that you have been bullying one of my engines today," said Ernie, "is this true?"

"Bullying," Smudger scoffed, "I was only messing around with him!"

"Oh, yeah," said James, "then how come I heard you asked Skarloey if he was gonna cry after you biffed him?"

"Oh, shut up, you stubborn red tomato on wheels," said Smudger.

James just wheeshed lots of steam in anger.

"Don't you dare tell me to shut up," James roared.

"James," said Ernie, "please stay out of this."

"Alright," said James, who then left.

"Anyways," said Ernie, "you have been a very naughty engine today. I will not accept this behavior."

"Whatever, Old Man," said Smudger.

Now Ernie was cross.

"Just for that," said Ernie, "you'll be shunting freight cars until you've learned to behave."

Smudger sighed, knowing Ernie was right.

"Yes, sir," said Smudger.

The next day, Skarloey was glad to hear that Smudger had been spoken to by Ernie and punished for his actions. And as a reward for telling Ernie, Skarloey got to have one of the fidget spinners from the delivery Smudger had stolen from him for free.

"Who knew that telling on bullies could come with rewards," Skarloey thought to himself.

The End

Notes Edit

  • Smudger makes his debut in this episode.
  • This is the series' anti-bullying episode.

References Edit

  • Theodore Tugboat: This episode is based off of the Theodore Tugboat episode "Theodore & The Boat Bully"

Moral Edit

If you are being picked on by a bully, don't fight, just tell a trusted adult.

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