~Sky High Shelly is the first episode of the first season of The Adventures Of Tinker & Co..~


Shelly gets a job as a construction worker to pay off her share of the rent, but has trouble working with the other men.


It was a beautiful day in Winter City. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and there was not a single rain cloud in the sky. At a beautiful 1960's style house, 18-year-old Thomas Otis "Tinker" Rogers was practicing "The Entertainer" on his baby grand piano that he got from his friend Joe Burns off Wallapop when he heard the mail fall through the mail slot.

"Well, mail's here." said Tinker. He walked over to the door, picked up the mail, and examined it. "OK now, let's see," he was saying, "letter from Mom, letter from Cousin Shaggy, letter from Dad, new comic book, invitation to a BBQ party at Sticks' place, and, oh boy...the rent from Fred and Daphne."

After seeing the envelope containing the rent from his landlord, Ernie Devlin, who was also the controller for the WinteR City Railway.

"What's up, Tink?" asked Babu.

"Well," replied Tinker. "the rent from Ernie came in."

"How much do we owe him?" asked Phooey.

"It says we owe him just $49." replied Tinker.

"Let's see how much I got," said Ted, taking out his wallet. In it, he found six 5-dollar bills.

"OK, so that's $30." said Tinker. "Phooey?" he then asked.

"2 dollars in change," replied Phooey, taking 8 quarters out of his pocket.

"OK, so $30+$2=$32." said Tinker. "How about you, Babu?"

"I made only just 15 cents." Babu confessed, taking 3 nickels out of his pocket.

"OK, so that makes so far a total of $32.15." said Tinker. "Melody?"

"5 dollars." said Melody, taking a 5-dollar bill out of her purse.

"OK, so that makes a total of $35.15." said Tinker. "But wait. What about Shelly?"

Just then, Ted's 18-year-old younger sister Shelly Doherty walked in, wearing a very exquisite denim vest covered in alternating red and white sequin stripes on the back and the front covered with blue sequins with 3 white sequin starts on either side. The others were dumbfounded.

"Shelly? Where did you get that vest?" asked Ted.

"At the mall." replied Shelly.

"And how much was it?" asked Tinker.

"Oh...17 dollars." replied Shelly.

"17 dollars?!" gasped Babu.

"Shelly," said Ted, sounding a bit annoyed.

"What?" asked Shelly.

"That was the money we gave you so you could pay off your share of the rent!" said Tinker, sounding VERY annoyed.

"Yeah well, so what?" asked Shelly.

"So what?!" snapped Ted. "You spent the money we gave you so you could pay off your share of the rent on a stupid vest and all you have to say for yourself is so what?!"

"Now Ted," said Tinker, putting a hand on Ted's shoulder, "don't be upset."

"Oh. Well, how come you give me some more money so I CAN pay off my share?" asked Shelly. Tinker shot Ted a face after hearing Shelly's suggestion.

"NOW you can be upset." he said.

"Gosh darn it Shelly!!" snapped Ted. "Dad and I told you like 100 times to spend your money wisely. I tried to be tell you that every time I or Tinker lent you money, and I tried to give you some extra cash so you could buy whatever you wanted. but NOOO. Today proves that it doesn't work. From this day onwards, whenever you want us to lend you money, we're going to say 'no'.". said Ted sternly.

"But Ted..." Shelly began before being cut off by Tinker.

"No buts." said Tinker. "Your brother is right. It's time for you to get a job."

"Yeah!" said Ted. "That way, you can earn money so you can both pay off your share of the rent AND buy whatever you want."

"Huh. What're the odds of that?" thought Shelly.

"And it just so happens that in the "want ads" section of the newspaper, the Winter City Construction Co. is looking for new workers. And best of all, no experience is necessary! Maybe you can do that, Shelly." said Melody.

"That sounds like fun." said Shelly.

"Great. Then let's go to the foreman's office and get you interviewed." said Ted, grabbing his car keys.

"Not so fast!" said Shelly. "I need to change into the appropriate outfit first." said Shelly, going to her room. While she was getting changed, Tinker made a phone call to Fred. Fortunately, someone was home. Unfortunately, it wasn't Ernie. It was, in fact, Ernie's 6-year-old daughter Bubbles.

"Hello, Devlin residence." answered Bubbles in a cheerful-sounding tone.

"Hey Karen, it's Tinker." replied Tinker. "Is your father home?"

"Yes, but he can't come to the phone right now." replied Bubbles.

"Oh? And why's that?" asked Tinker, followed by the sound of Bubbles giggling.

"He's taking a shower, ya goof!" she said.

"My bad." said Tinker, chuckling. "Can you tell your father I called and ask him to call me back please?" he then asked.

"Consider it done, Tink!" said Karen. "See ya!"

"Bye." said Tinker, hanging up. Just as he did, Shelly came down, wearing a denim blue pair of overalls, a bright orange t-shirt, work boots, and construction gloves.

"How do I look?" she asked.

"Perfect. Now let's go." said Ted.

He and Shelly got in the car and drove off. As soon as they were out of sight, the phone rang, and it was Ernie's voice that was heard on the other end when Tinker answered. Tinker told Ernie about their dilemma with Shelly.

"I understand. Please, pay us when you have the money." said Ernie.

"OK, will do!" said Tinker as he hung up. After doing so, he grabbed a Baby-Sitter's Club novel off the group's bookshelf and began to read. When he was halfway into the first chapter, Ted returned. On his way home from dropping Shelly off at the foreman's office, he had stopped and picked up a pizza along with some cans of Pepsi for the gang to have for lunch. 

"I wonder how Shelly's doing." thought Ted.

Meanwhile, the foreman, Emmet Brickowski, was showing Shelly around the place. He introduced her to the Winter City Construction Co.'s machines, a red front-loader with the number "11" on it named Jack, a green excavator with the number "12" on it named Alfie, a blue mobile crane with the number "17" on it named Kelly, a yellow truck with the number "22" on it named Isobella, a pair of red dump trucks with the number "15" on one of them and the number "16" on the other named Max and Monty, a yellow bulldozer with the number "18" on it named Byron, a brown and cream cement truck with the number "23" on it named Patrick, a brown and orange steam shovel with the number "19" on it named Ned, and a black 3-wheeled ballast tractor with the number "10" on its doors and the name "Nelson" above its cab, which obviously meant that Nelson was his name. 

"Guys," Emmet was saying, "we have a new employee joining us today. I'd like you to meet Shelly." 

"Hello, Shelly." said the machines. Jack rushed forward to meet the newcomer. 

"Hi, Shelly! I'm Jack! I'm anxious to get to work with you!" he said, getting into Shelly's face. 

"Now Jack, remember that discussion we had about personal space?" asked Emmet, which was followed by a gasp from Jack. 

"I am SO sorry!" the little front-loader said, backing up slowly and wheeling away. Emmet laughed. 

"That front-loader is a character!" he said. 

"He sure is. Kind of cute too." agreed Shelly. 

"What about me?" asked Alfie, feeling kind of insulted. 

"Relax, Alf, you're cute too." said Isobella. Alfie smiled. 

"This pleases me." he said. 

"Well, these guys will be easy to get along with." Shelly thought to herself. 

Back at the house, the others had finished their pizza and were watching "Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kids" on TV. They had just gotten to the end of the first commercial break when Shelly walked in.

 "Hey, Shellster!" said Ted. "How was your first day on the job?" 

"It was great!" said Shelly. "I made new friends with the construction machines and I took a selfie with them before I left!" 

Shelly showed her friends and brother the selfie of her and The Pack, which she had to use a selfie stick to take so she can get all members of The Pack. Everyone liked how it turned out, especially Melody, who liked Jack's cute grin.

"Awww, that little front-loader is SO cute!" said Melody.

"I know right?" agreed Shelly.

"So, what'd you guys do at work?" asked Babu.

"Nothing too major." said Shelly. "We just built a new playhouse for the kids at the daycare center. But before that, we played this game called "The Name Game", where we toss a ball back and forth and introduce ourselves and tell a little bit about ourselves. It was Jack's idea, of course." said Shelly. "Anyway, I'm going to go take a shower and change back into my normal clothes." said Shelly, going upstairs to the bathroom.

A few weeks later, the gang were watching "The Funky Phantom" on TV when Shelly stormed in, her face as red as a tomato.

"Shelly? Are you OK?" asked Ted.

"NO! I'm NOT OK!" snapped Shelly.

"OK, first of all, calm down. Second of all, is there a reason you're upset?" questioned Tinker.

"I've been fired." said Shelly after taking a few deep breaths. She then showed them a slip of pink paper. The others were outraged when they saw the slip.

"What did you do?!" asked Ted angrily.

"It happened at lunch time." said Shelly.


It was lunchtime for Shelly and The Pack. Shelly had started to eat the egg salad sandwich off the buffet table when one one of the other construction workers accidentally bumped into Shelly, spilling her food on the floor.

"Oops. Sorry." said the worker.

"You made me spill my food, you moron!" snapped Shelly, slapping the worker really hard.

"OK, if it's trouble you want, I'LL GIVE IT TO YA!!!!" snapped the other worker. And sure enough, a violent scuffle had occurred. Little did they know that Jack and Alfie were watching them.

"Uh oh." said Alfie. "That doesn't look good."

"I'll get Mr. Emmet!" said Jack, racing to Emmet's trailer. Emmet was playing PacMan on his computer and eating a bean burrito when he heard Jack's horn.

"What's the matter, Jack," asked Emmet.

"Sir, there's trouble at the buffet table,!" said Jack.

"Thanks for coming to me right away," said Emmet.

Jack led Emmet to the scene of the fight, which Max and Monty were recording with Max's phone.

"This is SO going onto YouTube!" said Max.

"You got that right, bro!" said Monty.

"HEY! BREAK IT UP!" Emmet shouted to the fighting workers, pushing them apart. "Now who started this fight?"

"She did!" said the worker, whose name was Bill, according to his name tag.

"Shelly," said Emmet sternly. "my office, NOW."

~End Of Flashback~

"And that's when he gave me the boot." said Shelly.

"Shelly, what has Dad said about fighting?" asked Ted.

"I know, I know," said Shelly. " 'Fighting will not solve anything.' "

At that moment, there was a knock on the door. Melody went to it and peeped through the peephole. And sure enough, Ernie was there on the porch.

"Hey Ernie, come on in." said Melody, opening the door.

"I'm here to collect the rent money." said Fred.

"Oh that reminds me!" said Shelly. She quickly whisked seven $5 bills from her purse.

"OK, so that's 35 dollars," said Tinker, "which makes a total of....$70.15!!" said Tinker triumphantly.

"Yes!!" shouted Ted. "That should cover the rent!"

"And I'll gladly take it!" said Ernie.

Tinker gave Ernie the money, then turned back to Shelly when Ernie had left.

"Now how are you going to pay off your ext shares of the rent?" he questioned.

"Easy." said Shelly. "I landed a part time job as a page at the library."

"Good job, sis!" said Ted.

And as a special reward for raising enough money to pay her share, Tinker let Shelly choose where the gang should go for dinner. Shelly gladly chose the diner, and they went, celebrating Shelly's big accomplishment.


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