Snake! is the second episode of the first season of Hanging Out With Maya.

Summary Edit

Maya and the Busterfield family go to a reptile farm, and Maya is too terrified to do anything there.

Story Edit

One day, Maya, Leona, Lionel, and Cleo were outside enjoying the sunshine. Lionel was reading a Spider-Man comic under a tree, Cleo was working in the garden, and Leona and Maya were playing hopscotch on the sidewalk when Theo pulled up.

"Hey, guys," said Theo, "look what I've got!"

Theo then held up a pamphlet for a reptile farm.

"Wow," said Lionel, "a reptile farm!"

"That sounds like fun," said Cleo.

"Well," said Maya, "it may sound like fun to you, I'm not sure if I'll like it though."

"Why not," asked Leona.

"Because," said Maya, "I'm scared of snakes."

"Oh," said Lionel, "how come?"

Cleo took Lionel and Leona onto the porch to make sure Maya didn't hear them.

"The reason Maya's afraid of snakes," said Cleo, "is because her father died of a bite from a cottonmouth when she was younger."

"Yikes," said Lionel, "I've learned in school how cottonmouth bites can kill you pretty darn quick if you're not treated soon enough."

"Exactly," said Cleo.

Cleo, Lionel, and Leona exited the porch and went back to Theo and Maya.

"So," said Cleo, "do you still wanna go, Maya?"

"We don't have to go if you don't want to," said Theo.

"Yeah," said Lionel, "We won't force you to go if you don't want to go."

Maya shuffled her foot on the ground while she thought of an answer.

"Alright," said Maya, "I'll go. I just don't wanna see the snakes."

"Don't worry, Maya," said Cleo, "you'll be OK."

"Yeah," said Theo, "all the animals are in enclosures. You'll be perfectly fine."

"If you say so," said Maya.

With that being said, the family got into Theo's 1971 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser station wagon and drove off for the reptile farm. When they arrived and they exited the car, Lionel handed Maya a sleeping mask.

"What's this for," asked Maya.

"It's for when we approach the snake section," said Lionel, "you can put it over your eyes and you won't even see them."

"That's a very smart idea, Lionel," said Cleo, "and very generous too. Though, just out of curiosity, where did you get it?"

"I got it from Wally," said Lionel, "I was going to give it to you, but I thought Maya could use it today."

"That makes sense," said Cleo.

"Of course," said Theo, "the snake section's at the end of the park. There's plenty of other reptiles to see."

"Really," asked Maya.

"Yup," said Theo, "turtles, lizards, alligators, crocodiles, you name it."

"Which one first," asked Maya.

"The lizards," said Cleo.

With that, the family went to the lizard section, where they first saw a cage showing a panther chameleon, but Maya couldn't see it.

"Where's the chameleon," asked Maya.

"He's in there," said Lionel, "he's just hiding."

"Where," asked Maya.

"It can sometimes be difficult to spot a chameleon when it's camouflaged," said Theo.

"What's camouflage," asked Maya.

"Camouflage," said Cleo, "is when some animals, like the chameleon, sometimes change their colors or hide among different plants to blend in with their surroundings."

"Most of the time," explained Lionel, "it's used to hide, but it's also used by some predatory animals to stalk their prey better."

"Interesting," said Maya.

Soon, the family visited the other reptile exhibits and were entering the snake section, so Maya put on her mask.

"Wait," said Maya, "if I'm wearing this mask, how do I know where I'm going?"

"I'll hold your hand, Maya," said Lionel.

"Thanks," said Maya.

With that, they went into the snake section and saw a lot of snakes, including a green anaconda, the largest snake on Earth. After seeing a show with a kingsnake, they got back in the car and drove off for home, and Maya took off her mask.

"You know," said Maya, "that wasn't really that bad."

"I'm glad," said Theo, "and next time when we do something fun, I'll check to see if it's something we can all enjoy, OK?"

"Sounds like a plan," said Maya.

The End

Trivia Edit

  • Maya's ophidiophobia, or fear of snakes, is revealed in this episode

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