Snowy Situation is the first episode of the first season of Chase & The Mystery Bunch.

Summary Edit

While at a ski resort, the gang encounters the ghost of a long-dead prospector known as Jeremiah Pratt.

Monster(s) Edit

Story Edit

One day, the gang was driving to a ski resort for a vacation.

"I can't wait to go skiing," said Chase.

"Neither can I," said Gabi.

Just as they approached the gate to go into the resort, however, they saw a sign that read "Closed" chained to it.

"Oh no," said Chase, "it's closed!"

"That's a shame," said Fico, "and I was really looking forward to shredding those slopes!"

Debbie then notice a piece of paper stapled to one of the gate.

"Wait a minute," said Debbie, "what's this?"

Curious, Debbie went to the paper and read it.

"Due to some reports of suspicious activity, this resort is hereby closed until further notice," Debbie read.

"What kind of suspicious activity," asked Anabella.

"It says that there have been reports of encounters with the ghost of Jeremiah Pratt," Debbie replied.

"Who was Jeremiah Pratt," asked Fico.

"He was a prospector who came to Utah to stake his claim," explained Oto, "And this used to be where his mansion was. It was destroyed in an avalanche in 1892, and it took him with it. Now his ghost takes revenge on the people who built and own this ski resort."

Just then, the resort's owner, a desert rat named Charlie, ran over.

"What are you kids doing here," Charlie demanded, "Can't you read?!"

"We're going to investigate what's going on here," said Debbie, "if that's alright."

"Please say "no", please say "no"," Fico said meekly.

"Fine," said Charlie, "just stay out of my way, alright?"

With that, Charlie opened the gate and went inside the lodge, giving Debbie and her friends the chance to start the investigation.

"Man," said Chase as they went in, "what a grouch!"

Soon, they got inside and started the investigation.

"Alright," said Debbie, "let's split up. Oto, you, Fico, and Chase search the rest of the resort. Me, Gabi, and Anabella will search the lodge. We'll meet back here in in 25 minutes."

"Deal," said Oto.

With that, the search began. The girls started by coming through Charlie's office to see if there was anything that might serve some purpose.

"Find anything yet," asked Debbie.

"Hold on," said Gabi, "I've got something!"

Gabi then pulled out a rolled-up piece of paper.

"What could that be," asked Anabella.

Just then, they heard footsteps approaching.

"Someone's coming," said Debbie, "hide!"

With that, the girls ducked into a closet just as the door closed. Debbie could see Charlie with a female goat coming into the office and looking through the filing cabinet.

"Where is it," asked Charlie.

"I don't know," asked the goat, "I thought you put it in the filing cabinet."

"I checked," said Charlie, "but it's not there."

"I told you to make a copy of it," said the goat, "but you didn't listen."

"What are they talking about," whispered Anabella.

"I don't know," said Debbie, "but I'm sure it may have something to do with whatever it is that Gabi found."

Just then, the two figures left the office.

"Phew," said Anabella, "that was close!"

"Let's get out of here and go find the boys," said Debbie.

Meanwhile, Oto, Fico, and Chase were using a borrowed snowmobile to scour the area for clues. It didn't take long for Oto to find something near the ski jumps.

"Hey," said Oto, "what's that?"

Oto drove the snowmobile over to the jumps and found a sign that read "Gold Claim. No Trespassing!"

"Wow," said Fico, "it looks like someone made a gold claim."

"And there's something else," said Chase, "footprints!"

"Let's follow them," said Oto.

"But what if we see the ghost," Fico asked nervously.

"Relax, will ya," said Chase.

With that, they followed the footprints to a cave.

"This doesn't look good," said Fico, "the ghost's in there, I'm sure of it!"

"I don't think so," said Oto.

"Let's go find out for ourselves," said Chase.

With that, they went inside the cave and found not the ghost, but mining supplies such as picks, shovels, and crates of dynamite.

"Whoa," said Chase, "look at that!"

"Looks like someone's doing some prospecting as well," said Oto.

Just then, they heard a ghostly moan.

"What was that," asked a startled Fico.

They looked and saw the ghost coming toward them.

"Zoinks," yelped Fico, "let's get out of here!"

With that, they jumped onto the snowmobile and sped back to the lodge, where the girls were waiting.

"There you are," said Gabi, "Where were you?"

"We found some drilling equipment in a cave," said Oto.

"And the ghost," said Fico.

"Cool," said Debbie, "Maybe the drilling equipment somehow is related to what Gabi found."

Gabi then unrolled the paper and they saw a map of the ski resort with a red "X" near the ski jumps.

"Wow," said Chase, "it looks like a treasure map!"

"And it looks like it could lead to the fortune of Jeremiah Pratt," said Debbie.

"That might also explain the "gold claim" sign near the ski jumps," said Oto.

"Alright," said Debbie, "we have the motive, we just now need to catch the ghost and solve this mystery."

With that, they went near the ski jumps, where Oto and Fico climbed up on to a jump and got ready with a weight fishing net.

"Now," said Debbie, "here's how the plan will work; Anabella will distract the ghost with her dancing and when I give the signal, Oto and Fico will drop the net."

"Let's do this," said Gabi.

Gabi, Debbie, and Chase then hid behind a bush while Anabella waited for the ghost to come back to the cave with the mining equipment. Eventually, she saw him and gave a whistle.

"Hey, tough guy," said Anabella, "get a load of this!"

Anabella then started dancing in the snow to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy, which the ghost seemed to like. Anabella then looked at Debbie and winked.

"Now," Debbie shouted.

At that moment, Fico and Oto dropped the net on the ghost, covering him instantly.

"Gotcha," said Fico.

Debbie then took the net off.

"And now," said Gabi, "for the unmasking."

Gabi then grabbed the ghost's head and yanked it off, revealing Charlie.

"Charlie," everyone gasped.

"Yeah," said Charlie, "it was me. I've been so obsessed with finding Pratt's fortune that I scared off the guests so that nobody would try and jump my gold claim."

Just then, the goat came out with the rolled-up map.

"I have the map," the goat said.

"Great, Belinda," said Charlie, "let's go!"

Charlie and Belinda started to run towards a snowmobile to make their getaway, but Chase pinned both of them down just as the police car Officer Carlton Nichols, Gabi's father, drove in pulled up.

"Hey, Dad," said Gabi, "look what we've got!"

"Well, well, well," said Officer Nichols, "Charlie Benson."

"Carlton Nichols," said Charlie, "we meet again."

"Wait," said Gabi, "you two know each other?"

"Yup," said Officer Nichols, "Charlie here was in the house for embezzlement. He got let out 2 weeks ago."

"Indeed," said Charlie as he rolled his eyes.

"Though," said Officer Nichols, "just out of curiosity, what exactly did he do?"

Debbie explained everything to Officer Nichols.

"Well," said Officer Nichols, "guess it's off to the slammer for you again, Charlie, same with Belinda."

"And we would've made millions if it weren't for you meddling kids," said Belinda as she and Charlie were loaded into the car.

"I'll see you after your vacation, Gabs," said Officer Nichols.

"Bye, Dad," Gabi called as her dad left.

A few days later, the gang was at Totally 60's, where Debbie's boyfriend, Wally Pickles, worked as assistant manager, reading the newspaper together.

"Hey, look at that," said Debbie, "Juvenile Sleuths Solve Ski Resort Ghost Case!"

"Cool," said Fico, "We're on the front page!"

"That's great, Deb," said Wally as he came out with a tray of milkshakes for the gang.

"A toast," said Debbie, "to a long-lasting legacy of mystery-solving!"

"Here, here," said Chase, Gabi, Fico, Oto, and Anabella in unison.

The friends then clinked their glasses.

"Though," said Oto, "since Charlie and Belinda are behind bars, who's gonna run the resort?"

"Says here that since Jeremiah Pratt's fortune is located on the property," said Debbie, "they're going to give it to his great-great grandson, Henry Will."

"That's jim-cracking dandy," Said Fico.

The friends continued to have their milkshakes and celebrate the solving of their first case.

The End

Notes Edit

  • This is the first episode to feature a character from The Railroad Girl.
  • This is also the first time the culprit had an accomplice.

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