Staci Clemer is a supporting protagonist for The David Cassidy Elementary Kids.

Bio Edit

Full Name: Anastasia "Staci" Kristen Clemer


Also Known As: Stace

Species: Brown Bear

Gender: Female

Birthday: June 24, 2008

Age: 10

Relatives: Jeffery Clemer (father), Dawn Clemer (mother), CJ Brown (best friend and love interest), Apple Bloom Smith (best friend), Sweetie Belle Welles (best friend), Scootaloo Fletcher (best friend)

Hair Color: Light Brown (cream around nose and mouth)

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Black

Appearance Edit

Staci always wears a pink, white, and lavender blouse, denim shorts, pale pink socks, and plum sneakers.

Trivia Edit

  • Staci shares her birthday with English rock guitarist Jeff Beck, best known for being one of the three guitarists to play with English rock group The Yardbirds, the other two being Eric Clapton of Cream and Derek & The Dominoes, and Jimmy Page of Led Zepplin
  • In the spring and summer, she likes to take off her sneakers and go barefoot
  • Her father is the reverend at the same church she, CJ, Russell, Nathan, Alfred, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle go to.
  • She and CJ have been friends ever since kindergarten.