Steve is the lead singer for The Sensations as well as a supporting protagonist for The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls and one of the main protagonists for At Home With Karen.

Bio Edit

Full Name: Steven Michael Burns, Jr.

Also Known As: Junior, Stevie

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Birthday: October 9, 1995

Age: 23

Relatives: Steven Burns, Sr. (father), Olivia Burns (mother), Joe Burns (younger brother), Holly Burns (younger sister), Ruth Burns (paternal grandmother), Blue (pet), Fred Jones (best friend)

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Fair

Notable Instruments: Oriolo Pilot, Fender Jaguar, Gretsch G9460 6-String Banjo, Brian May Red Special, Rickenbacker 381, Ovation Celebrity Standard, Fender Mustang, Gibson SG, Gretsch Irish Falcon

Appearance Edit

Steve always wears a green rugby shirt, khakis, pale green socks, and dark brown shoes.

Trivia Edit

  • Steve shares his birthday with 2 late British musicians: John Lennon of The Beatles and John Entwistle of The Who.
  • He is very fond of bananas as well as guitars
  • On St. Patrick's Day, he wears the same shirt, socks, and shoes, but with green pants instead of his khaki ones, plus a green baseball cap
  • He also owns a 1974 Volkswagen Thing that he inherited from his father on his 18th birthday.
  • He's stated that his first guitar, his Oriolo Pilot, has to be his favorite.

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