~Steve Sr. and Olivia Burns are the tritagonists for Holly & Blue.~

Bio Edit

Full Names: Steven Michael Burns, Sr. and Olivia Patricia Burns (née Winston)

Steve Sr. and Olivia

Also Known As: Mom and Dad

Species: Human

Genders: Male (Steve Sr.) and Female (Olivia)

Birthdays: August 18, 1977 (Steve Sr.) and February 25, 1978 (Olivia)

Ages: 40 (Steve Sr.) and 39 (Olivia)

Relatives: Steve Burns, Jr., Joe Burns (sons), Holly Burns (daughter), Blue (pet)

Hair Colors: Brown (Steve Sr.) and Blonde (Olivia)

Eye Colors: Both Black

Skin Colors: Both Fair

Appearances Edit

Like his eldest son, Steve Sr. wears green, khakis, and dark brown shoes, but only he wears a solid dark green shirt. Olivia wears a pink shirt, a blue-gray skirt, and black shoes.

Trivia Edit

  • Steve Sr. shares his birthday with American actor Christian Slater and Olivia shares her birthday with late Beatles lead guitarist George Harrison. Olivia was born on the late Beatle's 24th birthday
  • Both own the house they live in with their daughter and formerly with their sons before they moved out
  • Steve Sr. owns the family car, which is a 2013 Toyota Highlander that he bought after he handed down his 1974 Volkswagen Thing to his oldest son, Steve Jr.

Gallery Edit

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