~Sticks is a supporting protagonist for The Railroad Girl.~

Bio Edit

Full Name: Melanie "Sticks" Pollyanna Beauregard


Also Known As: Badger Girl

Species: Badger

Birthday: November 29, 2001

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Relatives: Bradley Beauregard (father; status unknown), Marjorie Beauregard (mother; deceased), Wendy Beauregard (stepmother; incarcerated) Unnamed great-aunt (great-aunt)

Hair Color: Orange and Dark Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: Peach

Appearance Edit

Sticks always wears a gray tube-top, matching hairbands, a necklace with various objects, a metal spiral bracelet, a golden bracelet, a gray skirt with auburn rope belt, and an un-matching pair of tan fur boots.

Trivia Edit

  • When Sticks was 7 years old, her mother died of colon cancer, and her stepmother was abusive to her. She would always be hitting her, pounding her, slapping her, etc. Finally, her father had had enough of his daughter being treated like dirt, so he divorced and called the police on the abusive woman.
  • When she was 8 years old, her father was kidnapped by a gang of street thugs, and she has lived alone ever since
  • She has not received word yet if her father is either dead or alive and is always waiting by her mailbox for Percy to bring a letter to her from her father saying he's alive
  • She used to live in the woods until she found herself at home at a newly-constructed beach hut, which she bought with the money she was given when she won first prize in an archery competition, in which she used a homemade bow, which she used to use for hunting, but now uses for archery target practice
  • She shares her birthday with former The Mamas & The Papas member Dennis "Denny" Doherty, who also was known as the narrator for the Canadian children's television show "Theodore Tugboat", in which he played the sole human character, that being The Harbormaster
  • She frequently visits the narrow gauge engines when she's not working at the tropical smoothie shop in which she opened up her own smoothie business called "Sticks' Smoothies"
  • She runs the smoothie shop from her home
  • In the summer, she tends to take off her boots and walk around barefoot so her feet won't get hot and sweat
  • In the winter, she adds a cloak she made from the skin of a bear to her outfit
  • She is a constant target for Sir Handel's prank calls
  • She gets her nickname from how she's skilled at throwing a boomerang
  • Like Caitlin, she is a fan of Brazilian pop singer Felipe Dylon
  • She is also a fan of Swedish pop group ABBA
  • She has a nasty bruise from when her abusive stepmother pounded her in the chest, which is why she never takes off her tube-top unless she's taking a bath
  • Her beach hut is a frequent spot for luaus and 4th of July BBQ parties
  • Since her dad was born in Hawaii, she has learned about Hawaiian culture from him, including food and music
  • She also took video drum lessons from John Tracy, and is now the proud owner of a Ludwig Keystone Power Beat drum kit in and Apple Glass Finish
  • Her hut also has a room that has a floor made entirely out of sand, which Sticks uses as a reading room or to relax and feel the sand between her toes
  • She also owns a Barracuda water bike she got from Kevin and Victor off of Wallapop


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