The April Fool is the eleventh episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


Luan intends on pranking everybody on April Fool's day, but Frank, Joey, and the other Loud girls have other plans.


One day at the Hardy/Loud house, Frank, Joey, and Lori were talking, when they saw Lisa dressed as a ninja.

"All clear", Lisa said.

The other Loud sisters, minus Luan, then went inside.

"Good", Luna said, "now go check the bathroom."

Lisa then snuck away to the bathroom, and then came back a few seconds later.

"Did you see anything freaky in there", Lana asked, "anything at all?"

"No", Lisa said, "but someone forgot to flush."

Everyone was disgusted by this.

"Why are you worried about who's in our bathroom", Joey asked.

"Because tomorrow's April Fool's Day", Lynn said, "it's pretty much a field day for Luan."

"Come on", Joey said, "they're just harmless pranks."

"Luan's pranks are anything but ordinary", Lynn said, "that girl is insane."

"Yeah", Lola said, "she got me and Lana good when we were babies."


One evening, Lola and Lana, who were infants, were sleeping in their crib, when an 8 year old Luan walked over.

"Who's the cutest twins in the world", Luan asked, "you are, yes you are."

Luan then ducked and popped up wearing a werewolf mask, causing Lola and Lana to cry and pee in the air.

"April fools", Luan said.

End Flashback

At Burger Boy Bob's, they were talking about the urinary incident.

"Luan really did that", Joey asked.

"Yeah", Lana said, "she thought it was funny."

"How do you two remember this", Frank asked.

"We saw the video", Lola said, "she posted it on Friend Link."

"Well maybe you should wait and worry about this whole April Fools thing tomorrow, when it's the day", Joey said.

Then, a waitress walked over.

"Who ordered the chili", the waitress asked.

"I did", Luna said.

The waitress sat a bowl of chili in front of Luna and they continued to talk.

"So", Joey said, "what's the worst thing Luan ever did to you girls?"

"Easy", Lori said, "last year, she turned the entire house's floor into ice."

"That is bad", Joey said.

Then, they noticed some people coughing.

"Oh my gosh", the waitress said, "there's something wrong with the chili!"

Suddenly, Luna realized she was eating a bowl of chili.

"Don't eat the chili", the waitress shouted.

Some of the people began to pass out.

"Someone get me water", Luna shouted, "quick!"

Frank gave Luna his glass of water to drink out of.

"Don't drink any water", the waitress shouted, "that will only make it worse!"

Luna spit the water out and began freaking out.

"I ate the chili", Luna shouted, "someone call an ambulance!"

Then, the people stopped freaking out.

"April fools", they shouted.

Then, Luan popped up from behind the counter.

"Gotcha", Luan said.

She then walked over laughing.

"You should've seen the look on your face", Luan said, "I'm Luna Loud, I ate the chili, I ate the chili, someone call an ambulance!"

"Wait", Joey said, "nothing's wrong with the chili?"

"Of course not", Luan said, "these are actors I hired to make the prank seem real."

"But it's not even April Fool's Day yet", Frank said.

"I know", Luan said, "that was just the appetizer, the real fun starts tomorrow."

Luan walked backwards into a shadow laughing evily.

"Uh-oh", Frank, Joey, and the others said.

Later that night, Frank and Joey were getting ready for bed, when Luan walked up behind them.

"Hello", Luan said.

They were shocked to see that Luan had snuck inside their room.

"What are you doing in here", Frank asked.

"I just wanted to ask for you guys' help", Luan said.

"With what", Joey asked.

"I'm goanna pull the ultimate prank on Lana tomorrow", Luan said, "and I need your help."

"Well what if we say no", Frank asked.

"Then you'll get an April Fool's Day surprise of your own", Luan said.

Luan grinned evilly, worrying Frank and Joey.

"So what are we gonna do", Joey asked.

The next morning, they sat down on the couch.

"Ow", a voice said.

They then lifted the couch coushion up and the Loud sisters (minus Luan) climbed out.

"Why are you eight hiding from us in the couch", Frank asked.

"Because it's April Fool's Day", Lori said.

"But Luan hasn't pulled any pranks", Joey said.

"We know", Lynn said, "she's up to something."

"She is", Frank said, "and we have intel on what it is."

"We're listening", Lynn said.

"Well, first off, Luan showed up in our bedroom last night and said she wants to pull the ultimate prank on you", Frank said.

"She asked for our help", Joey said.

"But you told her no, right", Lana asked.

Frank and Joey looked at each other and smiled sheepishly.

"You sold us out", Lana asked.

"No", Frank said, "we're not really helping her."

"We're pretending to help her so we can help you girls not get pranked", Joey said.

"Oh, okay then", Lana said, "what's her plan?"

"It involves a snake", Frank said.

Lana then rushed back into the couch, but Joey pulled her out.

"Here's the plan", Frank said, "Joey and the others are supposed to take you to Burger Boy Bob's for a snack, and I'm going to wait here for Luan to bring the snake."

Lana tried to get in the couch, but Joey stopped her.

"Relax", Frank said, "it's not a real snake, it's just a very real looking fake snake made in Japan."

"Yeah", Joey said, "here's a picture."

Joey then showed her a picture of the fake snake.

"Wow", Lana said, "everything made in Japan is realistic."

"Anyways, Luan's plan is to put the snake in your backpack so it will jump out and hiss at you", Frank said.

"Okay then", Lana said, "how do we turn this around and prank Luan?"

"Well, what's she scared of", Joey asked.

"That's easy", Lana said, "the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog from Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

"Really", Frank asked.

"Yep", Lana said, "when she saw that scene in the movie, she was so scared she had to sleep with Mom and Dad for two months."

"Then that's it", Joey said, "when Luan comes to put the fake snake in your backpack, she'll get a little surprise visit from the Rabbit of Caerbannog."

The other sisters stood up.

"We like it", Luna said.

Later that night, Frank was talking to Luan on the phone.

"Luan will be here soon", Frank said, "Lana, where's your backpack?"

Lana hung he backpack on the rack.

"Right here", Lana said, "and I've set up three cameras for when Luan sees the rabbit."

"What do you need three cameras for", Frank asked.

"One for a wide shot, one for a close-up of her face, and one for her crotch", Lana said, "in case she pees."

Then, Lucy walked in with a puppet of the Rabbit of Caerbannog.

"Perfect", Frank said, "it looks just like the real thing.

Lucy then pulled a string that made it look vicious.

"Maybe a little too real", Frank said.

They then heard the doorbell.

"That's Luan", Frank said, "places everyone!"

Everyone hid, and Frank let Luan in.

"Where's Lana's backpack", Luan asked.

"On the coat rack", Frank said, "did you get the fake snake?"

"Nope", Luan said, "I got a real one!"

She then pulled a real green snake out of a bag.

"A real snake", Frank asked.

"Yep", Luan said, "touch it."

"No way", Frank said.

"Relax", Luan said, "they only bite when they're scared."

Frank touched it, and pulled his hand back quickly.

"It's a Brazilian Pit Cobra", Luan said.

"Are you out of your mind", Frank asked, "what happened to the fake snake?"

"It wasn't going to come until tomorrow", Luan said, "so I had to get this bad boy here from my friend at the reptile house."

"But you said this would be a harmless prank", Frank said.

"Well I changed my mind", Luan said, "now come on."

Frank followed her.

"Lynn might've been right about Luan being insane", Frank said.

Luan then went over to the coat rack, where Lana was watching.

"Okay", Lana whispered, "release the Rabbit of Caerbannog."

The rabbit pupped slid over to Luan and bumped into her leg.

"Hey little guy", Luan said, "where did you come from?"

Then, the puppet made it's scary look.

"Yow", Luan shouted.

This caused the snake to bite Luan in the neck, shocking Lana.

"What's going on", Joey asked.

"That's a real snake", Frank shouted.

Everyone tried to get the snake of Luan, but it was no good.

"Call and ambulance", Frank shouted.

At the hospital, Luan was lying down on a hospital bed, and a doctor was talking to Frank, Joey, and the other Loud sisters.

"Are any of you family members", the doctor asked.

"Yes", Lori said, "the eight of us are her sisters."

"Is she going to be okay", Joey asked.

"I'd like to say yes, but no", the doctor said, "the snake that bit Luan was very poisonous, there's nothing more we can do."

Lana then walked up to Luan.

"We're sorry Luan", Lana said, "we knew you'd freak out when you saw the Rabbit of Caerbannog, but we didn't think you'd scream with a real snake in your hand."

Then, the heart monitor flat-lined, and everyone got together and cried, thinking that Luan was dead.

"Poor Luan", Frank said, "this is all our faults."

As they cried, Luan, who wasn't really dead, woke up.

"Hey, hey, hey", Luan said.

Everyone screamed when they saw that Luan had woken up.

"April fools", Luan said.

She then laughed as the others stood there in shock.

"Come on in guys", Luan said.

Some hospital staff then came inside.

"Good one Luan", the doctor said.

"Wait, that wasn't a real snake", Frank asked.

"No", Luan said, "that was a real Brazilian Pit Cobra, and the bite is just as real."

"Then how come you're not dead", Lana asked.

"Because I've been planning this trick on you guys for a long time", Luan said, "and for the past five months, I've been drinking various Brazilian drinks to build up a resistance, and now I'm immune!"

"Jokes where people die are not funny", Joey said.

"They are if you're the one pulling them", Luan said, "see ya!"

Luan began to walk out the door, but the doctor stopped her.

"Just a moment", the doctor said, "I realize now that you were immune to the snake's poison, but he did bite you, and that could cause a serious infection."

"Infection", Luan asked, "what are you talking about?"

"Nurses", the doctor said.

A nurse passed a needle to the doctor.

"Your butt cheeks please", the doctor said.

Frank, Joey, and the other Loud sisters were delighted to hear that Luan needed a shot.

"It's okay", Luan said, "I don't need a..."

"Hold her down", the doctor said.

The nurses held Luan down and the doctor stuck the needle in Luan's buttocks, which, resulted in her having a painful moment.

"Mommy", Luan said.

"April fools", Frank, Joey, and the other Loud girls said.

"That's not funny", Luan said.

Luan then passed out.

The End


  • This is the first episode to feature Luan as the main antagonist.
  • This is the first time the Loud sisters' parents are mentioned.

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