The Genies' Curse is the seventh episode of the first season of We're Just Kids.


Shimmer and Shine learn a bad word from some graffiti and begin saying it everywhere they go.


One evening at the Aljunni residence, Shimmer and Shine had finished brushing their teeth.

"Well", Shimmer said, "time to go count some sheep."

"Yeah", Shine said, "see you in the A.M. Mom and Dad."

"Just a minute, girls", Mrs. Aljunni said, "do me a favor and take that pile of filth out with you before you go to bed."

Dr. Aljunni held up a full trash bag.

"Mother", Shimmer said.

"Don't talk about your own husband that way", Shine said.

"She meant this pile of filth, you two", Dr. Aljunni said.

"Oh, right", Shimmer said.

So, they went out to the trash can, and they noticed something.

"Look", Shine said, "graffiti."

"Ah, the voices of the people", Shimmer said, "let's take a look."

They then began reading the graffiti.

"Hey, listen to this", Shine said, "anarchy rules."

"What's that mean", Shimmer asked.

"I think it's those little fishies people put on their pizza", Shine said.

"Let me check my pocket dictionary", Shimmer said.

Shimmer then took out a pocket dictionary and turned the pages until she found it.

"Ah, here it is", Shimmer said, "you were thinking of anchovies, anarchy is an act of evil."

"That was awfully convenient", Shine said.

"This episode is focused on us", Shimmer said, "things are goanna roll our way."

"Okay then", Shine said, "let's see what else there is."

Shimmer then saw graffiti with a word she never saw before.

"Huh", Shimmer said, "Iroh is a (goose honk)."

A nearby jogger had heard what Shimmer said and was shocked.

"Do you kiss your mother with that mouth", the jogger asked.

"No", Shimmer said, "maybe?"

The jogger walked away and Shine walked up to Shimmer.

"Hey, Shimmer, what's up", Shine asked.

"I need some help", Shimmer said, "what does this word mean?"

"Iroh", Shine asked, "that's the old Asian man who's the principal of our school."

"Not that word", Shimmer said, "that word."

"Oh, (goose honk)", Shine said, "I think that's one of those sentence enhancers."

"What", Shimmer asked.

"It goes like this", Shine said, "add it to anything you say, and all your sentences sound fancier."

"Alright", Shimmer said, "let's do it."

"Okay", Shine said.

They then began using the word.

"Hello, Shine", Shimmer said, "lovely (goose honk) weather we're having tonight."

"Why, yes", Shine said, "it (goose honk) is."

They then laughed.

"I've never felt more sophisticated in my entire life", Shimmer said.

The next day at school, they went outside for recess.

"Hey, Shine", Shimmer said, "how the (goose honk) are you?"

"Pretty (goose honk) good", Shine said.

Blaze and Nonny heard what they had said and were shocked.

"Did they just say what I think they said", Blaze asked.

"Yes they did", Nonny said.

They then got on the roundabout.

"Wee", Shimmer said, "this is (goose honk) fun!"

"You (goose honk) said it", Shine said.

Deema was on the swing when she heard it, and was shocked.

"I thought this was a playground, not a gunner mouth convention", Deema said.

Blaze, Nonny, and Deema couldn't take it anymore, so they left with all the other kids just as Molly came out.

"That's weird", Molly said, "the playground's empty."

She then walked over to Tracker, who was playing in the sandbox.

"Hey, where is everybody", Molly asked.

"Well", Tracker said, "the genie twins learned a new word, and Shine just said it out loud."

"Oh", Molly asked, "what did they say?"

"Well", Tracker said, "it was..."

He then whispered something in Molly's ear.

"Come again", Molly asked.

Tracker whispered it again, and Molly was shocked.

"Shimmer and Shine", Molly shouted, "get over here!"

They then went over to Molly.

"What gave you two the idea to say stuff like that in elementary school", Molly asked.

"We were just using our sentence enhancers", Shimmer said.

"Yeah", Shine said, "it's fancy talk."

"There's nothing fancy about that word", Molly said.

"You mean (goose honk)", Shimmer asked.

"Yes, that one", Molly said, "now quit saying it, it's a bad word!"

"Bad word", Shimmer and Shine asked.

They then began wiping their tongues.

"Yes", Molly said, "that's bad word number eleven of the thirteen bad words you should never say."

"I thought there were seven", Tracker said.

"That was just a George Carlin routine", Molly said.

"Wow", Shimmer said, "that's a lot of (goose honk) bad words."

"Shimmer, Shine", Molly said, "I want you two to promise me never to use that word ever again."

"We promise", Shimmer and Shine said.

"Good", Molly said, "now let's get to class."

Later that afternoon, Shimmer and Shine were in the gym.

"I sure am glad Molly told us that was a bad word", Shimmer said, "we shouldn't be talking like that."

"Yeah", Shine said, "now, let's play a game."

"Hide and seek", Shimmer asked.

"Is there any other game", Shine asked.

"Great", Shimmer said, "you're it."

"Okay", Shine said.

Shine counted to 10 and Shimmer hid under the bleachers.

"She'll never find me under here", Shimmer said.

But she was wrong, because at that moment, Shine appeared next to her.

"Found you", Shine said.

"Ah (goose honk)", Shimmer said.

Shine was shocked at what happened.

"Ooh", Shine said, "you said number eleven."

"I didn't mean to", Shimmer said, "you gotta understand, Shine."

"Oh, I understand", Shine said.

Then, Shine bolted out the door.

"I'm telling Molly", Shine said.

"Wait, Shine, come back", Shimmer said.

Shimmer then chased after her twin.

"Come on, Shine", Shimmer said, "please don't tell."

"Nope", Shine said, "I'm goanna tell Molly you said (goose honk)."

Shine then covered her mouth, realizing what she said.

"Ah-ha", Shimmer said, "now I have an excuse to tell Molly on you!"

Shine was ahead, but she slipped and fell on the wet floor, and Shimmer passed her.

"See you later", Shimmer said.

Shimmer then found Molly in study hall.

"Molly, Molly, Molly", Shimmer said.

"What, what, what", Molly asked.

"Shine, Shine, Shine", Shimmer said.

"Yes, yes, yes", Molly asked.

"She said, she said, she said", Shimmer said.

"Just get on with it", Molly said.

"Okay", Shimmer said, "we were playing hide and seek, and during the game, Shine said something."

"What was it", Molly asked.

"Well", Shimmer said, "let's just say that this particular word happened to be number eleven in the list of words you said we should never say."

"Uh, I don't follow", Molly said.

Shine then came in with an ice pack on her head.

"Molly, Molly, Molly", Shine said.

"Oh, what now", Molly asked.

Shimmer and Shine then began talking at the same time, and Molly, who was beginning to get annoyed, put her hands over their mouths to shut them up.

"Now, I'm going to take my hands off your mouths", Molly said, "and when I do, I want you to calmly tell me what you need to tell me, understand?"

Shimmer and Shine nodded their heads and Molly released their mouths.

"She said (goose honk)", Shimmer and Shine said.

Molly was shocked.

"Do my ears deceive me", Molly asked, "you two should be ashamed!"

Molly escorted them outside.

"Time to take out the trash", Molly said.

They arrived outside the study hall classroom.

"You two need to be taught a lesson", Molly said, "I thought I made it perfectly clear, never, and I mean never, use number eleven or any of the other thirteen bad words ever, now the both of you wait right here."

Molly left and Shimmer and Shine began to talk.

"I'm sorry, Shine", Shimmer said.

"Me too", Shine said, "Molly was right, there's no need for words like that."

"Yeah", Shimmer said, "we will never let another foul word pass our mouths."

"Yes", Shine said, "we will be good citizens, just like Molly."

Molly then came in with some books.

"Alright, you two", Molly said, "as punishment for fouling up the air with your bad language, you're goanna do all my homework tonight."

Then, Molly bumped her arm on a chair.

"Aagh, my (goose honk) arm", Molly said, "what (goose honk) genius leaves a (goose honk) chair lying around in someone's (school bell) path?!"

Molly continued to rant, with Shimmer and Shine counting, and by the time Molly was done, Shimmer and Shine realized something.

"That's all thirteen", Shimmer said.

"We're goanna tell Mr. Iroh", Shine said.

"No, wait", Molly said.

Shimmer and Shine then ran towards the principal's office, with Molly chasing them.

"No, please don't tell him", Molly said, "I don't think his old heart can take it."

Shimmer and Shine then knocked on the door of the principal's office, and Iroh answered it.

"Why, hello, you three", Iroh said.

Then, all three began talking at the same time, cursing many times, which shocked Iroh.

"Oh, my old heart", Iroh said.

He then fainted.

"We've killed him", Shimmer said.

"Oh, I feel terrible", Shine said.

Shine then took Iroh's wallet from his pocket.

"You two should be ashamed of yourselves", Molly said, "using your sailor talk in front of an old man."

Iroh then woke up.

"You should all be ashamed", Iroh said, "and if you're going to talk like sailors, then you're going to work like sailors."

So, Shimmer, Shine, and Molly spent the afternoon cleaning up the cafeteria.

"Things'll roll our way, huh", Shine asked.

Soon, they were finished.

"Well, it looks like you three learned your lesson", Iroh said.

Iroh then walked away, and stubbed his toe on a table leg.

"Yow", Iroh said, "my (Roger's whistle) foot!"

The others were shocked.

"Mr. Iroh", Molly said.

"What", Iroh asked, "it's just Roger the Red Locomotive."

Roger went through a railroad crossing and blew his whistle.

"Hello, you four", Roger said.

Shimmer, Shine, Molly, and Iroh then laughed.

The End


  • The 4th wall is broken twice in this episode, once when Shimmer tells Shine that things will roll their way since the episode is focused on them, and again when they are in detention with Molly, and Shine sarcastically comments on what Shimmer said earlier on in the episode.