The Great Friend Find is the fifteenth episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


When Joey goes out of town, Lori becomes depressed, so Lola and Lana use an online website to find the perfect friend for Lori.


One day, Frank was strumming on his Fender CJ290-SCE, when Lori walked by wearing a pair of gray sweatpants.

"Hey, Lori", Frank said, "nice sweatpants."

"Thanks", Lori said, "I've been wearing them since yesterday."

"Okay", Frank said.

Lori then walked away, and Lola and Lana walked over.

"What's wrong with her", Frank asked.

"Joey took Lynn to a basketball tournament", Lana said, "Lori hasn't been doing well without him."

"That's terrible", Joey said.

"I know, right", Lola said.

"Something must be done", Frank said.

"But what", Lola asked, "no one is closer to her than Joey is."

Then something came to Frank.

"I've got an idea", Frank said.

Frank grabbed his laptop and went over to them.

"There's a site that matches up friends", Frank said, "just type in things about them and post it."

They went to the site.

"First question", Frank said, "what is the quality of her car?"

"Used", Lana said.

Frank typed it in.

"Next question", Frank said, "what pet would she adopt?"

"She's a dog person", Lana said.

Frank typed it in.

"Last question", Frank said, "what's her favorite food?"

"She likes sushi", Lana said.

Frank typed it in and submitted it.

"There", Frank said, "now all we have to do is wait for the results."

Later that day, Frank, Lola, and Lana were sitting in the living room reading, when they heard the doorbell.

"I'll get it", Frank said.

Frank answered the door and saw that it was Joe's girlfriend, a Hispanic girl named Aviva Corcovado.

"Hi", Aviva said.

"What can I do for you", Frank asked.

"I was matched up with someone who lives here", Aviva said, "her name is Lori Loud."

Frank suddenly realized that she was Lori's match.

"Lori", Frank called.

Lori went downstairs and saw Aviva at the door.

"I found you someone to hang out with while Joey's gone", Frank said.

"Hi", Lori said, "you must be Aviva, Joe's girlfriend."

"Yes", Aviva said, "that Chevrolet Suburban of yours looks used."

"It is", Lori said, "I originally had a sports coupe, but the paint got messed up."

"Interesting", Aviva said, "I own a used 4x4 '85 Toyota Hilux."

"Nice", Lori said, "do you like dogs?"

"Yes", Aviva said, "I have a Dalmatian puppy as a pet."

"You two have a lot in common", Frank said, "you should totally hit it off at..."

"A sushi restaurant", Lori and Aviva said.

As they walked outside, Frank went over to Lola and Lana.

"I think it worked", Frank said, "now she'll forget Joey even left."

Later that night, Lori walked inside the house.

"That was awesome", Lori said, "we had the best night ever."

"We're happy for you", Lola said.

Lola and Lana went upstairs and went to bed.

"I think it worked", Lana said, "we found Lori the perfect friend."

The next morning, Lori was working on breakfast, when Lola and Lana came downstairs.

"Morning girls", Lori said.

"Morning", Lola and Lana said.

Lola reached out to get a piece of mushroom, but Lori slapped her in the hand.

"Don't eat the toppings", Lori said.

"What toppings", Lana asked.

"What you see on this cutting board are toppings for omelets", Lori said, "Aviva's having breakfast with us."

"Do we have to have some", Lola asked.

"Yes", Lori said.

Lola and Lana were heavily disappointed by this.

"But we don't even like eggs", Lana said.

"Too bad", Lori said.

Later at breakfast, Aviva was eating with the others.

"This is quite tasty", Aviva said.

Leni enjoyed her omelet, but the others did not.

"What are the chances that they both like omelets", Lana asked.

"Apparently very high", Lisa said.

Later that day, Lucy came downstairs to watch The Munsters on TV, but saw that Lori and Aviva were watching Bones.

"When will you two be done", Lucy asked.

"Who knows", Lori said, "it's a marathon."

Lucy sighed and walked away, while Lola and Lana looked on.

"I'm sure no TV for a while is no big deal", Lana said.

Later on, Lori had pulled out a seat for Aviva, and when she (Aviva) sat down, she farted, and some brown stuff squirted out.

"Oh", Aviva said, "this is so embarrassing."

Lori then noticed that Aviva had sat on a whoopee cushion filled with chocolate pudding, which was planted by Luan.

"Aww come on, Lori", Luan said, "don't be such a party pooper."

Luan laughed at her pun, angering Lori.

"Luan, I think it's time to put the whoopee cushion to rest", Lori said, "until 2020."

Luan was upset about being punished.

"Go read a book", Lori said.

As Luan stormed upstairs, Lola and Lana looked at each other.

"Nobody liked Luan's practical jokes anyway, right", Lana asked.

Later, they saw Lori setting up a bed for Leni and Luna on the couch downstairs.

"This is so unfair", Luna said, "you can't make us sleep on the couch just so you can use our bedroom for your and Aviva's sleepover."

"Sorry", Lori said, "my new friend deserves the best."

Lola and Lana saw what Lori was doing.

"It's official", Lola said, "we've created a monster."

Later that night, Frank heard a knock on his door, and saw Lola and Lana.

"Kitchen, now", Lola said.

"What's going on", Frank asked.

"No questions", Lana said, "just get in the kitchen."

Frank went with them into the kitchen.

"Okay", Lola said, "we need to do something about Lori's new friend."

"What's the problem", Frank asked.

"She denied Lucy the TV, grounded Luan a little too harshly, and kicked Leni and Luna out of their own bedroom just because she and Aviva wanted to sleep in the same room", Lola said.

"Plus she made us eat omelets", Frank said, "she knows I'm on an egg-free diet."

"We need to do something before it goes any farther than it already has", Lana said.

"And I know just what to do", Lola said, "we find something Aviva hates, say that Lori likes it, they'll get in a fight, and the friendship is over."

"I don't think that's right", Frank said, "she's Lori's first real friend, she deserves to be let down easy."

"Okay", Lola said, "what do you have in mind?"

"Simple", Frank said, "Aviva's the leader of a local hunting group."

"Perfect", Lola said, "Lori doesn't like the outdoors."

"No", Frank said, "I meant we tell her that Aviva has other friends that she's close to and wants to make time for them, surely Lori can understand that."

"Fine", Lola said, "we'll do it the softie way."

The next morning, Frank and the twins went outside to the front porch and saw Lori sitting on a chair.

"Hey Lori", Frank said, "what's wrong?"

"Aviva left me to go on a date with Joe", Lori said, "she said that she's glad to have me as a friend, but she wants to have time for her love life."

Frank and the twins looked at each other.

"I understood", Lori said, "but now I feel upset."

Frank sat down next to her.

"You're not alone", Frank said, "you've got us."

"Yeah", Lola said, "we're family."

Lori felt better.

"Come on", Lori said, "let's have something we all love for breakfast."

Inside, Lori and the others were eating pumpkin muffins for breakfast, when Frank walked in.

"Good news", Frank said, "I just got off the phone with Joey, and he told me that the basketball tournament is over, and that he's on his way back."

Lori then felt happy knowing that her boyfriend was coming back.

The End


  • Joey and Lynn are absent in this episode.
  • Innuendo: Luan's prank on Aviva was meant to make it look like the latter pooped herself.

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