The Hand That Rocks The Piper is the sixth episode of the first season of Bailey's World.


Piper becomes jealous when Henry begins hanging out with Luna more, and decides to break them up by sabotaging their date at a fancy restaurant.


One day, Piper saw Henry combing his hair in the bathroom.

"Hey, Henry," said Piper.

"Hey, sis," said Henry, "what's up?"

"Not much," said Piper, "I just wanted to know if you'd like to play some checkers."

"I'd love to," said Henry, "but I'm going to the movies with Luna, and I don't want to keep her waiting."

"Oh," said Piper, "alright."

Just then, the two heard the voice of their father, Jake.

"Henry," Jake called, "Frank and Luna are here to pick you up!"

"Alright," Henry called back, "I'll be right there!"

Henry finished his hair and raced down to the lobby, where outside, he saw his girlfriend, Luna Loud, and his friend Frank Hardy in the 1978 AMC Pacer that Frank shared with his brother Joey.

"Ready, Henry," asked Luna.

"Yup," said Henry, "let's hit the road!"

With that, they pulled out of the parking lot while Piper watched from a window.

"I wish had someone like that Luna chick to hang out with," Piper thought.

That afternoon, Henry arrived home.

"I'm home," Henry called.

"Hey, bro," said Piper, "how was the movie?"

"It was great," said Henry, "I can't wait until it comes out on DVD!"

"What movie did you see," asked Piper.

"The new Pirates Of the Caribbean," said Henry.

"Nice," said Piper, "Hey, wanna go shoot some hoops tomorrow?"

"Wish I could," said Henry, "But Luna invited me over to her place for dinner."

"Oh," said Piper, "can I come too?"

"Sure," said Henry, "just let me ask Luna."

"Alright," said Piper.

With that, Henry texted Luna to see if it was alright if Piper joined him when he came over for lunch. Soon enough, she said it was alright.

"Alright," said Henry, "it's affirmative!"

"Great," said Piper.

Later that evening, Piper thought to herself as she was getting ready for bed.

"Perfect," Piper thought, "as far as I'm concerned, one of Luna's sisters is an expert prankster, so she's the right one to help me."

The next evening, Luna, Piper, and Henry were at the Hardy/Loud residence having dinner, which was prime rib.

"Yum," said Piper, "this is the best prime rib I've ever had."

"I'm glad you like it," said Joey.

Soon, Luan, the Loud family's resident prankster, had finished her plate.

"May I be excused," asked Luan.

"You sure you don't want anymore," asked Joey, "there's plenty left for seconds."

"No thanks," said Luan, "I wanna save room for dessert." 

"If you say so," said Joey, "but in case you do want more, don't hesitate to come and get some."

Luan got out of her seat and went upstairs to her and Lynn's room just as Piper had finished her plate.

"May I be excused too," asked Piper.

"Uh, sure," said Joey, "I guess so."

But Joey could tell something fishy was going on. Nevertheless, Piper went upstairs to Luan's room, where she found her looking at a joke book.

"Hey, Luan," said Piper.

"Oh, hey," said Luan, "you must be Henry's sister, Piper."

"Indeed I am," said Piper, "anyways, I need your help."

"With what," asked Luan.

"You see," said Piper, "I feel that Henry likes hanging out with Luna more than me. He used to hang out with me a lot when we were kids. But now that he's hanging out with Luna, I feel like it's changed."

"And what do you want me to do about it," asked Luan.

"Well," said Piper, "do you know if Luna's doing something with Henry later?"

"Yeah," said Luan, "they're going out to dinner at some French restaurant that opened up last week called "C'est Bon". Why did you ask?"

"Because," said Piper, "I want to sabotage their date. And I want to borrow some of your prank equipment."

"Take as much as you want," said Luan, "I've got plenty."

With that, Piper grabbed a cheese grater, a chili pepper, and a whoopee coushin.

"Thanks," said Piper as she left.

As Piper and Henry walked home, Piper thought to herself.

"Henry George Hart," Piper thought to herself, "you're going to pay for betraying me." 

Soon, the day of Henry and Luna's dinner date had arrived. Lori dropped Henry and Luna at the restaurant. 

"Have fun, you two," said Lori as she left. 

"We will," said Henry. 

Henry and Luna went into the restaurant and took their seats. But unbeknown to them, Piper had stowed away in the trunk of Lori's 2000 Chevrolet Suburban, and had stood by the door, and she stuck her foot out as Henry and Luna entered, causing Luna to trip and fall, but Henry caught her. 

"Are you alright, Luna," asked Henry as he helped Luna up. 

"I'll be fine," said Luna as she dusted herself off, "I guess I'm not used to walking in high-heels yet." 

"Yeah, probably," said Henry. 

The two laughed as they made their way to their table while Piper looked on evilly.  

"This is where the fun begins," Piper said to herself. 

Unknown to Luna and Henry, Piper had also placed the whoopee cushion on Luna's chair, so when she (Luna) sat down, a loud fart noise was heard, which caused some other patrons to look at them awkwardly. 

"Excuse us," said Henry, "Sorry." 

Henry and Luna then sat down. Soon enough, a waiter arrived. 

"Bonsoir," said the waiter, "and welcome to C'est Bon! Might I start you two off with something to drink?" 

"I think we'll have two Shirley Temples, please," said Henry. 

"Alright," said the waiter. 

While Henry and Luna waited for the waiter to come back with their drinks, they looked at the menus. 

"So," said Henry, "what would you like, Luna?" 

"I think," said Luna, "I'm gonna get some steak-frites. And you?" 

"I think I'm gonna get the same," said Henry. 

Soon enough, the waiter arrived with the Shirley Temples and set them on the table. 

"So," said the waiter, "have you decided what you'd like?" 

"We'll have two orders of steak-frites, please," said Henry. 

"Alright," said the waiter, "and how would you like your meat cooked?" 

"Medium well," said Luna. 

"Alright," said the waiter, "I'll be back later with your meals." 

The waiter collected the menus and left. Some time later, the meals were ready, but Piper had managed to sneak into the kitchen and grated the chili peppers onto Luna's steak. 

"This is gonna be the best prank ever," Piper thought. 

Piper then got out her phone and hid behind a potted plant while she recorded her prank. At their table, Luna and Henry were eating their dinner when Luna stopped eating for a bit. 

"Luna," asked Henry, "are you alright?" 

"This meat tastes a little funny for some reason," said Luna. 

"Maybe the chef put in too much pepper," said Henry. 

"Maybe," said Luna. 

The two lovebirds giggled and resumed eating. However, as Luna finished her meal, something went terribly wrong. Her face started becoming as red as a beet. 

"Luna," gasped Henry, "what's wrong?" 

"I feel funny," said Luna, "like my mouth's on fire!" 

Luna grabbed her cup, but saw it was empty. 

"Oh no," said Luna, "I need a drink!" 

Luna then started to run across the restaurant, demanding a drink of water. 

"Water," Luna yelled, "water!" 

However, the only thing Luna got was that all the other patrons began to laugh. 

"Stop," said Luna as tears pooled in her eyes, "this is not funny!" 

"Seriously," said Henry, "stop it!" 

But nobody listened. They just kept laughing, which caused Luna to run outside the restaurant, crying hysterically. 

"Luna," called Henry, "wait!" 

Henry raced after Luna, Piper following.  

"This should teach him," Piper said to herself. 

Just then, the screen on Piper's phone went black. 

"Shoot," said Piper, "I forgot to charge this thing before!" 

Meanwhile, back at the Hardy/Loud residence, Frank, Joey, and Lori were washing the dishes after dinner. 

"So," said Lori, "how do you think Henry and Luna are doing?" 

"I don't know," said Frank, "let's call them." 

Meanwhile, Henry had caught up with Luna, who was sitting on a bench next to a newspaper kiosk outside a local deli, crying into her hands. 

"Oh, Luna," said Henry. 

Henry then hugged Luna and rubbed her back while she cried into his chest. 

"There there," said Henry, "it's okay." 

"No it's not," Luna cried, "I was really hoping to have a good time with you! But now it's ruined!" 

Just then, Henry heard his cell phone ringing. 

"Hello," said Henry as he answered. 

"Hey, Henry," said Joey, "it's me." 

"Oh, hey, Joey," said Henry, "what's up?" 

"Not much," said Joey, "I just wanted to make sure how your date is going." 

Just then, Joey heard Luna crying in the background. 

"What happened," asked Joey, "why is Luna crying?" 

"Well," said Henry, "long story short, our date didn't end so pleasantly." 

"Uh oh," said Joey, "want me to come pick you up?" 

"Yes, please," said Henry, "We're outside the deli." 

"Alright," said Joey, "I'm on my way." 

"Alright," said Henry, "see ya." 

Henry then hung up and continued to comfort Luna. Piper, who was watching behind the kiosk, was shocked at what she was seeing. 

"What have I done," Piper thought, "this isn't how I wanted it to turn out!" 

Soon enough, Joey arrived in the Pacer.  

"Here," said Joey as Henry and Luna got inside, "dry your eyes." 

Joey handed Luna a packet of Kleenex tissues. 

"Thanks," said Luna as she blew her nose and wiped her eyes. 

However, just as Joey was about to pull out, he saw Piper approaching the car with a guilty look on her face. 

"Hey, Henry" said Joey, "your sister looks kind of glum." 

Curious, Joey, Henry, and Luna got out. 

"What's the matter sis," asked Henry. 

"I have something to tell you," said Piper. 

"What is it," asked Henry. 

"Well," gulped Piper, "I'm the one who tripped Luna, put the whoopee cushion on her chair, and put ghost peppers in her dinner." 

Henry and Luna were shocked and angry at the same time. 

"Why did you do that," snapped Henry. 

"I thought that by sabotaging your date, I would cause you two to not wanting to see each other again," said Piper, "then you would want to be with me more." 

"That was very mean," said Henry, "boy, I'm really gonna tell Mom and Dad now!" 

Joey then got out his phone and called Jake and Mrs. Hart, whose name was Siren, to tell them what had happened, and soon enough, a 1982 Chevrolet Malibu pulled up, and out came an angry Jake and Siren. 

"Piper Eloise Hart," said Jake, "we're very disappointed in you." 

"You know you can't leave the apartment without permission," said Siren, "we were about to call the police and report you missing!" 

"Yeah," said Piper, "I know. I'm sorry." 

"Because of this," said Jake, "you're grounded for 2 weeks. Also, no phone or computer for 2 weeks." 

"Now," said Siren, "apologize to your brother and Luna and get in the car." 

"Alright," said Piper, "I'm really sorry, you two. Of course, I'm not the only one who should apologize. I had help from Luna's sister Luan." 

"I knew it," said Joey, "I knew she had something to do with this!" 

"Boy," said Luna, "is she gonna be sorry when I'm through with her!" 

"Mom," asked Henry, "I kinda wanna join Luna and Joey when they go home, if that's fine." 

"If it's alright with Joey," said Jake, "it's alright with me and your mother." 

"I'm sure Frank and Lori won't mind," said Joey, "besides, anyone who's a friend of Luna's is a friend of mine." 

Soon, Joey, Luna, and Henry arrived at the Hardy/Loud residence, where they went inside and sat down on the couch. 

"So," asked Frank, "What happened?" 

"Piper and Luan teamed up to sabotage our date," said Luna. 

Henry then told Frank about the pranks Luan had helped Piper pull. This in turn, caused Frank to become angry, and he marched to the foot of the stairs. 

"Luan Whitney Loud," Frank yelled, "get down here right now!

Luan did as she was told. 

"Yes, Frank," said Luan, "what is it?" 

"You have some explaining to do," said Frank. 

Frank then escorted Luan to where Joey, Luna, Henry, and Lori were sitting. 

"Luan," said Joey, "explain yourself." 

"Alright," said Luan, "I admit, I loaned Piper a chili pepper, a cheese grater, and a whoopee cushion for her to use to sabotage Luna and Henry's date." 

"You should be ashamed of yourself," said Joey. 

"Yeah," said Luna, "you should." 

"Luna," said Lori, "please stay out of this." 

"Alright," said Luna. 

"Come on," said Henry, "let's you and me go sit down on the porch." 

"Alright," said Luna. 

With that, Luna and her boyfriend sat down on the porch swing while inside, Frank, Joey, and Lori dealt with Luan. 

"What you did was very wrong," said Lori. 

"I know," said Luan sadly. 

"Now," said Joey, "go outside, apologize to your sister and Henry, then go to bed." 

"And you're grounded for the rest of the week," said Frank. 

"Yes, sirs," said Luan. 

With that, Luan apologized to Henry and Luna, then went to bed. Once they knew Luan had been dealt with, Henry and Luna went back inside, where they watched The Muppet Show on TV. 

"I'm really sorry about this," said Frank. 

"It's alright," said Henry. 

"I really hope there's some way we can help," said Lori. 

"Actually," said Frank, "There is." 

Frank went downstairs and came back a few minutes later with a pan. 

"We had roast beef and potato wedges for dinner," said Frank, "the last is for you two lovebirds if you want it." 

"Gee," said Henry, "Thanks!" 

While Henry and Luna dined, they heard someone coming down the stairs. 

"That better not be you, Luan," said Frank. 

"It's not," said a voice. 

When Frank, Joey, and Lori looked, they saw Lana standing at the foot of the stairs, in her pajamas and holding a teddy bear, and she was rubbing her hand against her eyes, which looked red. It was obvious she had been crying. 

"Lana," asked Joey, "what are you doing out of bed?" 

"I heard Frankie yell and it scared me," said Lana. 

"Oh, sweetie," said Frank, opening his arms, "come here." 

Lana climbed onto Frank's lap, and the elder Hardy brother hugged her. 

"I'm sorry I yelled," said Frank, "but Luan did something very mean." 

"What now," asked Lana. 

"It's a long story," said Henry. 

"Yeah," said Luna, "very long." 

Everyone had to laugh, then Frank saw Lana sleeping in his arms, so he carried her back to bed. After Henry and Luna had finished, Jake came to pick Henry up and take him home.  

"See you in school on Monday," said Henry. 

"Same," said Luna. 

The End

Notes Edit

  • Bailey, Jonny, Freddie, Dice, and Hudson are absent in this episode.
  • On their dinner date, Luna and Henry wear the same outfits they wore in the previous episode, Home Come With Me.