The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls

The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls is a series focusing on the everyday lives of Frank and Joey the Hardy brothers and their friends, the Loud Sisters.


Characters Introduced In Season 2Edit

Main CastEdit


Season 1Edit

  1. A Sensational Night
  2. The New Minibus
  3. Lacy Lana
  4. Meet The Parents
  5. Luan Did It!
  6. A Very Hardy Boys And Loud Girls Christmas With Chuggie
  7. Goodbye Gurley
  8. Luna's Long Hair
  9. Lori's New Car
  10. Joey's Birthday Bash
  11. The April Fool
  12. Lana The Lost
  13. Grandpa Albert
  14. Keytar Craze
  15. The Great Friend Find
  16. Lori's Mission
  17. Lynn & The Bailey Boys
  18. Leni's Art Show
  19. Adios, Luna Loud
  20. Itchy Lana
  21. Leni's Instructor
  22. Breaking Lori

Season 2Edit

  1. There's No Dad Like Our Dad
  2. A Hardy Boys & Loud Girls Father's Day
  3. Lucy's New Teacher
  4. Higher And Higher
  5. Lynn Sr. Meets The Bailey Boys
  6. Loud & Hardy
  7. Sensational Sister
  8. Lucy's New Friend
  9. Off The Road
  10. Meet Aunt Gertrude
  11. Lana Of The West
  12. Story Cubes
  13. Luna's College Party Halloween
  14. The New Mailbox