The Piano Dreamer

The Piano Dreamer is the first special of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


Lynn gets hurt during a soccer game, and the surgery costs 32,164 dollars, so she, Lori, and Joey journey to New York City to compete in a piano tournament to win the prize money.


Chapter 1Edit

It was a beautiful day in Starlet City, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and soccer tryouts were going on at the middle school.

"Come on, Lynn", Frank said.

Lynn was hoping she could make the soccer team.

"Alright, Loud", the coach said, "show me what you can do."

Jonny and his friends were in the bleachers too, filming it.

"Make sure you get all of this, Freddie", Jonny said, "we might be able to put it on the channel."

Lynn did a few zigzag maneuvers, and kicked the ball into the goal.

"Good work", the coach said, "I can almost definitely guarantee you a spot on the team."

Next up was Diamond Tiara, a girl in Lynn, Bailey, Jonny, and Dice's class who was the daughter of the local bank owner, Filthy Rich.

"Rich", the coach said, "you're next."

"Watch this", Diamond Tiara said, "I'll do this better than that Lunatic Lynn."

Diamond Tiara ran forward, kicking the ball, and tried to kick it into the net, but the goalie caught it.

"You're supposed to move in all directions, not just in a straight line", the coach said, "sorry, but you didn't make the team."

Diamond Tiara then got upset and walked over to where Lynn was.

"Cheer up", Lynn said, "at least you tried."

"That experience was humiliating", Diamond Tiara said.

"Humiliating may be a little exaggeration", Lynn said.

"Is it", Diamond Tiara asked.

She then tripped Lynn over and stepped on her (Lynn's) right shin, and began crushing it as if she was crushing a bug.

"Stop", Lynn said, "you're hurting me!"

"I know", Diamond Tiara said.

She then stopped and walked away, while everyone in the bleachers surrounded her.

"Stand back", Johnny said, "she's hurt real bad."

He then ripped off his sleeve and wrapped it around Lynn's leg.

"Don't worry, Lynn", Jonny said, "help is on the way."

Then, some paramedics came and carried Lynn away.

"We better go to the hospital", Frank said.

"Right, Lori said, "Leni, take the others home."

Lori handed Leni the keys to the former's Chevrolet Suburban.

"You can count on me", Leni said.

"Can Lola and I come with you", Lana asked.

"Uh, okay", Lori said.

"To the pacer", Joey said.

They then ran over to the parking lot.

"I love it when he says that", Frank said.

Chapter 2Edit

At the hospital, Frank, Joey, Lori, and the twins arrived.

"Alright, girls", Lori said, "wait here and stay out of trouble."

As the trio walked away, Lola and Lana saw a claw machine.

"You thinking what I'm thinking", Lana asked.

Lola held up a few one dollar bills.

"Totally", Lola said.

Frank, Joey, and Lori talked to the lady at the desk.

"Hi", Frank said, "we're looking for Lynn Loud."

"Straight down that hall and on the right", the lady said.

The trio then went down the hall and found Lynn in a medical bed, with her leg in a cast and being held up.

"Hey, guys", Lynn said.

"Hey", Joey said, "how's it going?"

"Not well", Lynn said, "the doctor will be here any minute with the results."

Then, the doctor came inside.

"Alright", the doctor said, "I have the results, and boy are they serious."

"What are they", Lori asked.

The doctor then held up a picture of a dead bug.

"This is a bug that was killed by getting stepped on", the doctor said.

"So", Frank asked.

"So, that is what the inside of her leg looks like", the doctor said.

Lynn then became worried.

"Can it be fixed", Joey asked.

"Yes", the doctor said, "but it's goanna cost you."

"How much", Joey asked.

"32,164 dollars", the doctor said.

The others were shocked.

"What if we can't pay for it", Lori asked.

"Then she may never be able to walk again", the doctor said.

Lynn then became upset.

"If you could give me your adress, we'll drop her off at your house this evening", the doctor said.

"Why can't we take her home", Lori asked.

"Because she's going in a wheelchair", the doctor said, "so we'll drop her off tonight."

Frank wrote down their address on a scrap of paper and gave it to him.

"Thanks", the doctor said.

Then, Lana walked over.

"Lana", Joey said, "why aren't you waiting in the lobby?"

"I'll tell you on the way", Lana said.

They then walked down the hall.

"So we were playing with the claw machine, and Lola saw this stuffed puppy she wanted, and next thing you know, the craziest thing happens", Lana said.

They then saw that Lola was stuck in the claw machine.

"How did you get in there", Frank asked.

"It's a long story", Lola said.

Chapter 3Edit

Later that night, Frank, Joey, Lori and the twins were driving home.

"Poor Lynn", Frank said.

"She must be miserable", Joey said.

"Yeah", Lori said, "today is a really disappointing day."

"Not for me", Lola said, "they let me take the stuffed dog out with me when I got out of that claw machine."

They arrived home and saw a white van parked at their house.

"That must be the hospital people dropping off Lynn", Frank said.

Lynn was unloaded from the van via a platform for wheelchairs, and a paramedic wheeled her up to the front door as the Pacer drove into the driveway.

"She's alright", the paramedic said.

"Thanks", Frank said.

The van drove away, and Frank, Joey, Lori, and the twins walked over to her.

"How you doing", Joey asked.

"Not good", Lynn said, "I don't like this."

"I'm sorry to hear that", Joey said, "but I don't know what we can do."

They went inside and saw Leni and the others watching The Thundermans on TV.

"So, how'd it go", Leni asked.

"Lynn's injury is really serious", Frank said, "it costs a lot of money to get it fixed."

"How much", Leni asked.

"32,164 dollars", Frank said.

The others were shocked.

"We have no way to pay it", Joey said.

Lynn then became depressed.

"How about you watch some TV with us", Luna said.

"Thanks anyways", Lynn said, "I think I'll just eat dinner and go to bed."

"Alright", Leni said, "there's some lasagna you can re-heat."

Lynn heated up the lasagna and began eating, when she saw a commercial."

"It's piano season again", the TV voice said, "the second annual grand national piano tournament is coming, with a chance to win 35,000 dollars, so tune in this Sunday at twelve, only on ABC."

Lynn was surprised at what she heard.

"35,000 dollars", Lynn asked.

"That can pay off the surgery", Frank said.

"You're right", Joey said, "and we'll have money left over."

Then, Lynn got an idea.

"I play the keytar really well in Luna's band", Lynn said, "maybe I could enter and win the prize money."

"I don't know", Lori said, "it costs a lot of money to send us all to New York on such short notice."

"I could stay behind with the rest of the girls", Frank said, "then you and Joey could accompany Lynn to New York."

"We'd be helping her get back on two feet again", Joey said.

"It's decided", Lori said, "we leave as soon as we can."

Everyone cheered.

"I'll order the tickets", Lori said.

"I'll begin packing", Joey said.

"And I'll get some rest", Lynn said.

Lynn wheeled over to go to her and Luan's bedroom, but remembered that it was upstairs.

"Aw crud", Lynn said.

"You can crash with me tonight", Lori said.

"Thanks", Lynn said.

Lori wheeled Lynn into her bedroom.

Chapter 4Edit

The next morning, Joey, Lori, and Lynn were waiting for the van to pick them up and take them to the airport.

"I really hope I get in", Lynn said.

"We do too", Lori said.

Then, a black Mercedes van pulled up.

"Well", Lynn said, "time to go."

The driver helped with the luggage and loaded Lynn into the van with a platform like the one on the hospital van, and Lori and Joey entered the van.

"So long", Joey said.

"We'll be back by Monday", Lori said.

The van then drove away, and Frank and the other Loud sisters went inside.

"Alright", Frank said, "we've got twenty minutes to set up."

At the airport, Joey, Lori, and Lynn were heading down to their terminal.

"There it is", Lori said, "gate C."

They sat in the area for people in wheelchairs.

"Hey, Joey", Lynn said, "could you get me a chocolate bar from the vending machine?"

"Sure", Joey said.

Joey walked to the vending machine and Lynn pulled out her Todd Gurley plush.

"You're coming with me to New York, Todd", Lynn said, "it felt criminal to just leave you at the house."

Then, Joey came back with the chocolate bar.

"Here you are", Joey said.

"Thanks", Lynn said.

Lynn ate the chocolate bar and a stewardess spoke.

"Attention passengers", the stewardess said, "the flight to New York will be boarding now."

People began getting up, and Joey and Lori walked over with Lynn.

"Tickets, please", the stewardess said.

They handed her their tickets and she scanned them.

"Enjoy the flight", the stewardess said.

They wheeled Lynn over to a handicapped seat and put her in.

"Now, we'll be two rows away if you need us", Joey said.

"Got it", Lynn said.

Then, the plane took off, and Lynn spoke to her Todd Gurley plush.

"We're on our way, Todd", Lynn said.

Chapter 5Edit

The flight lasted for a few hours, and soon, a flight attendant spoke.

"Attention passengers", the flight attendant said, "we will be beginning our descent into New York City shortly, please fasten your seatbelts."

The plane then landed on the runway and Joey and Lori got unbuckled.

"Well", Joey said, "here we are, New York city."

Joey and Lori helped Lynn into her wheelchair and they left the plane to the baggage claim.

"Alright", Joey said, "let's get our bags and find a hotel."

They got their bags and left, but Joey quickly bought a frozen pepperoni pizza from a nearby airport store.

"Just in case there's not someplace good to eat", Joey said.

They then went outside and tried to call a taxi.

"Taxi", Joey called.

"Hey, Taxi", Lori shouted, "we need a cab!"

But every taxi just drove past them.

"Yeesh", Lori said, "is it really that hard to catch a cab in this town?"

"That's New York for ya", Joey said.

"I guess we're just goanna have to walk to the hotel", Lori said.

They walked all over town (except Lynn, who was pushed by Joey) and found a hotel.

"Here we are", Lori said.

They walked inside and the manager greeted them.

"Hello", the concierge said, "what can I do for you?"

"We'd like a room for three people", Lori said.

The concierge then noticed Lynn in her wheelchair.

"Oh my", the concierge said, "I think you better take a room on the bottom floor."

"Okay", Lori said, "thanks."

They walked down a hall and entered a room.

"Here we are", Lori said, "Joey, you get a bed to yourself, Lynn and I will share one."

"Sounds like a plan", Joey said.

Lynn then looked outside.

"It's getting late", Lynn said, "we better eat dinner and get to bed."

"Good thing I bought this", Joey said.

He heated up the pizza in the microwave and they had it for dinner.

"Not bad for a frozen pizza", Lynn said.

"Now", Joey said, "let's get ready for bed."

The three put on their pajamas, brushed their teeth, and went to bed, and Lynn spoke to her Todd Gurley plush.

"This is it, Todd", Lynn said, "tomorrow, it's hero time."

Chapter 6Edit

Then next day, Joey, Lori, and Lynn went to the studio where the competition was to be held.

"Alright", Joey said, "last minute sign-ups are today, so we just need to get an audition."

"I hope this works", Lynn said.

They entered the studio and saw the producer.

"Hello", the producer said, "and welcome, who are you?"

"I'm Lynn Loud", Lynn said.

"Well", the producer said, "you are one of two last-minute contenders, and you'll be going first."

"Thanks", Lynn said.

Joey wheeled Lynn over to a piano and she played "Count On Me" by Bruno Mars, which everyone loved.

"Magnificent", the producer said, "you're in."

Then, the next contender, a young boy with blonde hair named Schroeder entered.

"Here is Mr. Schroeder Williams", the producer said, "he will be auditioning too."

"Thank you", Schroeder said, "this little bit is something from my longtime idol, Beethoven."

Schroeder played some Beethoven music, and the crowd loved it.

"You're in too", the producer said, "the contest is tomorrow, so be here."

Schroeder then walked over to Lynn.

"Good luck", Schroeder said.

"Thanks", Lynn said.

Joey, Lori, and Lynn then left.

"It worked", Lynn said, "I'm in."

"This is great", Lori said, "my little sister's goanna be on TV!"

"I know", Lynn said.

"Hey, guys", Joey said, "the day's still young, how's about we go do some activities?"

"Yeah", Lori and Lynn said.

Joey, Lori, and Lynn went off to some of the best places in New York City.

Chapter 7Edit

They soon arrived at the Central Park Zoo.

"Welcome", the ticket seller said, "how many?"

"Three", Joey said, "one's in a wheelchair."

"Well I have good news", the ticket seller said, "folks in wheelchairs get half off."

Joey then paid the ticket seller and got their tickets.

"Enjoy", the ticket seller said.

They then entered through the gate.

"Good thing I didn't choose crutches", Lynn said.

They saw many cool animals, but when they came to the polar bear exhibit, Lynn was amazed.

"Woah", Lynn said.

She put her hand on the glass, and when the polar bear swam by, he put his paw on the glass, making it look like they were touching each other.

"It feels like we're close", Lynn said.

Afterwards, they went to Strawberry Fields, the memorial for the late John Lennon.

"I've heard so much about this place", Joey said.

"Yeah", Lori said.

They walked over to find the word "Imagine" on the memorial mosaic, and Joey took out a candle and lit it, then put it next to the mosaic, out of respect for Lennon.

"May his soul be at peace", Joey said.

"Amen", Lynn said.

"Come on", Lori said, "it's getting late, we better head home and get some rest for tomorrow."

They then left to go back to the hotel.

Chapter 8Edit

The next day, it was the day of the competition, and Lynn was dressed up in a black evening gown for the occasion.

"This is it", Lynn said, "I'm goanna win that prize and I'm goanna fix my leg."

"Let's hope so", Joey said, "or we spent all that money on your dress for nothing."

They entered the studio and went backstage, where the producer was waiting.

"You're late", the producer said.

"Sorry", Lori said, "we had an emergency hair and makeup session for Lynn."

"Well, you're running out of time to practice", the producer said.

Then, they heard a familiar noise on stage.

"What's that", Lynn asked.

They then noticed someone playing "Count On Me".

"I think we have a problem", Joey said.

"We sure do", Lynn said, "those people will think I'm copying that guy."

"What now", Lori asked.

"We've gotta find another song to play", Lynn said.

On stage, the guy playing "Count On Me" finished.

"That was marvelous", the host said, "when we return, we'll show our last two contestants for the night."

Everyone then cheered.

"And we're out", the producer said, "two minutes, people!"

In a costume room, Joey, Lori, and Lynn were trying to decide a song, when the producer came in.

"Get out of there", the producer said, "the commercial break's almost over."

"Okay", Joey said.

They then left the closet.

"If only we decided a song", Lori said.

"Don't worry", Lynn said, "I think I have something in mind."

Then, she show came back on.

"Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen", the host said, "now, first up, a 13-year-old girl from Starlet City, Colorado, Lynn Loud Jr.!"

Everyone cheered as Lynn was rolled up to the piano.

"Now", the host said, "let's here what you've got, Lynn."

Lynn then played "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion, and everyone cheered.

"Amazing", the host said, "that's definitely locked her a spot in the top 5."

Then, Schroeder walked onto the stage.

"Next up is Schroeder Williams, an 11-year-old boy from Winter City, Utah", the host said.

Schroeder played some Beethoven, and everyone cheered, as someone gave the host an envelope.

"The judges have decided who the winner is", the host said, "the winner of this year's grand national piano tournament is..."

Lynn cringed with exitment.

"Schroeder Williams", the host said.

Schroeder then claimed the check.

"Thank you", Schroeder said, "I'd like to dedicate this win to my idol, Beethoven, it was him who inspired me to be a pianist in the first place."

Schroeder walked backstage and walked over to Lynn, who was sad about losing.

"Hey, you weren't too bad yourself", Schroeder said, "you should be proud of yourself."

"Thanks", Lynn said.

Chapter 9Edit

Joey, Lori, and Lynn had been flown back to Starlet City, and were being driven home in the van.

"Sorry you didn't win", Lori said.

Then, Lynn began to smile.

"It's okay", Lynn said, "it'll be a challenge, but I think I can learn to get used to being in a wheelchair."

"Glad to hear", Joey said.

They arrived home and got out of the van and rolled Lynn up to the house.

"I just hope no one was expecting me to win", Lynn said.

They entered the house and saw that the lights were off.

"What's going on here", Lynn asked.

"The others must be out seeing a movie", Joey said.

Joey turned on the lights and Fran and the other Loud sisters popped out.

"Surprise", they shouted.

Lynn was surprised.

"We went through a lot of trouble for the past few days", Frank said.

"We put on a music festival to raise money for your surgery in case you failed to win the competition", Leni said.

"Really", Lynn asked.

"Yes", Frank said, "there were performances of The Sensations with our friend Biff in place of Joey, Luna And The Illusions with Lucy in place of you, and Vanilla."

"Wow", Lynn said, "thank you guys."

"Don't thank us, thank Jonny", Luna said, "he made a website to raise awareness of your injury."

"That's so sweet", Lynn said, "I'll have to thank him next time I see him."

"In the meantime", Frank said, "you three must be hungry after a long day of traveling."

"We sure are", Lori said.

"Well I have good news", Frank said, "we're having steak tonight!"

Everyone cheered, and Lynn plopped down on the couch and took out her Todd Gurley plush.

"Well, Todd", Lynn said, "I'll be back on my feet in no time."

The End


  • This special takes place between the first and second seasons of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.
  • Biff from Starlet City Friends is mentioned.

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