Chapter 1: An Inner Struggle

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One morning, the window was left open in the Chipmunks' room. As though in a trance, Simon woke up at 5:15 A.M. Feeling around, he tried to find his glasses.

"Alvin," Simon groaned, "You have gone way too far this time. You know I need my glasses to see."

At that point, a bright, blurry light came in Simon's vision. With this signal, he knew who had taken his glasses. 'Paparazzi,' he thought, 'So noisy. And nosy.' After a while, the light suddenly appeared.

"Leave me alone and hand my glasses back! I need them to read," Simon pleaded, "I need to be ready for the bus in an hour and a half. It is too dangerous to do this. Especially down a staircase."

"Fine," said the young woman with the green eyes, "Hand them over. He's almost blind without them. We'll be back for you."

With that glare, Brittany knew there was something wrong. She had only woken up minutes ago. "Here you go," she told Simon, "I hope you like your glasses fogged."

"Brittany," Simon sighed, "It is not my fault that I fell in pure sulfuric acid in chemistry."

"It is so," exclaimed Brittany, "You are so unaware when YOU clean your glasses during a lab."

"You are so not correct, because I did not PLAN to fall into sulfuric acid, undiluted, with a pH of 2.7. You are only in biology, if you even call it that because you only learn theories in 'concepts'," Simon said.

"Look at you, Mr. know-it-all. So what? Post-calculus? Honors' chemistry-biology? So what? I am twenty-one minutes older than you!," exclaimed Brittany.

"You can be so arrogant sometimes little girl," Simon sneered, "The correct term is biochemistry, not chemistry. If you are so unintelligent, biochemistry is the study of chemical interactions in living things. Biology is the study of living things. This can be categorized into different fields."

"You got me. I did not understand what you said. Not. Now, it is time for school," Brittany said sarcastically. Brittany then jumped off of Simon's bed and went to go get ready. Simon just sighed.

"Why me? Why did I have to get injured?" Simon whispered to himself, feeling hurt. Simon could remember everything that had happened the day he got injured. In fact, it had happened four days ago, on Monday. Simon hated that his eyesight was now worse even if he wore his glasses. Simon could remember the whole situation as if it had happened yesterday.

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