Chapter 4: Homework and Helping

The Chipmunks and Chipettes continued to go to their classes until school was over. Within hours, the bell rang, and the Chipmunks and Chipettes ran out of the school. They saw Dave and ran into the car.

"Hi everyone. How was school?" Dave asked.

"Same as usual," Alvin and Brittany said.

"It was good," Simon and Jeanette, Theodore and Eleanor replied. Dave smiled and then drove them home. Once they arrived home, Alvin, Theodore, Brittany, and Eleanor all went to put their homework away, and go hang out. Simon on the other hand, went to the bedroom with Jeanette behind him. The two chipmunks entered the room, and put their school supplies on their beds. Simon sighed.

"Jeanette, can you please help me with my homework?" Simon asked.

"Yes Simon," Jeanette responded. She then went over to Simon's bed and helped him with his homework. Since Simon had a hard time seeing, he would sometimes need help to make sure that he was reading the questions correctly. It took them a while, but within an hour and a half, Simon and Jeanette were done with their homework. Theodore and Eleanor soon joined them afterwards, and got their homework done too.

"Chipmunks and Chipettes! It's time for dinner!" Dave said from the kitchen. The six Chipmunks then ran to the kitchen to go have dinner, which was meatballs, jelly, fruit and milk. Once dinner was done, Dave cleaned the dishes along with Simon's help, while everyone else went to go watch TV on the couch.

"Hey Dave, may I go take a shower?" Simon asked Dave.

"Yes Simon. Just be careful," Dave responded before Simon left the kitchen.

"Okay. I'll be careful, Dave!" Simon replied back as he left the kitchen. Simon slowly and carefully made his way to the stairs, but turned to see his siblings smiling and laughing at the TV, where they were watching an episode of Meerkat Manner. Simon sighed.

"Why can't I watch Meerkat Manner with them?" Simon said quietly to himself before going upstairs to his and his siblings bedroom. Simon then got his pajamas out, and got ready to shower. However, since he couldn't wear his glasses, it was hard to see where he was going and what he was doing. Simon walked around until he thought that he had reached the bathroom, and grabbed the shower curtains. Simon didn't know that he had actually grabbed his bed sheets.