The Story Begins is the first episode of the first season of CJ & The Dragon Pack.

Summary Edit

A chance discovery of a secret passageway leads young CJ Brown to a new world with new friends.

Story Edit

One day, a young bear cub by the name of CJ Brown was cleaning out his closet when he noticed something odd under a stack of boxes.

"What's this," CJ wondered.

CJ moved the boxes and found what appeared to be a trapdoor in the floor of the closet.

"Whoa," said CJ, "I wonder where this leads!"

CJ opened the trapdoor and found a ladder.

"Huh," thought CJ, "Let's see where this goes."

CJ climbed down the ladder and found a secret passage.

"Wow," sad CJ, "a secret passage!"

CJ grabbed a nearby torch and walked down the passageway until he came to a ladder, which he climbed.

"Well," thought CJ, "what now?"

CJ then saw a crack of light under what appeared to be a door. He opened it and stepped out, and he was soon in a forest he had never seen before.

"Wow," said CJ, "this place is amazing."

"Hello," said a voice.

CJ looked and saw a small pink dragon standing about a foot away from him.

"Whoa," yelled CJ, "a dragon!"

"Is something wrong," asked the dragon.

"Um, no," said CJ, "I've just never met a dragon before."

"Welcome then," said the dragon, "I'm Cassie."

"Nice to meet you," said CJ, "I'm CJ."


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