~The Way It All Began is the 1st episode of the 1st season of Starlet City Friends.~

Summary Edit

Looking for adventure and a new life, a young sheep named Shaun ventures out into Starlet City.

Episode Edit

Our story starts out at the Wilbur Awdry Memorial Train Station, where 15-year-old sheep Shaun is bidding farewell to his friend Bitzer, the sheepdog, his aunt, Beryl, and his little cousin Timmy, a 4-year-old lamb.

"Well," said Shaun, "My suitcases are all ready to go."

"We'll miss you Shaun," said Bitzer. Timmy walked over to his older cousin.

"Will we ever see you again?", the little lamb asked.

"Yes, Timmy," said Shaun, "you will."

Just then, the train taking Shaun to Starlet City pulled up. The conductor jumped from one of the passenger cars.

"All aboard for the 2:30 train to Starlet City!!", the conductor yelled.

"Well," said Shaun, "that's my train."

"Goodbye, Shaun!", called Beryl.

"I'll send you a postcard from Starlet City!" called Shaun as the train was pulling out.

Pretty soon, Shaun was on his way to Starlet City. About 2 hours into the journey, Shaun decided to have a snack in the dining car, so he went into the dining car, found a seat by the window, sat down, and started looking at the menu. Pretty soon, a waiter approached.

"Welcome aboard the Wilbur Awdry Railroad Dining Car! How may I help you?", the waiter asked happily.

"I would like some graham crackers and a mug of hot chocolate, please." said Shaun.

"Right away." said the waiter. He took Shaun's menu and left. 5 minutes later, he returned with Shaun's order.

"Here you go," said the waiter.

"Thank you," said Shaun.

After eating his snack, Shaun decided to check out the lounge car, so he paid the check, went to the lounge car, where he read a magazine. After which, he returned to his regular seat. It wasn't long before the train arrived in Starlet City, where Shaun disembarked and started making his way around the city. Just 2 minutes later, he was confronted by a man in a tan hoodie, blue jeans, and a black ski mask.

"Gimme your wallet now!", shouted the man.

"OK OK!!", Shaun said frantically. He fished out his wallet and handed it to the man, who then opened it up and found that all that was inside were a couple of $5 bills.

"10 dollars?!" shouted the now frustrated man.

"It-It's all I-I've got!" said Shaun.

"Oh yeah?! Well have a piece of this!" shouted the man, who then punched Shaun in the face. Shaun fell down and went out like a light.

"Now to finish him off!" said the man as he picked up a baseball bat. He was about to hit Shaun when a harsh voice shouted: "HEY! LEAVE HIM ALONE!"

Shaun looked up and saw a muscular 21-year-old with blond hair, a blue shirt, a red ascot, brown pants, and dark brown shoes charge at the robber. The robber tried to fight back, but proved no match for the blond man, who knocked the robber out stone cold and then flagged down a passing police car, who then grabbed the robber and whisked him off to jail. The younger man then approached Shaun.

"Are you OK?", the man asked.

"I-I-I think so," said Shaun weakly. "Who-Who are you?"

"My name is Alan Mayberry," the man replied. "What's yours?"

"Sh-Sh-Shaun. Shaun Dawson.", replied Shaun.

"Wait a minute," said Alan. "I've read about you in the paper! You're the kid who defeated that evil animal control officer!"

"Th-That's right.", said Shaun. Alan then recognized Shaun's wounds.

"Oh dear..." said Alan. "We better get you to my place and cleaned up."

After picking up Shaun's suitcase, Alan picked Shaun up and carried him piggy-back style to a nice 1970's style house.

"Wow," said Shaun. "You're strong. Are you an athlete?"

"Yup." said Alan, "I was the captain of my high school football team."

Pretty soon, they entered the house where Shaun saw an 18-year-old koala wearing a yellow sweater, dark tan overalls with red suspenders, and light tan shoes sipping a bottle of birch beer and playing Call Of Duty on an Xbox 360.

"Shaun," said Alan, "meet my housemate, Buster Reynolds."

"Hey, Buster," greeted Shaun.

"G'day, mate," replied Buster.

"Oh you're Australian?" asked Shaun.

"Well, I used to, but now I'm an American citizen," explained Buster. "So that makes me an Australian-American."

"Ah," said Shaun.

After Shaun took a nice warm bath and got his things unpacked, he joined Alan and Buster in the living room, where he watched as they played their game.

"Birch beer?" asked Alan, holding up a case of birch beer bottles.

"Sure." said Shaun, taking a bottle.

As Alan and Buster played their game, a little kangaroo girl wearing a yellow blouse came down, holding a teddy bear and rubbing her eyes.

"Hey, Kip," said Alan, "Did you have a nice nap?"

"Yup," replied Kip, who then noticed Shaun. "Who's that?" she then asked.

"That's Shaun", replied Buster. "He's going to be living with us."

"Oh goody goody gumdrops!" Kip said, bouncing up and down with joy.

All of a sudden, the foursome heard a strange rumbling noise.

"What was that?" asked Kip.

"That was me," said Buster, blushing. Alan then looked at the grandfather clock.

"Well, it is almost lunchtime", he said. "How's about we get takeout from Burger King?"

"That would be nice." said Shaun.

"OK," Alan then said as he grabbed a note pad and a pencil. "what would you like?"

"I think I'll get a double Whopper with just the meat, cheese, lettuce, and ketchup with medium fries and a medium chocolate milkshake." replied Shaun.

"OK," said Alan as he jotted down Shaun's order. "anyone else?"

Kip requested a kids' meal with a 6-piece chicken nuggets with a small vanilla milkshake and Buster suggested that he and Alan get a 2 for 10 Whopper Meal, to which Alan agreed. After getting everyone's orders, Alan got into a blue 1973 AMC Hornet and drove off. While they waited for him to come back, Shaun, buster, and Kip all watched a tape of one of Kip's favorite TV shows, "The Bugaloos".

"Man, this is a great show. Timmy would love this. Aunt Beryl used to watch this show all day when she was little," Shaun thought to himself.

About 20 minutes later, Alan came back in, holding a Burger King bag.

"Hey Shaun," said Alan. "they were out of chocolate milkshakes, so I got you a strawberry milkshake instead."

"That's fine." said Shaun.

After they finished their meal, they went back to watching "The Bugaloos" with Kip.


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