The Way It All Began is the first episode of the first season of Starlet City Friends.

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A friendship blooms when three young men meet a teenage boy who moves to Starlet City, Colorado.

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One day, three young men were sitting in a living room. Two of them were humans playing Battleship at a small table in a corner and the other was a koala lounging on the couch reading a book. One of the humans was a muscular blond wearing a blue shirt, a purple ascot, light brown pants, a brown leather belt, and dark brown shoes. The other human had brown hair wearing an ice blue shirt with a dark red stripe, jeans, and blue-gray sneakers. The koala was wearing a yellow sweater, dark tan overalls with red suspenders, and light tan shoes.

"B-3", said the brown-haired man.

"Miss," said the blond man, "G-6."

"Oh," said the brown-haired man, "you sunk it! Are you peeking?"

"Ah," said the blond man, "quit your whining and pay up."

The brown-haired man took a ten-dollar bill out of his wallet.

"No, no," said the blond man, "not a ten. Gimme a twenty."

The brown-haired man then took out a one-dollar bill and a five-dollar bill.

"How about a one and a five," he asked.

"Alan, Biff," said the koala, "will you two please shut up? I'm trying to read, you know."

"Sorry, Buster," said Alan, the blond man.

Just then, Biff, the man with brown hair, noticed a red 1971 Ford F100 pull up in front of the house.

"Looks like someone answered our ad," said Buster, the koala.

Soon, a teen with long brown hair and wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, a brown necklace, and dark brown hiking boots entered carrying a suitcase and a San Francisco 49'ers backpack on his back.

"Hello," said the teen, "are you Alan and Biff Mayberry and Buster Reynolds?"

"Yup," said Buster, "G'day! What's your name, mate?"

"My name is Beck Oliver," said the teen, "I saw your ad in the paper and decided to move here."

"Well," said Alan, "welcome to Starlet City!"

"Thanks," said Beck.

"So," said Alan, "is this all your luggage?"

"Yes," said Beck, "now, where's my room?"

"Follow me," said Alan.

Alan led Beck up a flight of stairs until they arrived in a bedroom that was set up in the attic of the house.

"Nice," said Beck, "and it has a skylight, too!"

"Go ahead," said Alan, "make yourself at home."

"I will," said Beck.

Soon, Beck had gotten all of his stuff unpacked and joined the others downstairs.

"So," asked Biff, "where are ya from, Beck?"

"I'm from Colorado Springs," said Beck, "I moved here after finishing 9th Grade."

"Where are your parents," asked Buster.

"Well," said Beck, "they live in an apartment across town. I thought I'd come live here because the apartment's only big enough for two people."

"I see," said Alan.

Just then, Beck saw a little kangaroo girl wearing a yellow blouse dancing to a music video of The Wiggles on TV.

"Who's that," asked Beck.

"That's Kip," said Alan.

"Her parents were killed by street thugs," said Biff, "and we adopted her."

"Yeah," said Alan.

"And is that The Wiggles she's dancing to," asked Beck.

"Yup," said Alan, "she loves those guys, even Simon, Lachy, Sam, and Emma."

"Nice," said Beck, "I liked them too when I was younger. Still kinda do."

Then, Biff heard the doorbell ringing.

"Come in," he said.

The door opened and another young man wearing a green sweater over an orange polo shirt, green sunglasses, a purple ascot, purple pants, and yellow shoes entered with two teenage girls. One of the girls had dark purple hair and wore a light blue blouse with a dark magenta tie, a dark purple skirt with a dark magenta star surrounded by smaller white stars, dark magenta socks, dark purple leg warmers, and black shoes. The other girl had rainbow-colored hair and wore a blue shirt over a white tank-top with a picture of a red, blue, and yellow lightning bolt coming out of a cloud, a magenta skirt with white stripes on either side, black shorts, rainbow-colored socks, rainbow-colored sweatbands, and blue and white high-top shoes.

"Hey, guys," said the man.

"Hey, Alex," said Alan, "glad you two could make it."

The girl with dark purple hair then noticed Beck, who was staring at her as if he was in some kind of love trance.

"Hello," the girl said, "who are you?"

"Twi," said Alan, "this is Beck. He's living with us now."

"Oh," said the girl, who then turned back to Beck, "I'm Tara Jamerson, but the others like to call me Twilight Sparkle."

"I like that name," said Beck, "it's as beautiful as you."

Twilight giggled.

"You're so witty," said Twilight.

"And I'm Rainbow Dash," said the girl with rainbow-colored hair."

"Nice to meet you all," said Beck.

"Same," said Twilight.

"So," asked Rainbow Dash, "you from around these parts?"

"Not exactly," said Beck, "I'm from Colorado Springs."

"Nice," said Rainbow Dash.

Just then, the doorbell rang again, and Kip ran to the door and peeped through the peephole.

"It's Joey," said Kip.

"Joey," thought Beck, "who's Joey?"

"Come in, Joey," said Alan.

Then, a teenage boy wearing a green shirt, a yellow vest, a red ascot, brown pants, a black belt with a brass buckle, and black shoes entered the house.

"Hey, guys," said Joey, "who's your friend?"

"Joey Hardy," said Biff, "meet Beck Oliver, the new kid in town."

"Nice to meet you, Beck," said Joey.

"Wait a minute," said Beck, "you're Joey Hardy from The Sensations!"

"Indeed I am," said Joey.

"We live across the street from him, Frank, and some others," said Biff.

"What 'others'," asked Beck.

"You'll find out soon enough," said Joey, "because we're having Frank's birthday party at Steve, Joe, Fred, and Daphne's place tonight, and we were wondering if you'd like to come."

"Sure," said Alan, "we can come."

"Great," said Joey, "see ya later!"

"You too," said Biff.

Later that evening, they went to the house of Steve Burns, Jr., his brother Joe, Fred Jones, and Fred's girlfriend, Daphne Blake. Beck then saw nine girls. Four of the girls were teenagers and the other five were children. Almost all the girls were either blondes or brunettes, except one who had black hair.

"Are those the 'others'," asked Beck.

"Yup," said Alan.

Then, one of the girls, who looked to be seventeen years old and wore a light blue tank top, tan shorts, blue slip-on shoes walked over.

"Hey, Alan, Biff, Buster," said the girl, "who's that with you?"

"I'm glad you asked," said Biff, "Beck, this is Lori Loud, Joey's girlfriend."

"Nice to meet you, Beck," said Lori as she shook hands with Beck.

"Same to you," said Beck, "are those your sisters over there?"

"Yup," said Lori, "we live with Joey and Frank."

Lori then introduced Beck to the rest of her sisters, who were sixteen-year-old "dumb blonde" Leni, fifteen-year-old rock fan Luna, fourteen-year-old prankster Luan, thirteen-year-old athlete Lynn, eight-year-old goth Lucy, six-year-old twins Lola and Lana, and four-year-old scientist Lisa.

"Yeesh," said Beck, "quite the family size."

"Yeah," said Joey, "that's why I'm thankful our house is big enough to fit eleven people."

Just then, Beck spotted two more young men at a table playing cards. One of the men was wearing a green-striped rugby-style long-sleeve shirt, khakis, and dark brown shoes and the other was wearing a red square shirt with khakis and dark brown shoes. Both men had brown hair and eyes. Beck also saw a third man who had blond hair wearing a white long-sleeved polo shirt with a blue collar and stripe, blue jeans, brown boots, an oven mitt on his right hand, a white chef hat over his head, and a white apron over his torso.

"Are those three Steve, Joe, and Fred," asked Beck.

"Yup," said Biff.

"Sweet," said Beck.

Just then, a young woman with red hair, a short Purple dress, pink pantyhose, and purple shoes, a plastic purple headband, and a green scarf came outside, carrying a dark chocolate birthday cake that had "Happy 21st Birthday, Frank!" written on it with purple icing.

"And don't tell me," said Beck, "that's Daphne right there."

"You catch on pretty quick," said Buster.

"Hey, you three," said Joe, "who's that?"

"Guys," said Biff, "meet Beck Oliver. He just moved in today."

"Welcome to the neighborhood, Beck," said Daphne.

"Thanks," said Beck.

All of a sudden, a chocolate labrador puppy came running outside.

"He's coming," the puppy said.

"Thanks, Zuma," said Fred, "alright, places everyone!"

With that being said, everyone hid. Soon, a young man with black hair and wearing a blue jacket over a green shirt with black lining around the collar, white pants, and black shoes came outside.

"Hello," asked the man.

"Surprise," everyone shouted as they jumped out of their hiding spots.

"Wow," said the man, "thank you all!"

"I'm assume you're Frank, right" asked Beck.

"Yup," said Frank, "who're you?"

"I'm Beck Oliver," said Beck, "I'm your new neighbor."

"Well," said Frank, "welcome to the neighborhood!"

Soon, the party began with everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to Frank and Frank blowing out the candles on the cake after making a wish. While everyone else partied away, Beck joined Twilight under the pergola in the backyard, looking up at the stars and sipping bottles of birch beer.

"You know," said Beck, "up there in that deep blue sky, there are two stars with our names on them."

"Where exactly," asked Twilight.

"Right there," said Beck as he pointed to a couple of stars that were very close together.

"What do you think it means," asked Twilight.

"I think," said Beck, "it means that we're destined to be together."

Beck and Twilight then laughed.

"Well," said Beck, "here's to a new batch of friends in a new town."

"Here, here," said Twilight as she and Beck bumped their bottles.

The End

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  • Toy Story: The scene where Alan and Biff were playing Battleship is a reference to a scene in this Disney/Pixar classic where Hamm and Mr. Potato Head were playing the same game.