The White Falcons are a band from Starlet City, Colorado.

Personnel Edit

  • Drake Parker- Lead Guitar, Backing and Occasional Lead Vocals
  • Josh Nichols- Bass Guitar, Backing and Occasional Lead Vocals
  • Archie Andrews- Rhythm Guitar, Maracas, Chimes, Bells, Backing and Occasional Lead Vocals
  • Robbie Shapiro- Drums, Lead Vocals
  • Gil Hall- Organ, Backing and Occasional Lead Vocals
  • Oona Kishi- Tambourine, Backing and Occasional Lead Vocals

Personnel Gallery Edit

Instruments Edit

  • Drake- Gretsch White Falcon
  • Josh- Gretsch White Falcon Bass
  • Archie- Gretsch White Penguin, chime tree, Meinl MSM4 Jumbo Maracas, Yamaha DC-9160AC tubular bells
  • Robbie- DW Classics Series 5-Piece Drum Kit
  • Gil- Hammond RT-2
  • Oona- Yamaha TMB-124

Instruments Gallery Edit




Robbie Edit

Gil Edit

Oona Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Archie got the idea to form the band after he watched The Sensations perform at Leni Loud's Sweet 16 party
  • All the band's instruments were bought with business funds from Mr. Andrews, who is a mid-level business executive
  • The band mainly sings songs by The Monkees and The Archies
  • When they do Archies songs, Archie takes over as lead singer

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